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Tokyo battles monstrous murder of crows

John Uhercik

Has anyone thought of trying this?

Apparently, they can be put to work, for literally, just peanuts.


Vending machine for crows.

There's plenty of them around here, think I'll give it a try myself.

BOFH: Stick this

John Uhercik

Right tool for the job.

A CO2 fire extinguisher makes the best LART. Blasting the luser with a shower of

dry ice particles will usually suffice. For the tough ones, CLONG!

As an added bonus, they can be used to get a 6 pack of warm beers down to

drinkable temperature in mere seconds.

LART = Luser attitude re-adjustment tool.

Flames, because someone emptied the fire extinguisher to cool all the beer.

US parkies in 'burrow-buster' marmot detonation campaign

John Uhercik

It could be worse.

I suppose it's a bit safer than hiring these people to "manage" the problem...


Flames, because there is no troll icon.

Portsmouth punts naval boy-on-boy to innocent kiddies

John Uhercik

Royal Navy?

The cabin boy, the cabin boy,

That dirty little nipper...

He packed his ass

With shards of glass

and circumcised the Skipper!

Anatomy of a malware scam

John Uhercik

Someone's got to LART these fsckers.

I have recently had to remove variants of this from several computers. The ones that I have seen do attempt to connect via internet to something. Unplug the CAT5 until you remove it. It is also resistant to most manual removal attemtps. I had to boot the recovery console from the Windoze CD to be able to delete all of it's parts. Some of it lives in the browser cache, Windows, and system32 folders in XP. Just sort folder contents by date, and they become obvious. I'm a bit sorry I didn't keep a sample to feed to my dis-assembler. Perhaps it can be hacked to feed bad data back to these crooks.

...And you guys with the MACS... Stop snickering!! They will be aiming at you next.

Tux... Because he's mostly immune (for now)

Rogue reporters kicked out of conference for network snooping

John Uhercik
Black Helicopters

Why all the Fuss?

This is Black Hat, after all.... But I suppose it should be possible to set

up the "off limits" parts of the network to deal with unauthorized devices

connecting. Go ahead.. Use that username and password on that

postit note on the monitor and see what happens.

Security by booby trap works better than security by obscurity.

Boris Johnson bans boozing on London transport

John Uhercik

@ kain preacher... There is still one..

I guess I'm use to the fact that in America there is not one public transit system that allows you to drink or have an open container.


You can still drink on the Long Island Rail Road in New York. They even

sell beer and other mixed drinks on the platform at Penn Station. (for too

much money, BYOB instead) The last train out of Manhattan at about

3 AM is often refered to as the "Drunk Train" by staff and knowlegeable

passengers. It can be an entertaining ride, if you pick a spot out of the

way of the totally hammered idiots.

...Mines the one with the bottle of Samuel Smith in the pocket..

It can be a little tough to find over here sometimes.

BOFH: The Boss gets Grandpa Simpson syndrome

John Uhercik

@ Dave... Lucky Bastard!

That I had a PDP-11/03. Now that was a machine! It was the industrial control version of the PDP-11. Came with a whopping 4K of SRAM (None of that silly DRAM stuff). It had a pair of 14 inch drives that about caused me to kill myself lugging them down the stairs.


.... At least you HAD disk drives.. All I had was a dodgy papertape reader

to load software. I did have core, though. So as long as none of the

lusers managed to break anything, all I had to was press HALT, and

turn of the power at the end of a week. Monday morning, just enter

1000, deposit and RUN...

It's the one with the large charged capacitors in the pockets

El Reg celebrates 10th birthday

John Uhercik
Dead Vulture

Birthday greetings from the Thousand Islands

Thanks to all of you for all the useful info, and the laughs, over all these years. I originally found you by following a link from the BOFH's site many years ago, and have been a regular reader ever since.

May the next ten years be even better.

Vulture icon, because there's no Norwegian Blue.