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Working Apple-1 retro fossil auctioned off to mystery bidder for $375,000

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>> "Both Steves took care of the soldering already"

This leads me to wonder about how repair work affects the value of "classic" electronics. Even with excellent hand-soldering skills, the quality of the solder joints is going to be inconsistent. Would reflowing the solder joints (as necessary) affect the value of the equipment, since it'd no longer be in original condition? Is this even a concern in the world of collectible electronics?

Particle boffins calculate new constraints for probability of finding dark matter

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I'm not a physicist, but...

...has anyone asked the question whether dark matter is actually matter at all? Hear me out.

The existence of dark matter is (someone correct me, please) is demonstrated by the gravitational effects of said matter on the universe around it. Now, gravity is looked at as distortion of space-time by the mass of an object...what I'm wondering is, given the recent news about gravity waves and possible permanent "damage" to space-time by particularly large gravitational events, what if the "effects" of dark matter isn't due to mass, but big bunches and wrinkles in space-time, like a tablecloth that hasn't been smoothed out. I don't know what would cause such bunching on such a scale, beyond leftover scarring from the big bang or something.

These wrinkles might appear to us as gravitational effects, wouldn't it? This could explain why dark matter hasn't been seen or identified yet, because there's not matter involved at all.

Again, qualifying my ideas here as the brainfarts of an old IT puke, without the benefit of any physics education beyond high school...feel free to tear it apart.

Register SPB hacks mull chopping off feet

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Ima 'Merkin

I have no idea what we Americans' resistance to the metric system is about. It'd sure make things a helluva lot simpler. I can't believe that even NASA still hasn't made the switch. We're a bunch of cunts.

Teen net addicts pee in bottles to stay glued to WoW

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Amateurs bottle...

...pros catheterize.

Colorado vampire drives woman into canal

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Thumb Up

I live...

...about 15 miles away from where this happened. The whole Valley has been giggling about it all week.

MoD pays quadruple in money + blood for Afghan helicopters

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Black Helicopters


I'm all for keeping money at home, but this is just ignorant. This is the same sort of mentality that kept the US auto industry afloat 30 years longer than it should've been.

El Reg celebrates 10th birthday

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...godspeed, you damn white devils. Been reading for 8 years now, and you've never disappointed.