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You can't deepfake diversity, and that's a good thing

Tim Wolfe-Barry

"It's incredibly hard to take a very diverse group of people and then expect them all to have compatible values, work nicely with each other and sing from the same hymn sheet"

Very true; BUT it's worth the effort.

BBC published an article a while back (here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-49582852) pointing out the ways that the US (Western) Intelligence Establishment completely underestimated Bin Laden in the lat '90s, arguably leading directly to the 9/11 attacks. The premise is that a more diverse community working for the US government might have understood the message and prevented the attacks...

I work in a team that is incredibly diverse in background, nationality, skin colour, sexual preference, age etc, etc and yes it IS sometimes hard to agree on things; but generally people listening to each other and working from a basis of good-will tend to get to the right answer in the end.

Even if it takes us a bit longer to get to our answer than a cluster of 50yr-old white men might, I feel pretty sure that 9 times out of 10 we get to a better answer than any monocultural group would; and that is the benefit of having (and listening to) all those points of view.

**(Notwithstanding the above; I agree both that box-checking Diversity Surveys are a waste of perfectly good electrons and that any group of Old Etonians (or similar cadre of over-privileged representatives of the establishment education system of your choice) are probably a monoculture of thought no matter how apparently diverse they may appear!)

Share your 2024 tech forecasts (wrong answers only) to win a terrible sweater

Tim Wolfe-Barry

UK MOD achieves enough self-awareness to realize that calling its' overarching battlefield-comms program 'SkyNet' may have been a bad idea.

Then decides to double-down by going ahead with the proposed 'Terminator' combat-drone prototype....

User was told three times 'Do Not Reboot This PC' – then unplugged it anyway

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Re: Foolproof

If you try to make it idiot-proof, they'll only get a better idiot!


Microsoft's Family Safety app drills into kids' screen time, browsing habits to help 'facilitate a dialogue'

Tim Wolfe-Barry

This will actually be useful...

With 3 teenagers doing School From Home, the whole issue of screen time for Windoze has become much more of a problem for the last few weeks - how to block HouseParty (which #1 uses to talk to their mates) until after-school, but allow Zoom (which School use), plus granting extra time to compensate for school-time running over into playtime or when cadets run a late-evening online class.

The latest updates on Win10 have allowed me to get this under control but I have to log-in to my MSFT account to do it, which either means opening up my LT after hours (which I'm not keen on as work inevitably intrudes), or navigating the rotten MSFT UX from my phone.

So an App that brings all of this into one place and that is more responsive and more unified than currently available would be Very nice-to-Have.

(Notwithstanding that, because it's MSFT, they will disappoint, but I live in hope!)

World's oldest human was a 122-year-old French smoker after all

Tim Wolfe-Barry

"too busy with their tape measure, stopwatch and whistle"

Stop-calendar, surely...

Are you a Windows 1 in 10 (1809)? Or a mighty 80 percenter (1803)?

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Win Update has just fired off again and it says it wants to move to 1803; tried and failed at least 4 times in 2018, so not holding my breath, but at least I'll get 1703 patches and a chance to reboot (joy!)

Boom! Just like that the eSIM market emerges – and jolly useful it is too

Tim Wolfe-Barry

I may even have to consider an iThing as my next phone...

Personally dual-SIM has been my absolute bedrock requirement for a long time; I've had the same personal phone number for donkey's years and have neither any interest in changing it, nor in allowing my employer access to it.

So I have two numbers; one for work and one for personal. Up to now that's meant dual-sim Android (most recently a MotoG6 which is a pretty decent phone), but also means I'm out of step with a lot of family and friends who have iThings and do stuff like iCloud photo sharing.

Assuming that Truphone or someone eventually has a UK voice offering and a way to port-in a number I could finally join the herd.

Or not, of course :)

El Reg needs you – to help build an automated beer-transporting robot

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Re: Ballistic Delivery

Makes it all the more amusing for those hacks still slaving to a deadline whilst their colleagues in the Social columns have their feet up...

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Ballistic Delivery

Now if only your offices were open-plan to the bar, a modification of the well-known potato cannon would allow delivery of canned beverages (there are really some very good canned offerings nowadays...) direct to the desktop as demonstrated here:


Sad reality: Look, no one's going to patch their insecure IoT gear

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Re: "non-geeks have shown little interest in the security of their IoT gizmos "

Couldn't agree more.

Responsibility here has to fall on manufacturers and, since much IoT stuff is for utilities, regulators.

If, to take an easy example, my electricity company want to move me to a "Smart" meter, then it should NOT be my responsibility to ensure that the dumb thing is secure and maintains my privacy adequately both to the Internet as a whole *and* to the supplier.

For consumer gadgets and whizz-bangs there should be some minimum standard (akin to the CE mark on electrical and/or wireless devices) that certifies a level of compliance and security. Of course that won't stop the criminally negligent (or simply criminal), but it would give responsible manufacturers a standard to comply with and enforcement authorities something to work with, like when you find toys painted with lead

Ever longed to be naked in Paris? City council votes TODAY

Tim Wolfe-Barry
Paris Hilton

Anyone else noticed...

That El Reg's related content system apparently can't tell the difference between the capital city of France and a ground-breaking aeronautical experiment? (see number of PARIS stories related to Paris here)

I imagine the plucky playmonaut would object to high-altitude nudity on grounds of radiation exposure at least!

(Paris, obviously!)

Most of the world still dependent on cash

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Re: Eh?

If I'm THAT thirsty, I can use a device called a "telephone" to let my local know I'm coming - They'll pull it and have it on the bar waiting when I get there (45 seconds after leaving the house - I need to call before putting on my shoes, otherwise I'm there before the beer!)

My question about going cash-less: If there's no cash; how can I send my 8 y.o. to the corner shop to buy milk/bread/coffee when we run out? He doesn't have a bank account or even a phone (Mpesa)...

Four Boys' Own style World War Two heroes to fire your imagination

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Re: Not sure if being British is a requirement, but ...


Nuff Said...

Storm in a teacup: Wileyfox does Android cheapie, British style

Tim Wolfe-Barry


I've had mine since Nov 3rd (as Amazon couldn't get it to me earlier) and I'm VERY pleased with it; although I agree a removable battery would be better.

I don't mind having recharge it too much - I'm usually sat at a desk with a charger and if not I just remember not to use the battery-munching services...

Overall it knocks spots off my old HTC and I'm hopeful that Cyanogen will provide OS updates fairly promptly.

Best of all, I can retire my work SGS4 and stuff their SIM into the Storm and now I only have to remember one device.


WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Buying a cheap netbook had seemed like a good idea, until her friends showed her how to change screen orientation...

Android users left at risk... and it's not even THEIR FAULT this time!

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Re: Probably a stupid question

(all comments posted here based on theoretical knowledge only - I have not personally rooted my current device or deployed recent versions of any OS or other software mentioned here. Caveat Lactor applies...)

Not really stupid...

Lots of ways round the lock-in problem; simplest is probably to get an Android device and then root it and install whatever alternative Android-derivative you favour. Cyanogenmod is good, apparently.

For a full-linux experience, something like this may be interesting: http://www.ubuntu.com/phone

And then there are others out there, like Mozilla with FireFox Phone, who will say they're doing something similar.

"why can't I just install whatever I like" will fall down, I suspect, due to driver issues - no smartphone (I assume) runs a desktop chipset, so you can't just deploy your current-favourite wintel build as that simply won't boot.

Options are more limited, I understand, if your hardware is an iThing; you can unlock it but there won't be the choice of alternative OS that there seems to be if your starting point is a 'droid.

See my own post below - this sort of idiocy has persuaded me to pre-order a v0.1 device from an unknown supplier; here DEFINITELY be Dragons!

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Be more Wiley

This type of problem has convinced me to pre-order the WileyFox Storm.

My existing HTC handset has no updates available (still on 4.1 Android) and any that were ever offered came with EE's cruftware.

Hopefully the WF will allow me to update Cyanogen OS whenever I like, plus delivering the security features that we should be asking for as standard...

All of that assumes that it will show-up as scheduled at the end of the month, of course...

Germany to fork out BEELLLIONS for farmers' broadband

Tim Wolfe-Barry

50 Meg Everywhere, eh?

Shows what you could do if you tried...

I got all excited the other week when someone rang me from the ICO to talk about Rural Broadband and poor performance.

Then they explained they were only interested in people who had nominal speeds under 2Mbits; my nominal 8 (delivering 5 on a good day and 0.5 at peak) is too fast to be considered 'Slow'!!!

So I need to wait for BT to graciously connect the fiber trunk, which LITERALLY runs past my door and past that of the adjacent exchange (Seriously - they ran it under the pavement 20M from the house), to the local exchange and then decide what to do with my DEL connection before I can aspire to 20Meg...

According to the local council it's coming "between July and December 2015". Not holding my breath...

Microsoft leaves the Rooms. How will Windows Phone OS users make to do lists?

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Anyone else reading Cloud-o-bile my way

I mean, presumably, they want you to say "cloudobile" as one word, but the pirate in me hears Cloud o' Bile! Me heartys etc etc - too much Monkey Island at an impressionable age I fear...

Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all

Tim Wolfe-Barry

In my experience; when you move fast and break things, what you're often experiencing is a car-crash!

Microsoft's Bing hopes to bag market share with ... search apps

Tim Wolfe-Barry

But It's No Good!

Nothing to see...

Citrix: Wearables allow conference calls 'while rocking a baby to sleep'

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Not sure about jogging but...

I remember going for a bike ride after work a few years ago and being passed up-hill by my then CEO whilst he was on a conf call.

Perhaps it's just all about fitness...

Titsup UK Border IT causes CHAOS at air and seaports in Blighty

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Re: Lack of customer service...

Clearly no-one commenting here has flown into the US.

I now avoid traveling there if at all possible (working for a US company, curiously, means I travel there less!). An hour's wait for immigration is routine or even quite good - I've several times stood in line for 3 hours - and this at very major hub airports (Chicago O'Hare is particularly bad for some reason...).

I think the *only* time I went through quickly was at Minneapolis when we landed about midnight and were the last flight in that night.

The only consoling factor is that they treat US citizens just as badly as foreigners!

So, just how do you say 'the mutt's nuts' in French?

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Re: But why are we translating it literally?

Snerk, Splutter!

Just snorted my bedtime coffee onto the keyboard!

I just want to add that this conversation is absolutely spiffing (now translate that!) and quite a lot more interesting than writing emails to colleagues in California which is the usual reason for being on-line at this point in the day...


Yes! New company smartphones! ... But I don't WANT one

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Re: The Big Question

I'm in a similar position at work with my much-loathed BB Bold being replaced. Choices were all BB apart from the 5s and the SGS4.

Since my personal phone is an HTC OneX+ I've chosen the SGS4, at least that way I get a common eco-system and I don't have to learn (much) new stuff.

What I *really* want is to have ONE device - I have to carry a work phone 24x7, and don't want to put work to my personal line, so what I really wanted was the HTC One Dual - a proper top-end smartphone (forget 4G; I live amongst sheep and cows, so there's no danger of actual coverage for years) with dual-sim sockets, active/active.

Sadly not available through work and I'm a bit loath to spend £500 to buy it outright myself...

LOHAN test flight LIVE: All the launch action

Tim Wolfe-Barry

What are the various circles on the map?

And why is Buzz stuck at the start?


Texas students hijack superyacht with GPS-spoofing luggage

Tim Wolfe-Barry

"Before the panic starts, it should be pointed out that the Texans are spoofing civilian GPS systems."

Speaking as a WAFI (Lewis will know...) that worries me MORE.

Most of the world's freight moves about, often in quite confined waters (Dover Strait anyone), with minimal human supervision - supertankers typically have a crew of ~20, which means about 6 on watch at any one time (3-watch system), so that's 6 dozy guys following the GPS tracking up the english channel all night.

A navigational error of 1 degree at the start of the channel will subtend an error of 6 miles at the other end, 350 miles away. So if I drift a ship by only that 1 degree as it passes Scilly, I can easily make it hit the coast at Calais.

Of course you hope that someone might notice this and correct it but even so...

Nuke plants to rely on PDP-11 code UNTIL 2050!

Tim Wolfe-Barry

DL0: 167300 g

I *think* that's the correct sequence, but it has been nearly 20 years...

Should restart a sleeping PDP-11/73 via the serial port - useful if it's been shut off and you're working via a modem.

Supporting a call logger on PDP-11 on RSTS 8.x was where I started in 1994, I'd have expected them to be all gone by now although I think the US air traffic guys had some until after 2000!

Help save the endangered QUANTUM OWL, pleads Reg man

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Re: Something for the weekend?


I live an hour or so from London and have 3 boys who'd LOVE to do some of the things offered, but there seem to be no more family days this year, since one on 2nd March.

Happy to join if I find stuff to do that will make it worth me spending the £70 to get the mob to London on the train.

Samsung's new Galaxy S 4: iPhone assassin or Android also-ran?

Tim Wolfe-Barry

64 GB should be enough for anyone...

This is all going to be down to personal preference; I've just switched from a Desire S to a One X+ because I'm a fan of HTC sense and the different overlays that each manufacturer puts on Android mean that it'd be as much of a pain (IMO) to go from HTC to Samsung as to iOS.

What people also forget is the home ecosystem you build around your phone - Mrs foredeck is an iOS user and recently upgraded to a 4S rather than 5 because the very expensive iPhone dock/hi-fi we have won't take the new connector. Switching from iOS to Android (or iPhone 5) would mean we've wasted about gbp500 in the last couple of years...

The interesting part of this is only that what Samsung to today the others will do tomorrow, so this gives you an idea of spec and features of the rest of the Android community for the next year or so.

My new HTC doesn't have SD card expansion or a swappable battery, but the built in capacity is 50% of the SSD in my laptop (and more than the whole of Win7, apps and actually useful stuff takes on that PC!) so I can't imagine it running out soon. Battery swapping is similarly unimportant - I get ~2 days from it now and am rarely that long away from a charger; the Desire S battery is still going strong 2.5 years later so I'm sure the new one will last until my next upgrade.

To sum up, if you like Samsung and are going to upgrade in the next 12-18 months, you'll get this. If you don't or aren't then you won't.

Now move on.

Use your loaf, Europe! Eat more fibre - high-speed web lobbyists

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Re: You do have a choice...

Really; you don't.

Sure if you happen to live in a city somewhere where LLU is economic or where Sky or Virgin have fiber in place then you have a choice.

Unfortunately I don't. My local exchange has about 900 connections and we're 7 miles from the nearest town; so I'm stuck with ADSL and 'up to' 8 mbps. Despite the fact that Virgin's main fiber trunk passes within a mile or so of here it's still not worth their while to put connections in.

Any moment now someone is going to say that I should move house to somewhere there is FTTP if I care that much; unfortunately I can't afford the £20,000 it would cost (in fees and taxes) to move, even if I did think that having better broadband was more important than a garden for the kids to play in.

The point is that we shouldn't HAVE to choose like that, and that people living in farms and villages shouldn't find themselves cut off from the rest of the world just because rotten ADSL connections don't have the capacity to get them on-line.

DoCoMo tests blackout-proof hydrogen cell base station in Japan

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Re: Lack of maintenance??

Well, as soon as the mains come back on you could use an electrolytic cell to replenish the hydrogen - might be a bit slow but if you assume that power-cuts are the exception rather than the rule, it ought to work...

Software sucks these days - and just maybe it's all YOUR fault

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So when will Software Development become Engineering?

I think (and have for a long time) that Software Development is stuck about where Brunel was with Civil Engineering.

We can see the possibilities, but we haven't yet worked out the best way to do stuff and so everyone reinvents everything each time.

Back in 18xx Civil Engineering was exciting because people didn't know how to build large strong bridges and so did the best they could. Then, when the bridge fell down in a storm (Tay Bridge, or Tacoma Narrows more recently) they did it better the next time.

Nowadays Civil Engineering has progressed to the boring position where we can build something like the Padma bridge - any consulting civil engineer could tell you how (or give you a max of 2 choices) and the actual construction gets farmed out to one of several global consortia.

We're still at the 'Bridge falling down' stage; but frustratingly seem unable to learn any lessons or improve matters the next time and probably won't until some real disaster strikes and the losses from cr*p software equal the casualties from earlier 'real' disasters.

Register SPB hacks mull chopping off feet

Tim Wolfe-Barry

What about the Universal Engineering Standard?

I've been using these for as long as I can remember:


Then again I am on record as describing a trench as 4m long by 6" wide - only in the UK!

LOHAN poses for sexy wide-angle vid

Tim Wolfe-Barry

High Speed Vid...

If that's a 60KM ride in 3 minutes, then the apparent speed of the vehicle is 750 mph (1200 kph). By a curious coincidence, the Thrust SSC land speed record is 763 mph, so the vid give you a pretty clear idea of what Andy Green saw on those runs.

Of course he did it on the flat in a desert, I think the vid also demonstrates why, the apparent Gs in the corners you took would be extraordinary!

Hundreds of websites go titsup in Prime Hosting disk meltdown

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Re: Not to step into libel territory

Thanks for this - I was desperately trying to find the references before posting; I think the 1st place I saw this was here, back in 2007: http://storagemojo.com/2007/02/20/everything-you-know-about-disks-is-wrong/

The critical parts are summarized (below), but basically the upshot is that the more and bigger disks you have, the GREATER rather than LESSER the likelihood of a failure during rebuild...


Data safety under RAID 5?

. . . a key application of the exponential assumption is in estimating the time until data loss in a RAID system. This time depends on the probability of a second disk failure during reconstruction, a process which typically lasts on the order of a few hours. The . . . exponential distribution greatly underestimates the probability of a second failure . . . . the probability of seeing two drives in the cluster fail within one hour is four times larger under the real data . . . .

Independence of drive failures in an array?

The distribution of time between disk replacements exhibits decreasing hazard rates, that is, the expected remaining time until the next disk was replaced grows with the time it has been since the last disk replacement.

Translation: one array drive failure means a much higher likelihood of another drive failure. The longer since the last failure, the longer to the next failure. Magic!

Cameron's F-35 U-turn: BAE Systems still calls the shots at No 10

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Heard Lewis on BBC R4 this morning

Talking sense as usual...

This is just so bl**dy depressing; I've been avoiding the news and beeb website all day as a result.

UK Gov't wastes 10s of millions of our money now and later too, whilst UK forces are crippled by inter-service squabbling and inferior equipment. It'd make you laugh if it wasn't a tragedy.

I need a New Laptop!!

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Re: Dells are Cheap

My work LT is a Dell E6240 with quad-core i7, 256GB SSD, 1600x900 screen and 8GB RAM. No idea what it costs, mind.

I've also had good experience with Lenovo - previous model was an N200 with the same screen but Core Duo processor and only 4GB (and a spinning disk); that was about 700 GBP but over 4 years ago.

At home we have an Acer Timeline which is lovely, again it's getting a bit long in the tooth but they've really done magic with the battery life - still gives 6 hours ++ on a full charge, even after about 4 years!

If style is your thing (and you *really* don't want an Apple) then Sony's Vaio range might be worth a look, although you do pay a premium...

All of these suppliers have websites that let you review and (mostly) update the specs and all (last time I looked - 2011, YMMV) allow you to spec-up to the sort of components you want.

Where you may find difficulty is if you expected to buy something off the shelf at PCW or DABS that meets the spec...

ViewSonic V350 dual Sim Android smartphone

Tim Wolfe-Barry

HOW frustrating?

This is the product that I've been waiting for for ages... I am part of another community that would really benefit from a good dual-sim smartphone: I'm a Tech Support Manager for a software company, my work phone # is published to all and sundry, so I keep a personal number as well (so I can turn the work one off from time to time...).

This means I have to carry 2 handsets, maintain 2 sets of contacts, keep 2 phones charged etc (not to mention that the work handset is a BB so I have to know how to drive 2 different phones, have different peripherals, cables and chargers...).

What I want is essentially a dual-SIM Desire S; a great Android smartphone with 2 slots so I can choose which SIM to use. I've tried various 'dual SIM' plugin cards but they always want you to reboot the phone when switching...

Now the apparently perfect phone comes along and it's cheap, plasticky, slow and out dated! Gah!

Top techs preview CES 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017...

Tim Wolfe-Barry

On my network, that will arrive ~55 minutes after the actual event, then...

Bill Gates discusses nuclear development deal with China

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BillG goes up and up in my estimation

Worthy successor to earlier generation of philanthropists - many current chief execs and *ankers could learn a thing or three!

It's time to end the Windows Wait

Tim Wolfe-Barry

@SJ - Corporate Win7...

My latest work laptop came with a 256GB SSD - now that my job doesn't involve having to run 8 different VMs on one PC that's LOADS of space - and it boots and resumes like magic (well, at least as fast as the DR DOS 5 based 386 SX-25 I had in 1994!)

Dell 6420, i7, 8GB RAM. no idea what it cost mind...

Future wars will be over water not fuel, warns Intel sage

Tim Wolfe-Barry
Black Helicopters


Didn't James Bond get there first?

Can of drinking-oil anyone?

Samsung's iOS rival gets multitasking and HTML5

Tim Wolfe-Barry


A search app for this platform might be Bada-Bing!

Mine's the one WITHOUT the Dave Award

IPTV UK: failure to launch?

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Just get a Media Centre

So I've just installed a Media Centre PC (Windows because that's what I had a licence for and setup seemed easier)...

Blagged an old laptop from work, installed Win7 Home Premium, installed TunerFree MCE from Milliesoft.

Now I get BBC/ITV/C4/C5 streamed on-demand and also the ability to download for future viewing.

So you avoid the data speed issues (and your bandwidth cap) by downloading the shows overnight.

Total expenditure - £50 in cables and an adapter to make VGA & Phono into HDMI for the Telly.


Policing personal calls on business mobiles

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I have a better solution...

I work in Tech Support and have to keep my company mobile on and with me 24x7. I also loathe the idea of carrying 2 phones.

The solution is to use a service that's part of the GSM standard - ALS or Alternate Line Service - which enables you to have 2 numbers on a single SIM.

So I have 2 fully-featured numbers on a single SIM/Handset. Different ring-tones mean I can tell if it's a work or personal call I'm answering, a single button-press switches between lines and I get separate itemised bills. Work pays for work calls, I pay for personal ones. Occasionally I make an outbound call using the wrong line, but that cuts both ways and, since I rarely use all the minutes included with either plan, it's very much of a muchness in the end.

What's the catch?

It's called Orange Line 2 and it's not available to new subscribers any more, and no other carrier in the UK offers it...

Vote Lib Dem, doom humanity to extinction

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Swap Trident for the Carriers...

Lewis - I agree with you most of the time, but I think you're wrong here...

The main problem with scrapping Trident is it makes it harder to argue we should put Nuclear into the Carriers. As far as deterrence goes Trident is pure vanity.

The only nations with nukes & delivery systems that Trident could deter are US/France/Russia and China. We can hope that 2 of those are on our side (ha!) and the other 2 both have enough warheads they can blow us up, take a full-scale Trident strike and then blow us up again.

We should cancel Trident and Eurofighter T3. Put some of the money into Nuclear carriers (we still have nuclear attack subs, so we'll keep the infrastructure) with catapults. Scrap the F35-B and get -Cs for the Navy. The Riff-Raff can get F35-As with the money we'll save from T3 and we'll still come out ahead.

Taking the defence argument further, the Trident savings will have enough left over to build some more helicopter/marine carriers to help with peace-keeping/anti-piracy jobs.

We can reduce the threat from dirty/terrorist nukes by growing testicles and adopting a non-US-centric foreign policy (the Lib Dems would help here I think).

On nuclear power; you're right, we can't do without it, but we *do* need to work out what to do with spent fuel for the next 50K years - I'm not sure that ponds at Sellafield are a good long-term solution - so the quicker we get Fusion going and move away from Fission the better.

In truth, this argument is largely redundant as even the most woolly liberal knows they won't be in power by themselves on Friday. I do hope that they can get Trident brought into the defence review (and so save the Carriers, which look likely to get the chop otherwise), but no-one really thinks anyone (even a Liberal PM) would actually bin civilian nuclear and that certainly won't happen in coalition.

New Reg comments system ready to launch

Tim Wolfe-Barry

What about a 'First Post' button?

One that automatically makes your comment the 'First Post', whether you were actually First or not.

Of course users on the Premium subscription could jump past 'First Post' comments from those paying less.


(if only the BT Flood/Fire were an April Fool)

Google coughs to PR gaffe with privacy-lite Buzz

Tim Wolfe-Barry

I seem to have been opted-in...

Despite choosing NO when prompted to try Buzz yesterday.

Apparently I am now following 9 people, and 2 are following me. If only any of us knew where we're going...!

BBC storm cockup: Wrong day's shipping forecast read

Tim Wolfe-Barry

Come on Lewis...

I like most of your articles, but I have to take issue with this...

Firstly; Most amateur yachtsmen use the Shipping Forecast for longer passages - the inshore forcast is no use if you're sailing to Ireland or across the Channel.

Secondly; The late-night and early morning forecasts INCLUDE the inshore waters forecast (the coastguard re-broadcast the BBC one!) so presumably the wrong inshore forecast was read at the same time.

I know you've been playing with bigger boats than most of us and have lots of lovely electronics to work with, but remember how unreliable all those gizmos can be when you're beating to windward in 30kts - I've used an old battery transistor radio to get the forecast on-deck when most of the ship's kit was soaked!