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King Arthur was English 'propaganda', French claim


You english thieves...

Arthur is the french hero derived from the town Harfleur. Harfleur is the base version of "Arthur Fleur", who the english poached as Arthur Fowler and made famous in the epic legend "the Enders of the East". Arthur Fleur is a cock-ney and as we all know the cock is the national symbol of France.

PS You also stole our most famous insult the raised two fingers, but we French do it better, we put both hands in the air! Ha, so there...


Bloody tealeafs

They steal our words, our football chants and now our myths!

100 years, not enough.

Home Secretary goes crazy on drugs... policy


Let's pick on someone

GORDON: "Quick, we've lost voters. We need to pick on somebody quickly to prove we're strong!"

JACQUI: "We've already put the boot in on car drivers, drinkers, fatties and smokers"

GORDON: "Not all the smokers..."

JACQUIE: "Time for a U turn?"


JACQUI: "I don't know who we're going to pick on next time"

GORDON: "There's always someone...

Spy regs used against dogs, litterbugs

Thumb Down


The paper nazis of the government probably won't listen anyway, but there is a petition out now:


Enough signatures and Gordon's arse will go...

or we'll all end up jail :(

Jobs Horns


I have a confession to make...

I've occasionally thrown litter the pavement, I've even bought alcohol when I was 17 and (breaks down in tears) my dog has once or twice left his unmistakeable calling card on a grass verge. I now realise the error of my ways and how I have invited Osama right into the country.

I'm so ashamed.

I only hope they never find out that I drive at 75 mph on the motorway...