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Sun unfolds 1TB of tape

braemar Bartlett

why would you spend this much for 1TB?

why would anyone spend 37,000 on a tape system, when you could spend, iduno, a couple hundred bucks for a hdd? jeez. lets say a 1TB HDD costs $500 (which in reality it's MUCH less) you could get 74 HDDs for the same price, which more than counteracts the reliability issues with HDDs. stupid people.

InPhase finally to phase in holographic disk

braemar Bartlett

Blu is not dead yet..


Bluray is dead? Really? I sure as HELL am not going to go spend $18,000 on one of these machines... BD already has prototype discs that can hold 200GB+, and they sure don't cost $180 per disc. If you are looking to archive that much data to begin with, you're going to want several copies.

I'd rather have six 50GB discs (300GB) for ~$210 total (allowing me to have redundant backups), than 1 disc that ACTUALLY lasts god knows how long for $180 'in volume' (how many?)

$30 extra for redundancy is well worth it in my book.

What happens if one of those 300GB discs burns incorrectly? What a waste of almost $200....

All that being said, I'm all for holo-storage, but it just doesn't seem reasonable yet..



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