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Agile fraudsters prey on clueless UK surfers

Stuart Cherrington

3 months salary

'3 months salary in an online bank account'

Hands up all those who actually have 3 months money sitting around?

Joke alert cause the statement has to be an attempt at mirth.


Ofcom's pilot starts seeing signs

Stuart Cherrington

Somebody call MI6

Someone call for Bond, Spectre's new broadcasting underground sattelite has been found in Cumbria!!!

Senate bill sics DoJ on copyright infringers

Stuart Cherrington

So the IP's get it for free?

So what they're saying is the DoJ will have the ability to sue copyright infringers on behalf of the IP's?

Who is paying the Legal fee's here?

Intel releases USB 3.0 controller interface spec

Stuart Cherrington

So what your saying is....

So what your saying is, Intel have decided to release the hardware/firmware design specs of a new generation piece of kit so other hardware manufacturers can ensure there kit all works with it!

Isn't that a bit pro-active for the IT market, surely they've not been reading the 'redmond book of how to win friends and influence people'

Treasury coughs £80m tax credit for R&D

Stuart Cherrington
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How do I get a grant?

I'd like to do some extensive R&D on my local Public Houses and Spearmint Rhino's, being the director of my own company (of 1 employee) surely I qualify to a large R&D tax credit!

Oracle ratchets SAP 'grand-theft' allegations

Stuart Cherrington

pants down!!!

Whats worse, the fact that one software company is stealing from another (Anyone remember "Oracle goes thru M$ Dumpster headlines"), or that fact that they were too stoopid to get caught!!!

O2 prices up the latest iPhone

Stuart Cherrington
Dead Vulture

Full whack

I'm on the £35/month fee and I was hoping that O2 would introduce a sliding scale of discounts, but NOOOO. As I'm a cheap skate I have to fork out £99 for the new fone.


The dead bird as I'd like to kill people at O2 or give them the Bird!

Labour isn't working for IT contractors

Stuart Cherrington
Paris Hilton


THey could also do with raising the 40p/mile claim we can make on fuel costs, it been 40p/mile for years (10?) and I'm pretty sure fuel has fone up since then!

Paris - Because!

Son of 419 victim contacts El Reg

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@Slaine Re: Porsche

That's genius mate, I think you should be entering a new Wikipedia article right now!

Paris - cause she's got nice bumpers on her porsche.

Dope-crazed Canadians sledgehammer iPhone

Stuart Cherrington

From the look of these 2...

It looks like the hammer slipped a few times and got cuaght in the excessive facial hair!!!

Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?

Stuart Cherrington
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Thermometer to close to big shiny rockets

Surely its obvious why the NASA data is hotter than everyone elses..

What do NASA do, send big ships into space on piles of flaming liquid, which is hot, so the local thermometer is recording higher temperatures...


Sorry couldn't resist making this comment.

Paris - cause she's got nice rockets.

AT&T to slash 3G iPhone price to beat unlockers?

Stuart Cherrington
Paris Hilton

Trade mine ....

Will o2 do this in the UK, I'd like to trade mine up for the 3G 16Gb version!

Paris - cause you know she's 3G all the way.

Radiohead diss freetards

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Paris Hilton

Paid a fiver

I paid £5 for the album, being the honest person I am. I have to say I don't really like the album, its not grown on me much and I don't think its worth a fiver. However as a huge fan of radiohead I will, no doubt, buy the next album anyway!

Paris - cause she's a fan of many musicians (in hotel rooms).

Dell swings axe at five per cent of EMEA staff

Stuart Cherrington
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How do they choose.....

When the 'Worlds largest database software manufacturer' made 1/3 of the training dept redundant, they took the phone directory of the dept and counted to every 3rd person, thats how they decided.

Considering my name Surname starts with C I was not happy to find this out!

Paris - To bring cheer to Dell people getting the bullet today!

Spyware targets frustrated GTA IV gamers

Stuart Cherrington

Sorry to rub it in

Mine arrived this morning, unfortunately I can't take half day and play it now!!!!!!!

Bloody Software developers should all burn in hell.

Men could have kids with chimpanzees - gov must act

Stuart Cherrington


I think the gentleman has been reading too much Michael Crichton, Next anyone?


Mine's the one with the fur cuffs!

Homeland Security takes pity on terror list Ted Kennedys

Stuart Cherrington
IT Angle

97 per cent

"According to the TSA, 97 per cent of those who complained weren't actually on the list"

The article doesn't actuall say what happened to the other 3% but I presume the FBI went around and got a little clumsy?

Prank callers crash Dublin Zoo phone system

Stuart Cherrington

more jipes

We used to make the newboy spill something on his desk and tell him to go to the cleaners store and get some Elbow Grease!

One of them actually went, I think we're still waiting for him to comeback.

Facebook Troll sends mob against Cluley

Stuart Cherrington

@ Edward Pearson

How do you get PVC trousers over the spacesuit? I've been trying all day and still can't manage it