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Tories, LibDems under election day cyberattack?

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tried to vote

this morning for the first time, expecting to find some sort of giant "POLLING STATION" sign somewhere nearby but no. Absolutely nothing to indicate which building I had to go into.

I'm hoping it'll be easier to find tonight but ffs, can't they make a simple sign for the noobs??

Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui

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*clears throat*

ahem .....


no matter how bad the next chump is in the position it cannot possibly be worse than this terrible piece of crap. I couldn't be happy with this news.

Blighty’s barmy for e-cars, poll discovers

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@Martin 12:57

I hope to see you over at focusstoc.com then? I'm already there ... (;

I don't think I'd buy a leccy ST unless it was just so much cheaper I'd be silly not to, but if the costs are comparable then I'll stick to burning petrol. There's plenty of petrol stations to keep me going but no charge points where a leccy car would be charged in 5 minutes (to name but one issue).

I don't expect it to get any better in 5 years time. In fact, I expect leccy tech to fail miserably and that hydrogen will be the tech to take us forward.



you can have ur leccy crap

I'll stick to my noisy, supposedly environment destroying Focus ST thanks.

I can see a problem arising though with leccy cars, two in fact. At the minute they are exempt from VED and they don't use petrol. That's two massive taxes the government want to throw away. I'd love to hear how they plan to fill that void.

Facebook denies denying Holocaust deniers


being jewbish ...

I'm not exactly offended by holocaust deniers, it simply helps seperate the retards from the those with normal intellect levels.

Same goes for those saying 9/11 was an inside job, those saying co2 emission are destroying the world, those saying man made global warming is real etcetc.

Without freedom of speech we'd have no way of making sure who those complete moron worth ignoring are.

Tram driver crashes while texting


a smiley face is a fair title!

sacking is the worst he will face?

just wow.

Aussie censors implement six degrees of separation policy


pah :(

so much for emigrating to aussieland then :(

is there anywhere left I can go where there is no corruption and stupidity????

Browncasting: Why can't Downing Street do digital?


all clown wants

is to make a speech that goes as global as the Conservative MEP who said he was "a devalued prime minister of a devalued government" in the vain hope of getting some sort of support.

Well I've got some news for you clown. You're a twat and I'm counting down the days until your pathetic attempt at a democractic government are voted out by one of the widest margins ever seen.

Sacha Baron Cohen scars Paula Abdul for life

Paris Hilton

if she werent so stoopid

she wouldn't have been picked for the prank!

how you can sack a dude for signing you up to a comedy sketch is beyond me though, do yanks not have a sense of humour?

paris because she's dumb enough to get taken in by this and I'd like to see Cohen "do" her too.

Intel scales EPA 'green' list

Dead Vulture

well no,

"what you really want is companies to go to 100 per cent green power and to reduce their power usage"

Not in the slightest, what I really want is for the evironMENTALists to shut the fuck up.

I couldn't give a shit what effect some uninformed douche thinks we have with carbon emissions.

What I want is for companies to continue to develop and release fantastic products that either speed things up or simply make my life easier. They could cut down a rain forest for all I care so long as I benefit.

You need to stop publishing such utter drivel and maybe then, God willing, they'll finally realise no-one gives a fuck what they want as it really will make zero difference.

Brown finally wins something

Paris Hilton

well derr

Obviously gormless clown is'nt going to pay attention to it.

His main problem is he can't read.

Paris because I'd rather be being fucked by her

eBay scammer gets four years in slammer

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"I'll sell you this car that I can't let you see, just send me some money and I'll send it out to you."

How can any sensible person think that is anything other than a scam? I don't think the idiots should be reunited with their money but the ass scamming them can safely be shot and left to bleed out.

Greens: Telcos must share cell towers to save on CO2


and that's why

no-one votes for the green party, they are bunch of fucking wankers.

Street View nod prompts call for privacy watchdog reform



I'd side with privacy fears but they have to be well founded. Finger printing in schools for example, is something that we don't want or need.

But in this case, PI can fuck off. Street View is as big a threat to your privacy as your goldfish. It's just so plainly obvious that you struggle to argue your side. Google take pictures while out in pubilc and put it online. Wasn't there a big uproar when the police tried to stop US taking pictures in public?

Maybe these morons just don't like successful, large and profitable companies ... at least they are showing the same level of intelligence as the greenpeace wankers do.

MPs battle to save great British pub

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@Sarah Bee

You're right, there is a simple solution to it indeed. Let the landlords decide whether they want smoking in their establishments or not.

My guess is that if you got two proper pubs that were exactly the same and allowed smoking in one then one of these pubs would do very well and the other would stuggle.

Can you figure out which one would do well?

BBC zombie caper slammed by security pros


@AC 16:51

No because everyone understands what a car is and the obviousnesses about how to steal one or indeed make one secure.

Not everyone understands what the little grey box under their desk really does and as such when you say to them "you can take out any internet site of your choice" they go "yeah yeah, but what does that mean?" so then you need the practicle demonstration.

Or were all your science lessons at school theory based with no experiments?

Developers more 'satisfied' with PHP than other codes

Dead Vulture


why would anyone coming to el reg fail to know what php was in relation to the word "languages"

Or is there a new breed of people that speak English and PHP to each other?

"Hi Dave"

"echo 'Hi Mate!';"

"How are you?"

"call thoughtProcess(); thoughtProcess() {if ok then ehco 'Fine mate, you?' else echo "Shit mate, you?'; } "

Not sure it's going to catch on to be honest.

Facebook sues 'Spamford' Wallace over spam scam

Dead Vulture

"gang allegedly hacked into accounts using phishing"

phishing != hacking !!!111oneoenone

McKinnon's UK trial bid rejected by DPP


still going?

Deport him already ffs!

Polluters to start paying, tardily


yeah ...

oi environMENTALists ... do us all a favour; FUCK OFF

Eircom to block Pirate Bay


Sort of redresses the balance

Back in the day, getting gear off t'interweb required skill and knowledge. Now any old twonk can do it. At least if they (wholley illegally) implement basic site blocking, it will then be only those who know SSH tunnels, proxies and basic encryption left to download which sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Having said that, I'd much rather let the retards download than let any sort of All Powerful Bunch Of Cunts govern what we are allowed to see on the web. In short, when can I expect to able to emigrate to Mars plzkthx??

Last.fm denies data handover to RIAA

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It's the term last.fm use for keeping track of what songs you play ...

It is indeed made up, all words at some point are made up ...

Or would you rather "people send tag data to their user account for a song to last.fm" instead of "people scrobbled a song on last.fm"?

Land of cheese adopts internet download tax

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What's this got to do with the french ?!

Pro-Heathrow demo challenges Carbon Cult killjoys


can all environmentalists ...

please fuck off and die? All the hot air you are pointlessly producing is harming my oh so precious environment.

I can't stand global warming/climate change morons, when history looks back at them they will be thought of in the same category as those that thought the sun revolved around the Earth and those that think the Earth is flat. How stupid do you consider those people historically? Pretty fucking stupid. Exactly.

CO2 is 0.0384% of the atmosphere around us. 0.0384%!!!. For those of a curious nature, the other atmospheric gases are nitrogen (78.0842%), oxygen (20.9463%), argon (0.9342%) and 'other' (0.0020%). Of that 0.0384% which is CO2, 90% of it occurs naturally. 10% is man-made. So the man-made percentage of CO2 is 0.00384%. That's GLOBAL CO2 EMMISSIONS. If you could somehow magically remove EVERYTHING that spits out CO2 you would make exactly FUCK ALL difference.

Why are simple facts never presented in such cases? Ah, of course, because the morons don't want to listen to simple science and facts, they just want to fuck everything up for everyone else. My car tax has unnecessarily gone up just because it emits 224g. Thanks environMENTALISTS, you just cost me my money and that makes this war personal.

Romeo 419ers take Canadian women for $300k


"It can happen to anyone."

Let me correct that for you...

"It can happen to anyone who's brain dead, moronic, gullible and an anti-asset to the gene pool."

Sorry Canadian douche, you have NO sympathy from me.

But I would like to see the nigerian scammers hanged in all fairness.

Rail workers get shirty with see-through blouses


proper pictures

or it didn't happen.

that one there just says "a see-through top" not "the see-through top they are being told to wear"

Abba star slates 'lazy, stingy' Pirate Bay fans


although I support

the pirate bay in this case, I think Peter Sunde should learn to stfu until the *end* of the trial otherwise he's going to have an epically large about of egg and cum on his face if the court finds against him.

Scots and pilots brace against ID cards


I for one

will be in jail before I hold an ID card or pay any fines levied for not submitting my details to have said card.

Prof: Save up fossil fuel reserves to fight the next ice age

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An Ice Age

But Prof 'avent u erd of dis global warming man? Ow can wi b du a ice age man?

Paris because even she knows global warming and climate change are scams

PS: dont care about the next ice age as I will most definitely be in my cold hard grave when it tups up

MySpace fingers 90,000 nonces

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Not that I care but

Is it illegal for a registered sex offender to use a social networking site at all times?

What about those sex offenders only had their friends on their profile and weren't messaging every 12 year old they find online, are they still banned from the site?

Seems a bit crap to me but then again, I don't care too much. "Peederfiles" sure, ban them, shoot them and the like but as has been stated sex offender != peederfile.

Boffin dubs global warming 'irreversible'

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@AC 04:41 GMT

Some salvation then for the human race, I'm not the only one who can see what a total fucking con this global warming^W^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hclimate change is.

14-year-old charged with impersonating Chicago PD

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well ...

better he did this than the alternative and "pretended" to be a criminal and robbed some old grannies.

Bet he gets a stiffer sentence than a drug dealer and all :roll:


Paris Hilton

"a cool chick, a smart girl, and hard-working"

bahahahahaha, we are talking about Paris Hilton right ?!

Paris because that's the sort of crap that Paris would come out with

Internet to Obama: 'Pass the joint'



I see the US is still full of total morons

"4) the request America "Commit to becoming the 'greenest' country in the world.""

kind of takes away the reliability and usefulness of the results when you put forward pathetic ideas like that.

Seagate customers swamped by Barracuda drive failures


spoke on live chat support ...


Hello. How may I help you?

AC: hiya, I've read your KB article (http://seagate.custkb.com/seagate/crm/selfservice/search.jsp?DocId=207931) about your drives having dodgy firmware, I'm wondering what I need to do to update the firmware now to fix the problem

Matt C.: We won't have a firmware update for those drives until Tuesday of next week

AC: ok no problem, will you update that KB article with a link to the update or will I have to contact you guys again?

Matt C.: depending on the capacity of the drive, you may have to call in for a firmware update

Matt C.: chat can only update firmware on the 1.5TB drives

AC: hmm, ok mine are the 1.0TB drives

AC: what do you recommend I do?

Matt C.: I would wait until next tuesday, and call 1 800 SEAGATE

Matt C.: they should be able to help you with firmware

AC: I'm in the UK so that contact number's no good for me :/

Matt C.: I can get you the uk number

AC: if you wouldn't mind that'd be great

Matt C.: not a problem

AC: How will the update need to be applied. Will it be done when booting with a floppy or can it be done when in Windows?

Matt C.: 00.800.4732.4283

Matt C.: you will download the firmware, and there will be a text file that explains everything.

AC: cool, sounds simple enough, thanks a lot Matt

Matt C.: no problem, a firmwae update is pretty easy to do. You should be fine

AC: out of interest, what happens if the update fails and the drive is bricked? Can we return it to you for a new one free of charge?

Matt C.: it's fairly straightforward, the text document you get with the firmware download is pretty good.

Matt C.: if the drive is in warranty, you can return the drive at:

Matt C.: https://store.seagate.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/SgCheckWarrantyView?langId=-1&krypto=lZV0ifY90uy6PUbeNYxmlJ%2FeOamQTU8vX%2FyVcskL7Ra8YMmV34QjfaXbpO6NlvwR%2BTEC3tVdnhJ0%0AtmaQWKyGUNscSUkjrgNNSrX6sZWZFxPTN7qiNOvGlw%3D%3D&ddkey=SgSSORedirect

Matt C.: Our drives come with a 5 year warranty

AC: sounds good, so are you sure of your timings on the update or is there a potential for it drag out until later on in the week do you think?

Matt C.: I was told that they will have it available in Tuesday

Matt C.: on Tuesday

Matt C.: they're testing it now, so it should be out then.

AC: ok Matt, thanks a lot you've been most helpful

Matt C.: glad I could help. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

AC: not unless you can give me some winning lottery numbers (;

Matt C.: I wish I could

AC: I guess I shall leave you to it, you've answered all I can think of asking you now so thanks

Matt C.: you're welcome

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet


ubuntu is fail

I used it for a month or two after a hdd failure and figured I'd give it a whirl.

it was crap, want it to interface with your hardware? Sure no problem just edit files manually, compile this, install that add on, stand on your head, do the macarena and you might get limited functionality.

want that very same piece of hardware to interface with windpwns? sure, turn on machine with hardware installed, click on "next" and then click on "finish", functionality now at 100% (and that's under vista!)

I have no doubt that ubuntu is useful if you want to do incredibly technical things with it, but for general use every day normal computing its a giant pile of horse manure. You fanbois go back to sitting in ur darkened server rooms and cheese snacks.

McKinnon lawyers push for UK trial


bubba free!

well I wasn't exactly going to suggest he was raped in prison but i was certainly going to say that he can fuck off to t'other side of pond and face his comeuppance for his crime.

its not exactly as though he named his teddy mohammed at home and is now going to be deported to $muslimNation where he's going to get a public flogging (no offence to muslims but that was the quickest example i could come up with :P).

he committed a real crime and as such can be thrown to the dogs.

Nintendo whacked with $5m Wii strap lawsuit

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@ Just me? Friday 12th December 2008 14:54 GMT

Funny, I was thinking of refering back to my previous comment about shooting those clucking funts making that malware and saying how I'd like to extend the remit to shooting stupid bitches like this one.

Gene pool cleansing, it's for the greater good.

Judge buries bogus malware-protection gang


simple solution

shoot them.

it's not like we'll miss them and it's not like they are doing anything useful. Once you start to shoot them, others will think again and if they don't we'll shoot them too.

Whether you're a cyber criminal stealing peoples' money, a rapist, a murder or a credit card skimmer (etc), we don't need you and it's expensive to pay for your upkeep in jail so we'll shoot you. Sounds more than reasonable to me.

Reg readers in the dark over extreme porn

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if that pic

falls foul of the guidlines then we are all doomed.

I was expecting an awesome pic that I was going to say required a NSFW tag but that clearly doesn't.

I think I am going to write to my local pigs too now and fire out some pictures just for the lulz.

Bet they'd be just as useless.

HP cancels Christmas in the UK and Éire

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so what you are saying is ...

that you expect companies to fork out for christmas parties as though it is a right of the worker? Unless it's in their contracts that they will be provided with free cash monies for xmas then I really don't see the issue here.

If they want to go out and party privately, what's stopping them? Oh right the bill of course, surely their employers are liable for their personal expenses ?!?!?

Beeb to cut the f**king swearing



can we just have no jonathan ross instead, what a talentless clucking funt he is.

US gun lobby blogs Thanksgiving gun 'facts'



"eating what you kill does not exposure you to lead"

get back to those ingerlish classes!

Teen hacker confesses three-year crime spree

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"On at least several occasions"

Sorry but that bit made me laugh.

Can't believe the little shit got away with just 11 months?! He must be laughing from his double-bed-with-xbox cell.

MP calls for Jezza Clarkson's head

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anyone notice ...

how 500 is a lot less the 30,000 complaints that Bland and Toss got for radio2?

auntie would be mad to sack clarkson as that would be the end of top gear, it's not been about reviewing cars for years now and the fat oaf is the heart and soul of it.

I'd rather see that twatting MP is sacked for not representing his constituents.

Jezza Clarkson cops flak for 'truckers murder strumpets' gag

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Sack Ross,

promote clarkson to PM.


Violent video games <coin flip> ARE linked to child aggression


what a load of complete and a utter bollocks

They tested games on 9-18 year olds. I wouldn't have thought your average 9 year old rated game is that violent. Perhaps the researchers forgot that the violent games come with 18 ratings and perhaps testing them on 9 year olds was pretty stupid?

Gotta be some sort of massive fail of a parent to get GTA for your 9 year old

MPs join fight to save McKinnon from US prison



too harsh for him, how tragic. My black heart bleeds. Perhaps he shouldn't have commited the crime?

Typical that the human rights of criminals are upheld while the law abiding get shoved into the gutter.

Sarah Palin gets righteously punk'd


poor, really poor,

Not that these guys are biased at all to a candidate ... I wonder how many times they tried to ring/con obama?

us presidential elections become more and more like juvenile school playground bickering every tiem they roll round. it would be funny if the "winner" wasn't in control of such power.

with the way it looks, we are going to have a complete wanker in the white house like some sort of bizarre hippy fantasy. time for a 4 year holiday to the moon or mars me thinks.

mines the ones that actually a space suit

Speaking clock gets Disneyfied


people still call the speaking clock?