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Brit founder of Windows leaks website BuildFeed, infosec bod spared jail over Microsoft hack

Chad Steele

The two should be serving 15 to 20 in hard time prison. Pandering to the feral never turns out well. Just ask France.

The LUN must DIE. Are you with me, storage bods?

Chad Steele

150TB Luns no problem except....

There isn't a file system out there that can handle a file system error, try doing a fsck on a 150TB volume, it takes 6 months. Storage has far far outpaced the capabilities of programmers to safely utilize it.

Ban drones taking snaps of homes, rages Google boss... That's HIS job, right?

Chad Steele

This coming from the company that stole private wifi data and took pictures of people without permission.

Google Ceo has ZERO credibility.

He is just a criminal that wants to be able to hide his actions.

AMD demos live Magny-Cours migration

Chad Steele


That's actually very cool that they can do that. Intel can't even manage it within the same family of processors. With virtualization and cloud being flavor of the month, AMD can gain some ground if the performance matches the features.

Data disposal: Every action leaves a trace

Chad Steele

corporate deniability - Translated = Liars and criminals go free

corporate deniability = No Justice.

It is amusing to watch the discussion on how to conduct criminal activities without getting caught.

Just what we need, companies like Enron with a trillion in the bank and all the trails erased. Grow a brain!

Corporations will always try to steal, being able to follow the electronic trail is what puts criminals in jail.

You don't wan't to see it in court, don't write it. PERIOD!!!!!


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