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MacBook Pro owners complain of short batt life – so Apple kills batt life clock in macOS

Alan Denman

No time for Apple now.

They are happy to play a percentage game.

Apple blames air for iPhone 6S's narcolepsy

Alan Denman

Not a safety issue

So was no need to deflate the ego of superior ownership by telling them this while the phone was the latest and greatest under warranty.

Google turns on free public NTP servers that SMEAR TIME

Alan Denman

Suggested to Google by...

Tim Cook.

Happy New Year iCalendar.

LeEco Le Pro 3: Low-cost, high-spec Droid takes on the big boys with a big fat batt

Alan Denman

re -90 to 100%

Don't worry,

once the phone gets itself confused into thinking it only has 40% battery, feeling safe to fast charge,you will get to 100% in an explosive flash.

A bit like the Note 7, ha ha.

Banks' bid to board iPhones' NFC chips rebuffed

Alan Denman

They ain't dumb Apple you know

Banks are smarting and users only think NFC is for Apple pay.

Who needs a dongle anyway.

British unis mull offshore EU campuses in post-Brexit vote panic

Alan Denman

How about China and Cuba?

beggars cant be choosers

Oi, Apple fanbois. Your beloved Jesus Phones are pisspoor for disabled users

Alan Denman

A case of..

the right hand iUser not knowing what the left hand iUser is saying.

It was never really A Tittle & Tattle.

Windows 10 grabs 22 per cent desktop market share in a year

Alan Denman

All that web traffic

Is it not just Windows update running in the background.

It is unlike anything else out there for data slurping.

Tesla's splitting with sensor supplier

Alan Denman

We simply did not know what a barge pole it is?

It is the novelty of the mysterious know that makes the car attractive.

But common knowledge that it is really a deathly beta makes it lemony enough not to touch.

BT sees 35% sales gain as it digests hearty EE meal

Alan Denman

Pension deficit =

Ban dividends.

Oh no, our politicians would rather we the public picked up the tab.

Yet pension deficits are also bankrupting the country!

Oh dear, Vodafone: Sales dip in UK

Alan Denman

Brexit means Brexit

For any company, being HO based in Britain rather than the EU is becoming a major problem.

Brexits main effect is one EXITing BRITAIN

Apple Watch craze over before it started: Wrist-puter drags market screaming off a cliff

Alan Denman

Apple watch is top drawer stuff.

where it stays when the novelty tufns into inconvenience

Tight-wad Apple repair techs swapped our damaged iGear with used kit – lawsuit

Alan Denman

It is Apple..

so rewrite the meaning folks.

You need to get into the Apple reality distortion field.

Apple can likely argue that everyone knows the Apple distortion, so that real paying customers do not mind

Selfie-proof smartmobes will hit stores for Christmas

Alan Denman

Moto X Force..

feeding to the masses.


GMB tests Uber 'self-employed drivers' claim at London tribunal

Alan Denman

This is an extremely important case..

testing if the modern slavery of the self employment dodge of corporates is allowed

Microsoft silently kills dev backdoor that boots Linux on locked-down Windows RT slabs

Alan Denman

Microsoft just made the device RT

Right Terminal.

Nowhere to go now but in the bin.

Not your Imagination: Britain’s other chip giant posts biggest ever loss

Alan Denman

Saviour rather than vulture

There was talk that if Apple bought Imagination then competition board difficulties might ensue.

I amnot sure about this, unlike for ARM, but stepping in to save Imagination will certainly get less opposition.

Linux letting go: 32-bit builds on the way out

Alan Denman

Bunch of idiots

Linux is for those who want to avoid upgrade tax, therefore 32 bit users are the most enthusiastic.

Bye Bye Ubuntu.

Thief dresses as Apple Store drone, walks off with $16,000 in iGear

Alan Denman

What is in the genius manual for this.

Not part if their job is it?

Get ready for Google's proprietary Android. It's coming – analyst

Alan Denman

Crippled like....

the iPhone and Windows PCs then.

Little Hitlers, all three, they have ways of squeezing you hard.

Chrome's PDF reader has arbitrary code execution flaw

Alan Denman


the fact you cannot turn it off is a worry too.

Anyone who supplies PDF or Docx by default ratger than plain readable text puts readers at risk!

Downloads are always a risk!

Engine warning light appears on Uber's $100m driver settlement

Alan Denman

Drivers seem to be talking to each other!

Next time the lawyers will put in a confidentiality clause?

Lesson learnt.

90 days of Android sales almost beat 9 months' worth for all flavours of Win 10

Alan Denman

Others Incorporated

Win by a mile.

They ain't telling!

World goes SIM-free, leaving Sony and HTC trailing behind

Alan Denman

It pays to be behind the curve....

so there is 2 years if good mikeage flogging iPones.

Not so for the rest of the manufacturers where the consumer is king.

Ex-Apple gurus' elusive Android phone coming to UK next month

Alan Denman

Moto Clone?

Sounds the same Moto marmet to me.

Ofcom wants you to thank it for resurrecting the spectre of BT's 1980s monopoly

Alan Denman

Three and O2 still a minnow combibed!

all because Ofom ekther fucked up, or couldn't give a, over that most bizarre BT calamity deision !

Angry Vodafone customers spark Ofcom probe after phone bill overcharge snafu

Alan Denman

How about O2 too?

If you believe forums they are conning new O2 Refresh phone buyer customers who dare to try and use the 14 day contract cancellation procedure.

Oracle v Google: Big Red wants $9.3bn in Java copyright damages

Alan Denman

Open sauce..

...of the red hot kind.

Microsoft will rest its jackboot on Windows 7, 8.1's throat on new Intel CPUs in 2018 – not 2017

Alan Denman

Run Windows 7 and you bought a ...

...SkyFake chip!


Stop! Before you accept that Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, read this

Alan Denman

Forced update, no going back, competition

They seem to be competing to fuck up your device. Upgrade is becoming the most abused terminology in computing.

Ofcom should be the BBC's ultimate overlord, UK.gov told

Alan Denman

Fuck that!

I find that Ofcom are just a bunch of government arse lickers.

It is downhill all the way with this one.

Hands on with Xiaomi's Mi 5: Great smartphone, but when do we get it?

Alan Denman


Ceramic is ultra light, and fairly tough too

Google wins High Court fight with StreetMap over search results self-pluggery

Alan Denman

A monopoly and a cartel problem

Its not like you can build a new mall that everyone droves past and sees is it?

It is a bit of a nightmare where you need an alternative internet to the internet!!!

Reminder: iPhones commit suicide if you repair them on the cheap

Alan Denman

re badmouthing - this is a different universe mate

anyone who bad mouths Apple gets run out of town!

Alan Denman

It can!

But culling all the devices well after the repair event has nothing whatsoever to do with security.

Alan Denman

Good exact headline.

Ever seen a truer word said?

Trend Micro AV gave any website command-line access to Windows PCs

Alan Denman

Who pays the piper pays?

Sponsored ineptness then?

Boozing is unsafe at ‘any level’, thunders chief UK.gov quack

Alan Denman

Deficit tax!

Beer tax to rise massively in Spring Budget!


Was Android moving to OpenJDK really a Google gift to devs?

Alan Denman

Cartels are US!

This likely concentrates things more in the US, Andoid being frowned on by being world wide open.

I simply see more difficulties for those embracing Java around the world, not forgetting that Sun/Oracle Java always rivalled Adobe Flash useless for bloat, .Net multi frameworks. Adobe Flash and Sun Java historically being the most PC crippling.

European Patent Office fires up lawyers over claims of cosy love-in with Microsoft

Alan Denman

cluelessness as a business model?

these patent offices just seem to want to take the money, thinking ain't for them!

Microsoft wants to be your phone company, at least for voice

Alan Denman

They might as well do it

with no one buying their phones, treading on phone network toes has little risk.

So why exactly are IT investors so utterly clueless?

Alan Denman

You are missing the point.

...that Kickstarter is in fact a form of consumerism.

And often it is like those gadget shops with a vast vhoice of daft gadgets.

Often too, kickstarter works like a group buying JIT scheme.

Apple's Watch charging pad proves Cupertino still screwing buyers

Alan Denman

The 3rd way.

We already had 2 standards and a 3rd 3 has to be good for business!

Microsoft is about to launch a UK store within a store

Alan Denman

Samsung stores are also

Carphone Warehouse stores.

Im sure CW would not mind a few of theirs having MS too.

Net neutrality protestors bundled out of UN conference

Alan Denman

Violation ofthe .org principal.

....is even worse.

Far too many companies now masquerade under .org!

Samsung S6 calls open to man-in-the-middle base station snooping

Alan Denman

re - the Qualcomm silicon

Those darned Chinese again we keep getting warned about by the US?

Nope, a US design. Have we ever found any non US made holes?

Instascam! Apple yanks phoney app, Google follows

Alan Denman

re "Both ...marked down for letting the app past their code review processes in the first place"

They seem to have an operation review process only, that relying on what is seen and told!

Amazon's chomping at the Brits: UK to get AWS data center region

Alan Denman

Beats paying any taxes!

Just donating money to political causes also works.

Cynical me!

BlackBerry makes Android security patch promises

Alan Denman

Spend high get the big security...........

....of an empty wallet.

7 million Apple Watches just buried the competition – Canalys

Alan Denman

Re: Explain please

.. the tech behind the HRM in the watch is too unreilable for this 'band' to be thought of as 'professional'.

That thus makes the 'health kit' marketing tag a bit insipid.