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Tosh's new workhorse drive: Not too desktop, not too enterprise


2/47 huh? :) 2 hour days and 47 day weeks... I quite like that idea :)

Trump signs 'no privacy for non-Americans' order – what does that mean for rest of us?


Upside Down World

Yet another story carefully massaged to look worse than it is, and the echo chamber suck it up without checking. Pretty much every story criticising Trump is farcical if you spend like 2 minutes googling sources.

Trump is bit daft, no question, but I love that he's become President, absolutely fantastic. No, there won't be a WW3, only childlike Hillary supporter / Womens March type twerps who are still frothing at the mouth in rage could think stupidity like that. Then again, Madonna stood up at the Women's March and called for the assassination of Trump, so yeah, that's peaceful ... but she's called a hero for that. Right, yeah, so that's fair and reasonable. Trump had a smaller turnout for Inauguration than Obama, shock horror, and yet these are the kinds of stories that the media is reporting on ... wow, banal, vacuous, drivel. They might as well be reporting on me cutting my tornails last night for all it's significance.

Loving every minute of the Trump Presidency so far, it's utterly brilliant, and yeah, with regards to this story, Obama was doing all of this stuff already, and lying about it. At least Trump is being honest about it, but honesty gets you ... what, derision? Funny that huh, Obama does stuff, lies about it, and gets lauded for that. Trump says he's going to do that, and is open and honest about it, and he gets criticised. You're all mad if you think that praising Obama and pouring scorn on Trump in this scenario is sane or reasonable ! :)

Welcome to the Wipe House: President Trump shreds climate change, privacy, LGBT policies on WhiteHouse.gov


Re: I'd offer the world an apology for the garbage that is "American First"

>> "Raygun, Bush, and Shrub (as well as the Democrat presidents) could find something nice to say along the lines of now the campaign's over people can come together... But not Trump... He's too special for that. Why couldn't he manage it?"

That is completely untrue. In fact, Obama utterly shredded Bush during his inauguration, so your information (like a lot of rhetoric about Trump) is completely fake (more fake news from bitter dishonest Hillary supporters huh, it never ends!). While in general I don't think that an Inauguration Speech is the right place to shred the outgoing President, the fact is, I think Trump was far lighter on Obama than Obama was on Bush, so Obama got his just deserts there.

Hey, but don't let "facts" and "truth" and "honesty" get in the way of your nice "fake news" soundbite there huh!

Recommendations for NAS-based home media set-up


Re: Recommendations for NAS-based home media set-up

@Mark 65, you took something that I said that was factual (HP Microservers for £120) and then made up something completely unrelated to what I said (£350 for the Gen8, which I wouldn't touch for a storage system). Microservers cost between £79.99 to £150 depending up on the deal at the time.

Maintaining the 3x HP Microservers that I have is about as difficult as making a cup of tea (once every 3-6 months).

I do agree with the convenience factor of NAS, and that's fine, but HP Microservers are unbelievably convenient. In fact, probably more convenient than the Synology etc which have their app setups and all that. Plus, the unbelievably awful internal components of all of these NAS system cannot compare to a normal system. I'm interested, but I'd be pretty surprised if they come close performance wise (i.e. check out the *actual* specs on these NAS dogs-wrapped-up-in-expensive-shiny-covers).


Re: Recommendations for NAS-based home media set-up

Can't recommend highly enough to AVOID buying a NAS.

All NAS have the following 2 features:

a) hugely overpriced for they do, and

b) performance so bad that you'd be faster getting a slug to sort your files by hand

The above features are rubbish, but people LOVE to say they have a NAS ("I've got a NAS man !") so the brainless should definitely go for the above features and drop £500 on a Synology ("ka-ching!, another sucker born every day!" say the people at Synology).

Alternatives are simple. i.e. buy a decent specced system like an HP Microserver, which are only £120 (compare that to a Synology even though it blows the Synology away in features / performance) it also features 4 easy-access drive bays, proper gigabit ethernet, almost silent, very low power, and you can run ANY operating system you want on them (from simple things like FreeNAS (then you can still say you have a "NAS"!, right up to Win Server 2012 or Ubuntu etc).

8-bay Synology's are £720 !!!

or you can not be insane and buy 2x HP Microserves to have 2x 4-bay, systems that are about the same size, but MASSIVELY better performance, and less than 1/4 of the cost ...

common sense and logic seldom come into play when people want to have a "NAS" though !! ;)

For Windows guest - KVM or XEN and which distro for host?


Re: For Windows guest - KVM or XEN and which distro for host?

Your spec is ridiculous, and your requirements are incredibly obvious and simple (your proposals though are mental).

a) install Windows natively. As you will play games, you want the best performance there, so install that first.

b) use a combination of cygwin, and or Debian under VMware (free version). Everything works fine and you'll be able to ssh to your system etc.

c) for a more advanced Linux install that will give you everything that you want, redirect the home folder of Debian a location that is in the Windows filesystem, thus giving you completely integrated Windows and Linux. You can ssh to the debian environment and also downloads from Debian will be placed into NTFS, so Windows / Linux will work very cleanly together.

Sorry, but your own ideas about system building are bizarre and illogical.

Virgin Galactic's supersonic space ship in 71,000-ft record smash


Re: "They will experience weightlessness at 100km altitude for 1 hour"

"Well, no". You are 100% wrong and should maybe do some research. You are just reading this article and have no idea about the history here. SS1 got to 100km and this is what they intend to do with SS2. Mach 1.4 is the test that this article is on, but it is just one test for this project. The goal (as already achieved by SS1) is a clearly mapped out schedule for them, but they are testing as they go. The SS2 is intended to go to 100km and take passengers. They might not keep people up there for 1 hour, probably will be more like a few minutes, but basically everything you said "Well, no" to, you are wrong on. No, Branson is not further from space and slower than early cold war era (i.e. see SS1) and this is one test in a well planned out engineering project. Pretty shocked that you'd post something when you are so clueless on this. Please learn to use the internet for finding out information; are you American by any chance?


Re: What is the long term goal?

There is no long-term advantage to this craft. The well known and stated goal is to be a really expensive roller-coaster ride. People will pay $250,000 per trip on the roller-coaster. They will experience weightlessness at 100km altitude for 1 hour and then come back to earth. This project has no more point than that.

There *could* be some as-yet unknown useful application of this technology, but for now, that's it, they've developed a roller-coaster costing 100's of millions and then they want to recoup that. They have a sister project called Launcher One but that's almost completely unrelated to this, and is intended to launch satellites into orbit.

They've sold about 750 tickets at 1/4 million each and will probably meet their target of 1000 tickets, so that's a guaranteed return of 250 million on this project (that is, if some of the trips don't blow up and people pull out). New Mexico authorities are investing $200 million in building a "space-port" with a 3km runway, in the hope that the world will flock to New Mexico and it will become the space travel center of the world.

Dark matter: Good news, everyone! We've found ... NOTHING AT ALL


Rol, try and get a grasp of the basics of particle physics and what force carriers are before spluttering stuff like that huh? http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2012/10/10/3607034.htm

Freeman Dyson: Shale gas is 'cheap and effective'



Please watch the documentary Gasland about this. It's not just the potential environmental impact, it's that Corporations will by their nature exploit the humans that live in these areas in horrible ways.


particularly complicit in this are people like (uh-huh) Dick Cheney and George W Bush who altered the clean water act so that companies could not be prosecuted for causing environmental atrocities. so roll out the environmental nightmare and destroyed communities and dead animals that will all result from shale gas !! yippee, dogs and humans dying of cancer is always fun to watch !!

Facebook moves into Sun Microsystems carcass



Classic 'ego post'. Ed is telling you that he used to work there (well done Ed !!!), and that he used to cycle there (Ed it sporty and cool !!!). I love 'ego posts'. people that comment on something, but instead of actually comment on the news item talk about themselves :)

Julian Assange wins peace prize


theregister hypocrisy ?

I don't get this: "shameless self-promotion and empty hype". the man has an ego, that's for sure, but what person in the media spotlight does not? can you answer that?

Winston Churchill pioneered the idea of gassing the Kurds in 1921 = he is a hero.

Saddam Hussein copies Churchill's idea in the 80's = he is an insane murderer.

both conclusions invented by the press and media. don't the press and media organisations have far far far bigger ego's than Assange? don't they shamelessly self-promote themselves far far more? I suspect media organisations (and to some extent TheReg has to be included in this) are maybe a bit afraid that the concept of dribbling out news to the sheep will be overtaken by vast exposé's like this.

the man is confident, but shameless self-promotion (more than ANY news organisation !?!? where ? when ?), and hype (are you talking about the promise to release certain documents that he has not as yet ? or something else ? where is this hype ? isn't the hype about him MOSTLY in fact created BY news organisations !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

NYT casts Assange as 'arrogant' (with a little 'Peter Pan')



for a drooling moron, that needs to be fed everything from his masters, i understand that a person like that absolutely requires that *everything* must be interpreted for him. what an awful picture you paint, where information must be "contextualized". who is being protected ? government lies (either they are by definition without corruption, i.e. a fantasy, or they are humans, in which case, information *will* be modified and the justification of "oh, we had to contextualize it to make it fit for drooling moron consumption!"). the vision is a nightmare: masters painting the context for you so that a simpleton can deal with the information, i guess. journalism is exactly that: filtered by corporate agendas and diluted by people who are more interested in the corporate career ladder than in informing the public about government lies and deceit.

the abuse of information is a very simple concept to understand ... to those that are not drooling morons i mean.


Think, *before* believing what a "journalist" says ...

“While I do not regard Assange as a partner, and I would hesitate to describe what WikiLeaks does as journalism". Fairly disgusting that NYT consider themselves to be "journalism". The concept of journalism died long ago, all these people do is pander to governments and self-interest. Journalists such as this clown from the NYT are simply puppets of their corporate masters (after all, all news organisations are corporations, with agendas. the idea that these people are free journalists is ludicrous at best and without doubt insulting to anyone of mediocre intelligence). He mentioned WikiLeaks "glib" antipathy towards America, but fails to mention America's "glib" antipathy to the entire world outside of the US, murdering civilians like it's a drunken Texan bbq with non-Americans for target practice (a pretty reasonable assessment of the US ... if the lives of civilians mean anything that is ... which they clearly do not to US journalists. a dead Iraqi child is just a statistic to these so-called "journalists" - or "corporate mouthpieces" to give them their correct title). what an arrogant fool that "corporate mouthpiece" is, assuming his own moral superiority and denigrating anyone that brings actual *factual* information to the public. WikiLeaks provide the public with direct factual information, instead of the impotent, blurred, biased, corporate mouthpiece factless unclear claptrap that NYT Executive Editor Mr. Bill Keller peddles ...

Catfish: A fanfare for Facebook fakery


suckered ?

this was about as realistic as Spinal Tap. Anyone naive enough to be suckered into believing that needs to go to the doctor and ask for a reverse-lobotomy, cos somehow are some point, you musta had one (it's the only rational explanation). seriously, so fake, so cheesy, does anyone *actually* believe this is real ? the use of handicapped children to add *poignancy*, god, so obvious and trite, the idea of making a documentary about meeting an 8 year old (seriously, who would do this ? it's banal first of all, and a bit paedophilic. but again ! instant poignancy ! the "sheer innocence of talking to an 8 year, it's so rrrreeeeel dude", not it's not real, it's about as contrived as it is possible to be). at least spinal tap was funny !!! ;)

Facebook to hire like it's 1999


facebook grammer

that's "would have", not "would of". facebook is clearly dragging the world down to a lowest common denominator of literacy.

... oh well. wtf lol, time fur me to go an pwn some noobs, enable some tripe, an solve world hungr on facebook !

EMC snips CEO pay


Actual Wage

It's interesting that EMC say "a 10% wage decrease" but don't actually say what his wage is, isn't it ...

According to this http://www.byteandswitch.com/document.asp?doc_id=85912 as of 2005, his wage was $1 million.

"As reported earlier this year, Tucci earned a 2004 base salary of $1 million, plus a cash bonus of $1.88 million."

As of 2009, let's estimate conservatively that his wage didn't increase, so that he's still on $1 million + $1.88 million.

10% wage decrease = $0.8 million base wage + $1.88 million bonus

so, in total, he will get a (measly) $2.68 million this year.

I mean, that's outrageous, how can a man be expected to live on $2.68 million per year ??? It's not fair, are they trying to make this man a pauper ??? Tucci is clearly feeling the pain of this recession far far far more than you or I. Have sympathy for the man, that 10% reduction is going to destroy his life !!!

Samsung swaggers in with 100GB SSD


@You've confused me, and @Huh?

i do high end database and storage work with Symmetrix and other arrays, where capacity is often less important than IOPS. high-end apps are often very performance oriented in banking and similar sectors. Samsung is talking to people that work in storage, not to people that want a fast HDD to play games on, so their comparison is excellent. you are both right that they are comparing lower storage to higher storage, but it's a much higher IOPS solution, so for the applications they are addressing, capacity is not really relevant. drives like this are not for ye or me to have in our workstations ... yet ;) hopefully 2 years will bring all this goodness filtering down to us though :)

Chrysler plans electric car production model


Genepax Water Cars


yes, the hydrides are also a fuel, but environmentally in every way a billion times cleaner than a petrol or hybrid car. but GM, Shell, Exxon etc will not allow such cars to exist for the obvious reason that they would be signing their own death warrants.

Drobo 'data robot' revamped with Firewire


still *rubbish* if it has no Ethernet

oh, sorry, that's right, I'm wrong, they DO have Ethernet support, but only if you pay an addition £150 for the add-on pack (what a rip off ! ...) "Pay £150 for something you get as standard on every other product on the market !" great marketing !

EMC's love/hate relationship with thin provisioning


funny names

That should be "CLARiiON", not "Clarrion". No one knows how EMC got the names for their devices: Symmetrix, CLARiiON, Centerra, Celerra, but it is rumoured that they are the names of the alien travellers that brought the advanced Alien Technology used inside of all EMC equipment (mainly dilithium crystals).

EMC squares up to charges, sees profit fall


Re: amanfromMars

"sounds like they are struggling as a one trick wonder" ?

I guess they would be ... if they *were* a one trick wonder ... hmm, maybe you should have a look at what EMC do ? (which is quite a lot i.e. a 900-trick wonder maybe). I guess you are part of the IT-illiteratti that thinks EMC = VMware. :-)


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