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UK getting ready to go it alone on Galileo

Dave Wray

Re: UK has the resourcesy

And who builds he the capability into their products to use this bespoke signal?

Remember all the products that were NTSC only because it just wasn’t feasible to make a PAL offering based on market size?

It’s a big bleedin mistake in the making.

Software exploits overrated - it's the humans you need to be watching

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"Software vulnerabilities fail to make it into Praetorian's top five"

Erm, 2-5 on the top five list ARE software vulnerabilities.... Or at least software/protocol design flaws...

Robots.txt tells hackers the places you don't want them to look

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I was checking robots.txt before it was cool...

Perhaps that's why tools such as Nikto have been reporting on robots.txt for about fifteen years.

Rubbish WPS config sees WiFi router keys popped in seconds

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Re: Dumb question here

When you crack the WPS passcode, you are provided with the WPA(2) encryption key. As a result, you are sitting on the WiFi network the same as any other device. From there on in you can start attacking the devices as you would a wired network, sniff traffic (depending on network config), etc etc.

OpenSSL Heartbleed bug sniff tools are 'BUGGY' – what becomes of the broken hearted?

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Re: All to often the case.

That's fair enough. But you *can* recognise that TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 exist and test each of them properly. Not merely make a test for TLS 1.0 that fails over if BEAST mitigation has disabled TLS 1.0. Likewise, you can recognise the fact that a lot of STARTTLS based protocols also utilise OpenSSL and support those to.

Something a lot of the tests have failed to do.

Dave Wray

All to often the case.

I wish this was unique to Heartbleed. The BEAST detection scripts are often completely inaccurate, as are SSL weak ciphers, SSLv2. I could go on. I find false positives/negatives in these on a daily basis. The level of accuracy from even the best vulnerability scanners is, unfortunately, often woeful.

Ofcom mulls dishing out a world of hertz for RFID tags, radio cars

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Good News

I'll take anything going.

The 868 10% duty cycle is a killer, hopefully we'll get something a little more usable here.

Chinese boffins crack cloaking tech for camouflage

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In aircraft combat how useful is this?

Surely thermal imaging and heat sinking missiles, as fitted to fighters for donkeys, would be totally unafected by this pimp my light bend bendy shizzle?

I'll get my coat, as you're bound to tell e that we don't all have FLIR goggles.

NASA 'nauts personal DATA at risk after laptop SNATCH BUNGLE

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The fact this doesn't have a capitalised "in ssspppaaaaaaacccccceeeeee" title disappoints me greatly.

Please correct this glaring ommision, even if it wasn't actually stolen in space.

'Replace crypto-couple Alice and Bob with Sita and Rama'

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Tuition Fees Anyone?

If this isn't a first class advert for exorbitant university tuition fees, nothing is.

Nationwide DOUBLES card payments in fresh banking gaffe

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The marketing people will be happy.

You're simply not a bank these days if you don't have an IT cock-up. #BangOnTrend

Ofcom saves piece of 4G spectrum pie for '4th operator'

Dave Wray

Anything for us?

It would be nice if we could have a slither...

2.4GHz is congested as hell, 5.8GHz has the worse building penetration ever, and we don't even get the 433MHz or 900Mhz that our European and American peers get. 868Mhz has got a crappy 10% duty cycle on it.... The list goes on.

Hardly encouraging innovation is it?

Reg hack bumps into Cockfighter

Dave Wray

Re: @Dave Wray

Confused: Because something somewhere is worse we shouldn't criticse this?

Dave Wray

Re: WTF?

One too many cocks in this fight.

Dave Wray

Re: WTF?

Did journo school "qualify" you as a film reviewer? As for the English lesson, have you seen the standard of proof reading on El Reg? Greenhouses and stones der boy.

Dave Wray


This is more and more like some random blog site by the day. It's pretty arrogant to think we give a shit about your movie taste, food taste, or just about anything other than technology. Youre a Journo, perspective.

BAE proposes GPS-less location

Dave Wray

Isn't this what inertial navigation is for?

High end Inertial navigation is at a point where it could feasibly detect and correct any GPS spoofing/jamming for many hours at a time. Surely a completely onboard system is the answer?

Honour for Queen's IT manager

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Re: Ruler

Couldn't agree more.

HM is apolitIcal and hence all of our political power is voted upon. This makes the UK a fully fledged republic state.

CERN confirms neutrinos don't break light speed

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Paris Hilton

So why did we hear about it in the first place?

Modern Science seems to be too busy playing the PR game to do any real Science. If your job is to relay information to the wider public, you need to check that the information you release is accurate, or at least has reasonable backing.

The fact that this could have been double checked behind closed doors before any front-page tabloid claims were made makes me ignore scientific claims a little more each and every day.

Paris, because I'd much rather see her on our front-pages than the latest half arsed Cancer/Health/Science/Environmental story that will be contradicted in a few months.

MIT boffins play BUILDING-SIZED Tetris

Dave Wray

Blinkenlights anyone????

This is so 10 years ago schweeheart it's not even funny....

Netgear Powerline Nano 500 Ethernet-over-mains adaptor

Dave Wray

How many people use these things?

The Reg seem a little obsessed with these things given what I would imagine would be a reasonably small user base. Are they popular?

UK government says no to turbo e-bike

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Of course we can't have it!

It might actually be useful, and as numerous people have said no more dangerous than most pedal bikes (at least not to pedestrians).

Why would uk.gov want us to ave something like that?

Dutch birdman admits flight was filmic fantasy

Dave Wray

You lying b*stards!

The author of the original piece fell for this look, line and sinker!

Microsoft tech turns any object into a touchscreen

Dave Wray

Is this actually new?

I thought those smart whiteboards and those laser keyboards all include similiar technology? OK, it may work differently, but they track the fingers on something without embedded sensors....

Becrypt disk crypto earns first Brit spook kitemark

Dave Wray

Copy/Paste that press release....

Hmmmm, there's nothing like the smell of lazy journalism in the morning....

Boffins crack superconducting graphene's melting mystery

Dave Wray

So when does it hit Argos?

Stop declaring it's wonderfulness and make something with it I can bleedin buy!!!!

Channel 5 snubs Freeview HD again

Dave Wray

I still dont think she's in HD though???

I may be wrong, i frequently am, but I dont think Gadget show on 5HD is actially in, err HD???

Dave Wray
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Until the Gadget Show is in HD....

.......And the pure foxiness which is Pollyanna Woodward is displayed on the my screen in glorious HD, there is no point in having any Channel Five HD!

US spy drone hijacked with GPS spoof hack, report says

Dave Wray


Unless of course you put a timestamp in the encrypted GPS data and then bang! Compare the delayed packet to the onboard clock and you can, from 500 miles, in the dark, spot such an attack. Blinfolded.

Come on, that's not really any newer than IPv4 sequence numbers! Where you been the last forty years?

Dave Wray


IMUs don't have that functionality. If they did, you woudn't need GPS!

An IMU basically deals with the question of "at what angle is the aircraft in relation to the ground" it's just a bunch of gyros, accelerometers and a compass. It knows if the aircraft is level, pointing up etc, but needs the GPS to tell it where it is.

Potential ALIEN LIFE habitats FOUND ON MOONS

Dave Wray

Thats why I referenced thebleedin paper!

But it's not the Sun it's The Register!

I dont expect ElReg to be hacking my voicemail either..

Adobe Reader

Dave Wray

When is the first exploit being released?

I'll bet before the weekend..

Michael Dell declines to eat his Apple (humble) pie

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He was right!

In 1997, Apple didn't have the Ipod, the Iphone or the Ianything worth having. They had Ifuckall apart from a loss making company selling obscure devices in graphics and eduction.

Michael Dell was right. Apple's fortune was completely out of the blue (not neccessarily luck, but not predictable either) or the share price wouldn't have risen 150% in the year following the first IPod.

Apple have done well, but the only logical decision looking at a 1997 balance sheet was pull the bleedin plug and fast.

Firefox devs mull dumping Java to stop BEAST attacks

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How to lose your users......

In one easy hit!

Life was easier when the world was IE I suppose....

LOHAN will return to Earth by flying (open) sourcer

Dave Wray


Not for non commercial purposes...

Sky wins TV riot battle

Dave Wray

Woolwich doesn't exist in BBC land.....

I watched Woolwich getting torched on Twitter without so much as a mention on the BBC. Then, 4 hours later when they did show the video they labbelled it as Liverpool.

This is fine because if SE18 doesn't exist, they can't chase me for my license fee!!!!

BBC testing fix for iPlayer on iPad ... 6 months later

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Big Brother

Small number of users?????

Bullshit. The IPad is one of the most standardised devices you can possibly run this cr-app on. There sre no obscure video drivers, network drivers, or other things to worry about ala Windows world. This issue is affecting most if not all IPad users:

"although it admits many have reported problems to the BBC iPlayer message "

It just couldn't be bothered.........

DIY aerial drone monitors Wi-Fi, GSM networks

Dave Wray

Did your models come from toys r us?

1. Gps guidance is now a £200 addition to most planes. Plot course in Google Earth, upload and go. No need to worry about Rc range (ignoring legalities). Telemtry downlink et all, COTS.

2. A ceiling altitude is not an operational altitude. This thing could work at 500 feet quite happily. Granted 22k seems rather optimistic.

3. At least for WPA PSK you get the handshake and can perform an offline dictionary attack after landing. No need to be in the air for the duration.

4. Thousands of RC pilots all overthe world fly video systems with no interference at all. The 35Mhz frequency is dead and we are on 2.4 ghz with 80 channels frequency hopping every 2ms.

Look on the bright side though, the antiques roadshow might take you on with your planes, Pops..

Dave Wray
Black Helicopters

@ Gary F


1. I believe the plane has an autopilot which locks the plane in a circle over the target Without any input from the pilot. Checkout www.diydrones.com for more info on these.

2. Hovering a helicopter for a length of time is no mean feet and requires far mre pilot effort than circling a fixed wing plane.

3. Fixed wing aircraft tend to have far greater flight duration.

In short, no, it shouldnt be a helicopter...

Game graphics could be 100,000 times better

Dave Wray


Nicr to hear Lloyd Grossman is keeping busy!!

What sealed Nokia's fate?

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Is this the Nokia ive suffered for the last decade?

Nokia's phones are shite. Simple. They have zero build quality, the firmware has bugs a 12 year old would by ashamed of and they exhasperate the issue by trying to manage a range of 183 phones while getting properly shafted by one.

The phone in my pocket? A Nokia! Till I upgrade to a BB in a few months. My current BB (email only) has outseen four shiteias easily.

The end

Silicon to stop next-gen powerline standards war

Dave Wray

What is the fascination with this stuff?

"Powerline networking, which uses ubiquitous home electrical wiring as a pipeline for data, has had a hard time winning popular support."

So why does El Reg keep on about the bleedin stuff? We don't care, they are commodity items. It's only the Radio Hams that give a sh*t cos it screws with their play time!

Vacuum-wielding thieves siphon €500,000 from store safes

Dave Wray


The pound is strong today!

NHS needs to catch up on technology

Dave Wray
IT Angle

More technology?

What a crock of sh*t.

What the NHS need is to stop investing in ridiculuous multi-billion pound EDS failures that expensively reinvent the wheel (webmail as an example) and go firmly back to basics.

Clean wards please, a team to crack down on MRSA please, an A&E bed not covered in faeces, cancer drugs when I need them, not HD, 3D, 5.1 surround sound x-ray machines that help in a minority of cases.

Atom-based Eee PC to hit UK in June

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Statement from the department of the bleedin obvious.

"The new model has to be the most likely candidate for these enhancements."

Well lets have a kit kat and a ponder shall we. These features aren't in any current model, they have been promised, so yes, I'd have to agree the next model out is certainly the most likely candidate for them, compared to the ones that are already out and err, don't.

Thanks for that, I'd never have got there myself.