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The FDRs of Green explain the gentle art of planet saving


@breakfast & company

Since when was television a basic survival need of anyone?

Was it before or after we decided that the presence of free market principles stifled debate and should therefore be stifled itself?

Maybe we should instead ignore the study of economics and focus on the REAL problems out there. I'm not sure what the agenda is, but it is clear that we've forgotten that every decision we make has an effect. The effect might be a positive or negative cost, but it is a reality nonetheless. Why not quantify the price of our decisions and maybe even look to see if our policies are the cause of our problems instead of solutions to them

Welcome to Las Vegas - Home of the technology superpower you've never heard of


build you own enclosed hot isle

I'm having a little difficulty understanding the marketing hype on this one. How is it different than the enclosed hot isle that APC has been selling for years? It sounds like they pulled a Google and simple made their own version of the product.

Print-on-demand crusader tags Amazon with anti-trust suit


That about sums it up

"If you pre-ship books, it's no longer print-on-demand."

...the one with an ISBN on the back

HP leaves Dell with an EDS-shaped hole



"HP makes decent stuff, but since they assimilated Compaq (better known as Crap Pack) things have gone a bit down hill."

Crap Pack? Put down the IBM freebie golf shirt and step away from the industry slowly.

AMD touts Business Class service to PC vendors

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"AMD has also extended its processor warranties from one to three years, as well as guaranteeing that processors will remain available for two years."

It is nice to see AMD addressing what I think is the biggest problem businesses face with purchasing PCs. Creating images and managing drivers is a big cost for a large firm. Being able to have a stable line of PCs for over a year could really save some green.

Seagate ships 1 billionth drive



Those of us blessed with the opportunity to earn an honest living in this industry are more than familiar with consumers/end-users complaining about their 200GB hard disk not showing up as 200GB in Windows. In light of this reality, one's grasp of binary, hard disk "standards", or mathematics in general is inconsequential.

You know what they say: People in glass houses sink sh... sh... sh... ships. - take note


LEt's round 1024 down to 1000

Since hard disk manufacturers don't count the last 24 bytes in a kilobyte, perhaps they've only sold 976,562,500 drives instead of 1,000,000,000.