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US student planned to ice Chuck Norris

Ron Beck

Calling Chuck

Obviously this kid needs to learn some discipline. Somebody call Chuck's agent and see if he has time to teach the kid a little karate.

Drunken Indian elephants take on electricity pole

Ron Beck

Pissed pachyderms win pyrrhic victory over power pole.

Edison's idea of invention was 1000 monkeys. He didn't think about what he did, he just tried anything and everything. When that didn't get results, he stole the ideas of his employees and the competition.

What Edison was halfway good at was public relations. He paid a couple dollars for each dog the local kids could bring him and fried them using AC. Not that that proves that DC is safe...

The greenie moonbats should be glad he lost the power wars, or there would be a coal-fired DC generation plant on every other street corner. DC power doesn't go long distances.

HP inks deal for micro-needle skin patch

Ron Beck

So, if the patch were loaded with ink...

you could print a tattoo on your arm?

US border patrol tests 98-foot networked radar towers

Ron Beck

Shortsighted commentary

You would think that someone who had seen buses blowing up in their own country would begin to understand the danger of open borders. The criminal element, whether out killing and robbing or incarcerated, are a drag on the economy. A glut of illegal workers affects the whole job market, depressing payscales for everyone. Even worse is the number of Emergency Rooms and whole hospitals going out of business because of the number of illegals who cross the border for "free" medical care. Where is anybody going to go for medical care now?

I get tired of everyone trying to bestow the rights of citizens upon the foreigners within our borders. America is a land of opportunity, but there is a government here and a process that should be observed. Don't expect the benefits if you don't fulfill the obligations.







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