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Blue Coat vows to fund the heck out of PacketShaper

Jim Paradyne

The best I.T marketing campaign for years?

No Monkey Spanking! Yes! Surely the best IT marketing campaign for years?

MS patch system poses 'significant risk', say researchers

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Just get better at patching?

Surely thats the answer?

If it is taking a month to roll out patches then the window of exploit is HUGE!

A month you say? Well that is the amount of time that Microsoft allow for patching within their own network (according to the SMS training guide)

If you use old dated patching systems like SMS, Altiris, LanDESK, Radia or even Lumension.. Good luck...

As for the person who mentioned that it is the distribution of such attacks that would be the problem... get with the program. Nowadays its all about the targetted attack. The attacker knows who he wants to go for and will have everything up and running very quickly indeed.

Patch, and patch quickly.

I reccomend BigFix together with Skybox or Red Seal networks. Find where you need the patches FAST, then identify what you can do obfuscate the risk, then patch where you need to.

(and no, I dont work any of them - unfortunately)

Standalone security industry dying, says guru

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Paris Hilton

So what stand was Schneier on?

Oh, it was the BT stand right? The one where they are trying to sell HUGE amounts of managed services to corporates? The company that purchased Counter Pane, the company which Brucey used to sell HUGE amounts of managed services to corporates... and we are SUPRISED that he says that people should buy these services from ISPs and Telcos?

Yeah... thought not.

PARIS because in this case, she probably has much more of a clue...