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Yet another delay hangs over release of Firefox 4


Wrong conclusion?

I am sure that the article did not state - Microsoft Hotmail is the only thing stopping Firefox going into RC / Release - just seems a few people have drawn that conclusion. Is there not only one conclusion to this story - Firefox is not ready for RC and has bugs remaining, some a fault of the program and others a fault or poor sites?

MS preps service pack blocker tool for Windows 7, Server 2008 R2



I think it is perfectly acceptable for a grace period to apply before an SP becomes mandatory. Microsoft has a support policy and rolling service pack levels are part of that policy. 1 year should also be enough time to test how a service pack upgrade will affect services.

I don't think this approach is new either

Microsoft starts Office Web Apps roll out


I am betting

That there will not be many comments on here. I think it's a good piece of news but as it's not iNEWS no one will bother.

I like the integration personally so far

Spotify adds Web2.0rhea


Shareholders of Spotify

As out AC post before points out - Sony and such own shares in Spotify. With this new joined up wizardry will there be anymore information being sent back to the servers about your local 'previously untouched by spotify' collection. It would be really hard to resist getting all that information so easily.

Android on an iPhone? There's an app for that


The PAD (Apple iTrademarked iWord)

Excellent point about the other opportunities. I would love to see what could be done

UK IT job outfit punts 491 private email addys



how is this news?

IIS bug gives attackers complete server control



Why is the bulk of the article focused on a bug in a product now in extended support? Linux and Google issues are almost a footnote

Fastscale sends Windows Server to Weight Watchers


Whats the point

I don't see the massive reasoning behind this software - it is clever but where will it generate benefits?

Hyper-V climbs into Windows


Good News

Technet and MSDN have been running within this hypervisor for a little while now from accounts - suggests it can be as datacenter capable as you wish to employ - in the same vein as other hypervisors really.

Microsoft urges developers to tag sites for IE8


Only a handful of people understand the point

I've read the comments and only a few people seem to understand that IE is the most popular browser accessing web pages and for various reasons non standard code has been required to ensure IE renders correctly. Microsoft are providing developers with a 1 line solution to keep these sites rendered while potentially allowing all new sites to be 1 fit all code. To all those who are harping on about standards only and Microsoft can go kiss....you have misunderstood the intention completely but as always with the register you make comments - I guess you have to have to fill your comment quota for the day.

Windows XP SP3 sends PCs into endless reboot


Known fixes to try


Microsoft profits fall in Q1


Pointless comments

They were hit with a huge fine which impacted profits on stable sales - though I don't think 40% is correct math