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Amazon juices Kindle iPhone app


shut the door after the horse has bolted

This is another shut the door after the horse has bolted, like who doesn't know where to get pdf versions of books from.

1. Provide a reader that does PDF

2. Charge a fee eqivelent to a lender fee not try to skim the customer for every sheckle

What will happen if you don't well everyone will just continue to download books in pdf format for free WAKE up DRM kills the market!

Microsoft trades goodwill for TomTom Linux satisfaction


They start with the words “A Method” Pleaseee

I had a quick look at the patents jeez they give patents for that!

They start with the words “A Method” bit of a giveaway there any patent that use the M word should be struck down with a bolt of lightning and the company have all patents stripped from them.

A method for running a computer in a car – now why would anyone give a patent for anything so obvious, its like patenting what may happen next! you don’t know but you can patent 10 guesses pleaseee.

This isn’t about Linux either TomTom don’t give monkeys about open source this is all about MS trying to force leverage in the mobile market, TomTom don’t use windows mobile, don’t have a windows browser on their app and don’t use M/S stuff apart from the PC link.

I would quote on the FAT ones but that goes from stating the bleeding obvious to filing the bleeding obvious, and anyway the USPTO have already thrown out the main fat32 patent as being even too obvious for them this lot is the remnants that haven’t been challenged yet.

So to sum up smacks of protectionism looks like racketeering

Entire class fails IT exam by submitting in Word format


Looks like a fairly standard toolkit to me ?

Looking at the Link all the tools on the examiners pre imaged machines are free to dowload and use.

The issue is that they would need to purchase a copy of Word for each and every machine for what? so a few papers could be viewed. People need to understand that the .doc format is a closed format, MS don't supply a .doc reader and OpenOffice isn't the answer for conversion due to it having to reverse engineer a solution.

As I said working in IT and looking at the supported list you can see the obviousness in why certain formats have been selected, I can only assume that the Teacher is not of a required standard to teach IT and as a parent I would go absolutley balistic with the school.


And another thing?

I'm really upset that people think that .DOC is an acceptable format and that you can just re-save the work and everything will be fine. The M/S Word format isn't one that is generally supported. One of the main issues with it is its incompatibility between versions. A .DOC document saved in Word 97 isn't the same as one saved in Word XP or Office 2007. All web based software that would deploy documents would use PDF if anything due to its high compatibility.

Just because everyone gets a copy of some version of Word when they buy a windows PC doesn't make the format an industry standard!

Blu Christmas coming, format fans forecast


So I need a new TV with a new Player forget it

I bought a new TV couple of years ago that was HD, I can't get any HD source to play on it due to the fact that all content is blocked and has to go through specific decoding technology which isn't on my TV. So until they get it through thier thick skulls that DRM and screwing the consumers are not good business models then they can stick thier Blu-Ray wher the sun don't shine.

Microsoft beta tests Office subscription software


so what

Given the freely obtainable alternatives why would anyone touch this with a barge pole.

Do they just like throwing money at MS for No reason?