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Site news: Unique commenter handles coming


Still no Handel field.

Who will I get my Water Music from if I can't find a Handel?


I also cannot see any where to change my 'handle'

Are you sure it's a handle and not a knob?

BSA urges London companies to check for pirate software


Here's a suggestion...

"London’s businesses cannot afford to waste money on legal actions". So how about the BSA doing their part and not starting any?

Patients gain right to scrub e-records from NHS database

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Do not resuscitate

"The same SCRs could be used to indicate a dying patient's preference not be be resuscitated in cases where they experience a heart attack, for example"

I wonder who'll carry the can when it's discovered that the value in this field in some poor sod's record was wrong?

Lloyd-Webber calls for clampdown on ISPs

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Fat cats want to get even fatter

Millionaire Lloyd-Webber wants more millions. In other news Fred Goodwin is lobbying for tax breaks for pensioners...

YouTube blocks music videos in UK

Paris Hilton

@Simon Brown

>since when did I give you permission to use my music to increase

>the productivity and output of your staff for free?

It's not "for free" - I paid for the music, remember?

Next I'll be getting a solicitor's letter from the company that made the new lights I had installed. They didn't give me permission to use them to make this place better to work in (and thereby increase productivity) either.

Stop whining and get a proper job instead you lazy ****

Paris - because at least she has talent.

US court urged to block warrantless GPS tracking


GPS jamming

What's with all this talk of sophisticated GPS jamming devices? I find that being under a tree almost always blocks GPS signals. All you gotta do is have a tree growing out of your sunroof. Simple.

Mine's the coat with the Sequoia tree in the pocket. Or am I just pleased to see you?

NASA births cliff-hanging yo-yo bot


Nothing new here...


UK donates Leo Sayer to Oz

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I met 'im once at a Grand Prix

and found he was a thoroughly obnoxious git.

Good riddance.

Send old Shuttles to Mars, says Scotty ashes prang man


But flying to Mars must be easy, surely...

I love reading comments from so many people (with one or two exceptions) who are totally unencumbered by any knowledge of the subject whatsoever :-)

There are so many "brilliant" concepts being proposed here I don’t know where to start. But will those advocating "nuclear propulsion" please explain how that will propel anything.

Motor quango thumbsup for satnav speed restrictions

IT Angle

Makes overtaking more dangerous

Overtaking is hazardous so should be done as quickly as possible. If I decide to overtake a car travelling at, say, 25mph I'll accelerate to pass the vehicle and then reduce my speed appropriately *after* completing the manoeuvre. What I absolutely do NOT want to happen is for the speed-limiter to kick in at 30mph and thereby prolong my attempt at overtaking.

Seems like a sure-fire way to increase the number of head-on collisions to me. I wonder what the insurance companies will make of it.

Mine's the coat with a copy of the Highway Code in the pocket

NASA will give away old Shuttles for free


@Lewis Mettler - LM descent engine?!?!?

And how, pray tell, did you get it back to Earth???

Mine's the coat with the PLSS on the back.

Roberts RDK-2 kitchen radio


I want one

'nuff said

Hawaiian anti-LHC lawsuit thrown out


If the LHC does create a Black Hole...

...then look on the bright side. At least the French will go first.

Minister warns of national grid hack threat


Help protect the utilities by 'windfall' taxing them again...

God knows we don't want them to have any profits that they might invest in additional security, redundant systems, etc.

Russian push into Georgia could knock Nasa off ISS


The I of ISS redefined

"We don't want to deny ourselves access to the space station, the very place we have built and paid for."


So Europe, Russia and Japan haven't paid for *any* of it then.

Clearly ISS stands for "amerIca's Space Station".


IIS redefined - oops

Oops - I forgot Canada's arms.

That's the friendly robot-y type of arm. Not the sort of arms the US wants to put up there...

Chinese takeaway biodiesel man in garage explosion horror

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"typically knacker the engine in short order"

Eh? 70,000 miles using un-treated veg oil here and still chugging along nicely thanks.

Microsoft: 'We will save America from foreign domination'


Whitespace *is* important

For a start it stops all the text from flowing into one 'orrible mess on my web pages. And what will the manufacturers of Tipp-ex do if there's no whitspace left?

Retailers risk libel nightmare over 'no-work' database


Why limit it to Retail companies?

If looks like being a success then *all* companies should be allowed to access this database. Surely staff sometimes move from the Retail world into other fields. It's only fair that all industries can be protected from employing dodgy (allegedly) staff.

It's only by the adoption of sensible schemes like this and a national ID card that major companies will be protected from losing such huge sums of money. Why should their shareholders be penalised because of the actions of a few (million) feckless employees???

I blame lethal Skunk.

Cow turds fuel Blighty's hydrogen filling station embrace


veg oil

@anon coward

"does it affect performance". Well my wife hasn't complained yet, why do you ask?

Oh, you mean has the car's 0-60 time been affected. Haven't a clue mate - I stopped watching Top Gear when I grew up. If is slower then I haven't noticed.


I didn't want to mention any supermarket by name but Tesco were the ones selling at 80p per litre (in fact they had some at 59p per litre a couple of weeks ago but it kept on selling out) bizarely this is on 1 litre bottles. The 3 litre bottles were more expensive per litre - go figure.

The big-name supermarkets round here seem to collude on the price of veg oil. Over the last 3 years it's ben remarkable how the prices have increases have been identical. Currently they all charge £2.95 for 3 litre bottles.

In any case price (for me) is not the only reson to use veg oil. The overiding factor is that it is not a fossil fuel. I only wish I had the car converted to run on 100% veg oil when I first had it.....


It's a lot easier than that...

For the last 60,000 miles I've simply poured vegetable oil into my Diesel car's fuel tank. One third veg oil (80p a litre at a certain supermarket) and two thirds Diesel (f*kin 119p a litre!!!) runs a dream and now cows harmed.