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OLPC and Microsoft punt Windows-only XO laptop

muvaffak gozaydin

why good projects get bad like this

5 years ago there was great hope and happiness for OLPC.

The more project delayed the more suspicion accumulated.

Now there is no trust on OLPC.

The only way OLPC can get trust again, Very easy :

" give OLPC to USA consumers. If they buy Negroponte can get trust again . "

I am so sorry for the end of OLPC.

OLPC sweet talks Microsoft

muvaffak gozaydin

I hope Bill GATES will give free

I am so glad that Negroponte is about to reach agreement with Bill.

I hate windows and its monopoly. But God it is so famous and still good and we, human beings, are so weak that we all go after windows rather than Linux.

In case of OLPC windows should be there. Parents will buy the laptop; not the children. So parents will ask for windows.

My only hope for the sake of all children of the world, let Bill give windows free to Negroponte's OLPC. It will be given to 3 billion children of the world.

Don't worry Bill. you will make more money when all children learn windows.

mgozaydin@hotmail.com from Turkey

muvaffak gozaydin

I hope " not downhill "

To the anonymous crowd

It seems you are very happy because OLPC is not very good in these days.

" Trying for money from MS... " Such a comment shows why you are anonymous.

Why in the world, there are bad people in the world,

" having great joy from failures of others "

I hope OLPC will be better soon.


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