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Windows 8 secure boot would 'exclude' Linux


Question I have to ask is what about Desktop virtualisation

I mean, considering that a lot of companies are going to desktop virtualization. How is this going to work when the operating system isn't even guaranteed to be on the system when it first boots?

Microsoft welcomes CentOS Linux onto virtualized Windows

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Also remember

Also remember that KVM can run a wider range or Guest OS as well including FreeBSD, Windows XP.

Cross-site hacks and the art of self defence


Web programmers fault.

As Jeremy stated, you should never trust outside input data (outside of your system). As for severity, it's only hackable, if the incompetent web programmer doesn't escape or validate the input.

MS products just too cool to comprehend, say MS geeks


Mike must be a MS geek (or a MS employee)

I find it funny that the article was is 'MS products just too cool to comprehend, say MS geeks' and then you get a comment from the MS geek.

But in a way I agree with you, it's the vendors fault for not supplying the right software for the machine. but however, Microsoft has an agreement with the vendors that specify that they must sell Windows on their systems. so it is still Microsoft's fault for forcing us to use a half-baked, half-OS X/Linux.

I don't say the above lightly, I very recently had a problem with a component of my HP computer, I asked the tech support for a replacement component. The girl on the other side of the phone, never asked me what operating system I was using (and I was in a playing type mood). After 30 mins of 'Press F8 to get into Safe mode', I gave up, and said I wasn't using Vista, I was using Linux. The very next thing she said was 'Sorry, your warranty is now void' (the reaction to that wasn't quite a happy reaction). I then asked why, she said that Linux doesn't have the drivers for the component (BTW it was a keyboard, yes a keyboard, no really a keyboard (also considering that all keys worked (including the multimedia keys), I doubted it was the drivers)), getting more angry, I then had a go at her for about 30 mins. after that, I then said how to get my warranty back, she said that I must install Windows Vista. After 2 hours of install Vista (luckily I backup my data a day before). the problem with the component still existed.

The truth is we are as users (or should I say sheep), forced to use Windows, and only Windows because of Microsoft and no one else. you can't blame vendors because they are there for the money, and if Microsoft bribes them with a percentage of the sale. they will always go for Microsoft. The reality is until Microsoft runs out of money, we are stuck using Windows in at work and at home (unless you know something about computers and can install Ubuntu yourself, which I can thank god). Also the majority of sheep, are to scared to tried something new, which benefits Microsoft.

That is why I like the idea that http://linuxmadeeasy.org is doing. to help the scared sheep know more about their computer and suggest an alternative for their current solution.

The only thing left to say is we need to change before it's too late, and Microsoft destroys the internet with Silverlight, and in that case, OS X will also fall and we are then stuck with Windows for the rest of history.

Obama bloats Vista by 11MB


Update is more than meet's the eye.

The fact that it requires a reboot, means that it's more then just new dictionary words. And the article was expressing that in a different form. (aspel's (the dictionary program for Unix) dictionary is 178 KB for English). If I'm wrong, I want factual proof.