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Sad Nav: How a cheap GPS spoofer gizmo can tell drivers to get lost

Chas E. Erath

Thank God!

At least I'll have an excuse now - despite having GPS.

(i.e. https://tinyurl.com/yco9zkyv )

Blood spilled from another US high school shooting has yet to dry – and video games are already being blamed

Chas E. Erath

Something has changed

Let me start by saying that I was born and raised in the US. Also let me say that I'm not opposed to gun control - I don't own a gun, and have never shot a gun (go figure, I'm almost 50). Also, I don't understand how over-the-top some people get about the idea of gun control (drinking the NRA cool-aid, so to speak...?)

At any rate - since colonial times, guns have always been accessible in the US. And so - the availablity of guns hasn't changed, and can't be the issue, therefore. The lethality of guns has changed - which is an important point - but still, school shootings are a somewhat modern thing.

So I have to ask, what's changed? I don't believe it's video games, or movies - I mean, we all played shoot-em-ups as kids - whether it was a video game, a movie, or just pretend (out in the back yard with our friends).

So something has changed. But I dont' know what it is...blah, blah, blah... (That is to say, I don't have an answer.)

James Webb Space Telescope + luck = long distance astrofun

Chas E. Erath

Re: Avoid using Musk!

It is to be launched with an Ariane V rocket from French Guiana. Ariane V rockets have very good reliablity (despite that, there's still a decent chance that it'll blow up on the launch pad... (all 9 billion dollars worth...)).

It's 2018 and… wow, you're still using Firefox? All right then, patch these horrid bugs

Chas E. Erath

slower than molasses

I've been using this Firefox browser since the early Netscape days - I can't argue that it's slower than dirt (despite the rewrite). However - I don't trust google, so Opera is my next choice. (IE is not a contender (as I've been using linux for a very long time)).

And so now - on slow machines, I lean toward Opera.

Trump to NASA: Fly me (or some other guys) to the Moon

Chas E. Erath

Make Mars Great Again?

Why not? So far he's been wildly successful at making America grate again...

(Sorry. That was too easy - it must've been done a thousand times already.)

Linux homes for Ubuntu Unity orphans: Minty Cinnamon, GNOME or Ubuntu, mate?

Chas E. Erath

Ixnay on systemd-nay

Xfce running on compiz is the bomb (I mean, c'mon - wobbly windows, and flame?! What more do you need?!). What blows though, is systemd. Damn that init to the deepest pits of hell. Gentoo (I think) is the only release (and a rolling release, too) that offers something non-systemd, which is grand.

Oh, the things Vim could teach Silicon Valley's code slingers

Chas E. Erath

Speaking of web browsers,

How about a shoutout for Lynx, which will also be turning 25 soon... (and still great for covert slacking!)


Chas E. Erath

Re: Vi and Vim are the spawn of Satan

Not so. SATAN was released in '95, many years after vi, and a couple after vim.

Cray explores options for supercomputing-as-a-service

Chas E. Erath

Same as it ever was?

Hasn't it always (i.e. for the last 20 or more years) been 'normal' to lease time on big iron(s)? I mean, Cray never offered it (I don't think), but still - why and/or how is this a new and/or different thing? (Besides the word 'cloud', I mean...)

Microsoft lures top Linux exec from Oracle to Redmond

Chas E. Erath

Almost deja vu


Powershell Terminals

Chas E. Erath

I understand...

Cygwin - perhaps overkill, but what the heck, eh?


NSA gets burned by a sysadmin, decides to burn 90% of its sysadmins

Chas E. Erath

O irony, irony, wherefore art thou irony?

"At the end of the day it's about people and trust,"

(from the hyper-paranoid US intelligence community....?)

Mass mind control artist condemns El Reg to obscurity

Chas E. Erath

If Rush says it is so...

...then Rush is right. After all is said and done - Rush is right, Rush is right, Rush is right. Always, always, always, right, right, right. When others say he's lying - even if he is - he is right. Always right. That's all that counts - that he is right. See?

1,076 developers, 15 years, one open-source Wine

Chas E. Erath

Cygwin is supported

Cygwin is in their appdb list, thank god. I mean, what good is MSWindows without cygwin?


'We could wake up smarter' - Ballmer hints at Win XP reprieve

Chas E. Erath

To go, please.

MS: "Welcome to McRedmond's - what can we get you?"

Mark: "Uh, how about an XP-deluxe?"

MS: "We're sorry, we no longer offer the XP-deluxe. You will have the McVista instead."

Mark: "Thank you, no. They make me vomit."

MS: "Too bad. You eat it!"

Mark: "Maybe I'll try one of those other places down the street."

MS: "Oh wait. I think I saw one more XP-deluxe back there somewhere. You wait there."


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