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Daily Mail slammed for online bingo hypocrisy

Steve Dooley

Quite Easy...

"Because of the nature of the game itself, in which a player can only pay attention to so many bingo cards at once"

Except many online bingo sites monitor the cards for you!

NHS patient site set for summer launch

Steve Dooley


John, you've obviously never set foot inside a medical library!

Qualified librarians working in a healthcare environment are usually experts at pinpointing relevant information, using their own knowledge and experience, as well as a host of databases and other online systems..... And as the article says:

"In addition, from 11 April around 30 libraries in 10 local authority areas will run pilots in which library staff will help patients to choose hospitals for treatments online."

So, helping Joe Public pick a hospital by comparing - for example - waiting times, isn't exactly rocket science anyway...

Disclaimer: I'm not a librarian, but I am married to one, and am on very good terms with the staff at my local NHS library, so I had to stick up for their profession!


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