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Sony buys PS3 chip plant back off Toshiba

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Cheaper PS3?

I doubt Sony is spending all that money to save money producing PS3's. They would have to sell a hell of a lot to make the cost worth while. I can only imagine they plan to put the cell into other devices. Maybe a cut down version for the PSP2? Also, with the advent of internet TV's and TV's generally needing more power they plan to start including them in their TVs.

Sony updates PS3 system software

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You're comparing apples and oranges

When you buy a PS3 it's not bought with the intention of pirating games since it hasn't been possible. It's is also not bought with the intention of running homebrew. That may be different if you bought a 360. Also, when you buy a PS3 you are also buying into the license agreement. You may not agree with it but you do.

If you want to run any software you like buy a PC.

This holier than though attitude some people display is quite frankly sickening.

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How is Sony treating it's customers like criminals? Sony has every right to protect it's revenue stream and that of it's partners. I read almost every other week that another software house has closed. Many of these people how partners and children, households to maintain. Do you really think that ok just because you want to be able to play copied games? or rip a few films to hdd?

I'm guessing your own selfishness is more important.

Unhackable PS3 finally jailbroken, video claims

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It'll never work

Since this device needs to be plugged into the USB port it will be patched out very quickly. I'm sure the DEV machines out there don't work in this way and even if they are Sony will release new hardware to replace the DEV kits - that will be way cheaper than the cost of piracy. The OS just has to check the USB device - if it detects one of these devices it will not allow it to function.

However buys this will be stuck on a firmware and will have no access to PSN. As soon as they go online the PS3 will force a firmware update.

Sony Ericsson K660i internet phone

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Have one

I have one of these phones and it's pretty good by and large. There are a few annoyances. Email and web feeds will only download to the phones 32mb internal memory (not much use when you have a 60mb podcast to download). The 4gb memory card is completely ignored except when used as a camera. The web browser is surprisingly good - with a zoom facility (which is surprisingly quick) and with the capability to change to landscape. Navigation is quick and the shortcut keys on the 3, 6, 9, # keys help a lot.

As a audio/video device it has taken a step back from the w660i (which is a walkman phone but that's no excuse) because for some reason it needs to re-index the files each time - something the w660i didn't do. It has a higher resolution than the w600i but doesn't have the processing power to deal with it. So while you can put media at 320x240 on it - it's struggles and you usually end up with the audio and video out of sync.

As a phone it functions pretty well and the addition of skype (on three) is a nice option and seems to work reasonably well - though switching back is a bit of pain but I guess that's because it's a java application on the phone rather than a build in function.

Since I've owned both the w660i and the k660i I can agree whole heartedly that the headphones are a huge disappointment. The w660i headphone (ear plug) was much more comfortable but too quiet and I gave up on it because it was too quiet on the train. The in ear headphones (supplied with the k660i) give a reasonable enough quality sound but I must have big ears because they keep falling out! I'm guessing this has something to do with the weight of the mic attached to the headphones. I was disappointed to find that the headphone mic didn't have a 3.5mm jack socket like the w660i which means you have to replace the whole thing with another set of sony ericsson headphones.

My verdict is that as a phone it's pretty good (7/10) but I would just bin the headset and get another if you plan on using it as a mp3/radio device.