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Two years ago, 123-Reg and NamesCo decided to register millions of .uk domains for customers without asking them. They just got the renewal reminders...

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Congrats from 123-Reg! You can now pay us an extra £6 or £12 a year for basically nothing

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Another 'Upvote' for Gandi

Moved all my domains from 123Robbers to Gandi about 6 months ago, Excellent service and much better control panel.

Vodafone's spending pays off - but EE hangs on to UK network crown

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Voda, Worst Customer Service

Having managed corporate (multi-connection handset ) contracts with O2, Voda and EE, have to say Voda are the worst for customer service, inaccurate billing, failing to send bills at all, taking money by DD without notice, sneaky price rises and deliberate obstruction when trying to leave. Network performance is average but on customer service alone I'd never go near them again.

Symantec cloud portal goes titsup after database crash

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Whatever they are doing to repair the portal has now broken the Web Filtering.

Not sure if they really know what an impact it is having on customers, but not impressed from this end.

I've had to put bypasses in to get to the Internet. I am beginning to worry that they don't actually know what they are doing.

Google cloud TITSUP

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Re: HOUR long? Pfah! Amateurs.

Symantec are doing a great job of not knowing when it will be back up. ...Which one of their admins opened a cryptolocker email is still open to question.......

BT puts new head on 10-year-old network arm Openreach

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I suspect the employee cleansing will carry on

I doubt it will change the Openreach policy of treating the workforce like crap, trying to push out those with original BT contracts and long service in favour of less experienced people on shitty contracts at cheaper rates. You pay peanuts, etc etc... Staff bullying is rife on Openreach.

Facebook KICKS OUT ad stalkers for BREACHING data rules

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Less Ad's than The Register

I see far more ads when I visit the Register than when I go on Facebook..Can we clarify who is the "Ad bloated" one here ?

Gambling site's 'no strings attached' offer had strings attached

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Make a deposit into the account to make up the shortfall and bring it up to a £30 credit.... then withdraw the lot.

Surely that would work ?

Apple tells staff to 'capture' iPad 3s with Wi-Fi troubles

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Happened with iPad 2, but Apple loathe to admit it

I had a brand new iPad 2 in September that had an effective wireless range of about 3 feet...Apple forums are full of people having the same issue and being told by Apple Staff it was their router at fault. Took mine into Apple store and it couldn't even see the instore Apple WiFi..they changed it without any problems, but denied any knowledge of an issue. I suspect there have been some high failure rate issues since last year with the Wifi chips or something that Apple will not admit too. Bad batch or something.

Braben sticks knife into secondhand games market

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2nd hand market keeps money flowing into new games

Without the 2nd hand game market, would punters have cash to spend on other titles ?

Not everyone can afford new, but for some users being able to sell games on gives new cash to invest in new titles.

For the Car Market analogists....imagine if you had no market to sell your old car, you'd have nothing to contibute to the next new one....

Orange 3G data network goes titsup

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Related advertsing

Is it with a touch of irony that underneath this story I see a text advert for 750Mb of data browsing with Orange Business ?...shouldn't that be 0Mb ?

Sony nosedives into $2.8bn loss as Hirai grabs controls

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Re "Why hate Sony and not Bertelsman"

..Who said we don't ?...the story was about Sony...not Bertelsman...

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Couldn't have happened to a nicer(sic) company

..Haven't bought anything Sony related since the Rootkit fiasco,,

Netflix vs Lovefilm

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No mention of any facilities for Hearing impaired?..

..I was expecting a comprehensive review, No mention if subtitles are available on streaming content, or if there were any buffering issues at peak times. This has told me very little above what the product offerings are.

BT, Scotland Yard form copper theft crackdown supersquad

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Didn't work in Belgium...

..perhaps it's the 'cash' transaction that needs removing....the more trackable the transaction is etc... As for shipping abroad, well if we can reduce/kill the domestic trade at least the police will have only one area to investigate.

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Regulation is needed urgently

It should be a priority to enforce strict controls on dealing in scrap. Selling scrap without proof of ID and source along with a compulsory registration scheme for dealers would be a good start.

'Why the hell are we paying elite crypto crackers £25k?'

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On your CV?... " I was a codebreaker for GCHQ"

..And if you do put it on your CV, any employer following it up will be met with .. "No we can't confirm he/she worked here..that would be a matter of National security".... [Cue everyone putting GCHQ on their CV because it can't be proved].

What should a sci-fi spaceship REALLY look like?

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Best line of the piece...

"..the Daleks went with a pleasingly retro saucer/conservatory hybrid..." *Splutters tea*

Bloke ordered to remove offensive numberplate

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He drives a ...

He drives a Range Rover..therefore, in his mind, he is above the law anyway...

Cisco Flips consumer unit out with trash

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Management speak

"We are making key, targeted moves as we align operations in support of our network-centric platform strategy,"

This is the kind of verbal rubbish-speak that companies need to stop.

But it seems CEO's amd senior managers sprout this garbage and applaud each other for it.

"We failed and are trying to work out what to do next" would be a good alternative

419ers threaten terrorism charges

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I had a different one

Mine was from "Mr Edward John (FBI SPECIAL AGENT) " and claimed that someone tried to imposonate me to claim my lottery prize !

Even better, I was to contact a "Mr Sam Bank" in Nigeria to confirm my identity...oh, and send 350 Dollars too...

Heathrow security man cops perv scanner eyeful

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>She said: "I can't bear to think about the body scanner thing. I'm totally traumatised.<

..and would like a large sum of compensation as well I bet....

Traumatised ??....Good grief, get a grip.

Microsoft drops Family Guy like a hot deaf guy joke

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I'm Deaf...but not offended by FG

I'm Deaf....and I love Family Guy*...Typical political correct reaction. Always somebody else getting offended on your behalf.

Bring it On !!!

* Subtitles...Alrightttt... !

MPAA chief set for September exit

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..Pirates beware....

..If Arnie gets the job, expect less lawsuits and more 'Terminations'

US to export riot-roasting raygun

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Could the microwave ray be reflected and cause the offending unit to self destruct?

Brown red in face after blusher found in cab

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@ Jim Carter

@ Jim Carter .....LOL

Also...I take it Mr Brown is getting it all replaced on 'expenses'...Clinique isn't cheap

Pirate Bay judge and pro-copyright lobbyist accused of bias

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Blackadder all over again

Reminds me of the episode in Blackadder Goes Forth where General Melchett acts as the judge in the case of the 'eaten' messenger pigeon.


The General is also the victim (it was his pigeon) and he appears for the prosecution as a witness too.

So this proves you CAN make this kind of stuff up...

Bacon sarnies cure hangovers: Official

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re: El Reg posting Vetting

@David Bell...get a sense of humour...

Airbus A380-800: an airborne treat for gadget fans

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<quote>Could be a myth but I remember reading about one of those planes that fly low, scoop water and then drop it on forest fires - it scooped some guy up out for a swim. Unfortunately he died from burns or landing on a tree or something.

That was an episode of CSI.</quote>

..one of those urban myths.


'Virtual strip search' arrives at JFK and LAX

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..thats two short people in a raincoat scuppered then..