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Enraged Brits demand Donald Trump UK ban

Daniel Fiander

Re: Just underscores that the UK does not have freedom of speech

Trump pretty much blackmailed his own party the other day saying if he wasn't the official candidate, he'd run as an independent and continue to make as much noise.

That's pretty much an overt threat to his own party saying "make me official or I'll split the republican vote" in a similar way to how Woodrow Wilson won as Democrat in 1912.

Twitter: La la la, we haven't heard of NUDE JLaw, Upton SELFIES

Daniel Fiander

How your view changes...

Just a couple of days ago, everyone on here was up in arms about how copyright of a photograph belongs to the photographer and people stealing them and publishing them are in the wrong.

How is now with the exact same situation, that it's any different?

Ninja Pirate Zombie Vampires versus Chuck Norris and the Space Marines

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Little Green Men

Aliens should clearly include the traditional little Green Men- Flying Saucers, ray guns, tripod war machines etc

LinkedIn lowers age of consent to 13

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Transferrable skills

Remember to look at skills that are transferrable from existing skills you have- I must find you out and endorse you for Amateur Alpaca Wrestling

Postman Pat goes postal

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Rupert the Chav

Rupert in a hoodie? Sadly my friend you are behind the times- it has already happened.


Firefox update fixes critical bug brace

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.... now can they also stop Firefox 3 crashing every time I use it?

Have been using firefox for years with no issues until this half baked release- now moved to Opera and more than happy.

Man barred from posting crimes on YouTube

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Let the posts stay on YouTube...

...then tie it to a second video of him being charged and sent down for his crimes after he inevitably breaks the terms of his ASBO...

Get your German interior minister's fingerprint here

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Stupid system anyway...

I injured my hand- I've a scar on my right thumb now. What happens if it happens again and your print changes?

BOFH: Insecurity complex

Daniel Fiander

My JIm....

...was actually Pedro the Portuguese Prat.

We once spent an afternoon adding up all the jobs he said he'd done. It averaged at 8 hours, 36 minutes a role....

He also spent an equal amount of time bitching how crap England was to live in and the other half telling us how it took him ages to decide where to move to after leaving Portugal...

Boffin, because of course he knew everything....

China slaps ban on reincarnation

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Given that in China minors under the age of fourteen are entirely exempted from criminal responsibility, how exactly will they charge the offenders?

ATM blagger cuffed after artificial leg falls off

Daniel Fiander

I've heard of the One Armed Bandit, but that's ridiculous!