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Texas senator wants to ban Vista purchases

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Clearly a moron...

"I've had no experience with the operating system, but heard bad things". Hmm yeah, thats pretty much the reaction of a lot of stupid people. Used Vista for years, only had one problem with it in all the time I used it. No incompatabilites, not even a BSoD. Though naturally, I will update to Windows 7 =)

Grand Theft Auto IV PC debut gets SecuROM sideshow

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Quit moaning

Quit moaning about DRM. It very rarely actually fucks anything up, its just a way to protect the developers intellectual property. How would you like it if you've spent several years working on a game and then like 10 people buy it and the rest just pirate it. Its not as if it even bothers you! Its not like with Spore where it limited the installs, its a case of just limiting it for the pirates. Granted it'l be cracked within a few weeks, its just an attempt to protect their work.

Apple updates iPhone firmware

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Still sucky Apple

Apple gets (slightly) less sneaky with Windows Safari play

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Hate Safari, hate Mac. I found out earlier that Safari had installed itself on my pc earlier this month, after all that happened with it in the hacking challenge and the bugs realeased by Mozilla I was amazingly annoyed!

Once again, hate Safari, hates Mac