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Sun sues NetApp, take three


and the Logo's just keep get bigger

...besides all the Java logo's,..

"The Network is the Computer, (and the Storage), and the Computer is the Network, (and the Storage), (and the Storage) is the Network and the Computer, and the ....."


sun vs. netapp -no winners in Open-anything.

This silly duel is going to hurt Sun, Netapp, shareholders,....

Sun has been thru' this before many moons ago when Microschite tried to steal Java,... and where did that end up for anyone -just a bad taste in the mouth -there's no winners!

...sure, and I've already said

" If it wasn’t for (Free)BSD and Sun’s NFS there would be NO NetApp, as well as many other corps.

-and what had NetApp given back freely/openly for public use. wafl ?

….that’s what I thought -about as much as Micro$oft."

Somebody mentioned Linux?, Sun has helped Linux countless times but still

NFSver4 is pathetically broken in the Linux kernel -is that Sun's fault ? no.

Now Sun's ZFS is fairly free right, its already been ported to Apple's OSX, and FreeBSD, OpenSolaris -is a given.

Now, how about looking at a "FreeNAS" and ZFS combo storage solution eventually...? mmm..a drop-in replacement for NetApp Filers' anyone?

-that my friends is right around the corner.

NetApp should be pouring their profits' into R&D, and focusing efforts into harnessing/embracing ZFS. -now they'll be spending it in court.

Sun is going to win -but they'll be no winners.

So, welcome to the machine, and the not-so Open source world afterall.