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OpenSocial, OpenID, and Google Gears: Three technologies for history's dustbin


Let's not forget

Cardspace, languishing at the bottom of the bin.



OpenID was designed to be a simpler form of federated access and it achieved it. Unfortunately it's still a solution in search of a problem.

It's a complicated area that's never going to be exactly 'simple'. If you want to look at the really complicated stuff check out SAML with it's complicated schemas, client authentication with PKI, XML encryption, strange message flows and digital signing.

Brown ignores scientists and pushes pot reclassification

Thumb Down


Who needs evidence when you've got an opinion.


w00t voted 'Word of the Year'




Fark attempts to trademark NSFW



Have trademarked "Hole in the wall".


PC superstore unhinged by Linux


PC world == shite

When I was younger they refused to give me a job because I had long hair (I'm a bloke). Best thing that ever happened to me.

Never heard a good word said about them since.

Blog calls for Google boycott


Quintara.com aint quite what it seems

It's "Powered by Yahoo XML", which makes it one of the top five if you ask me.

Patent holder calls for eBay 'Buy-It-Now' injunction



...is fucking mental.

Like the above post says, patenting a button that allows you to buy something for a set price in bonkers.

Virgin Media tech support goes premium rate


Call charges

Being charged money to tell a company that they're failing to deliver the service you are paying for should be illegal.

Sure you could write to them and wait an extra 4 weeks for the problem to be fixed, or go to an internet cafe and pay them the money to send an email instead, but neither of those options are particularly appealing.

The least they could do is credit your account with the money they charged you if it was a valid "you disconnected me by accident again you f*cktards" type of phone call.

Fraudsters feast on credit card scam


Padlock? Yeah, right.

Just because a website has a valid server certificate doesn't mean you should trust it. All it means is that your details can't be intercepted en-route. The gits at the other end could still be ripping you off, which by the sound of it is exactly what happened here.

New, New Labour gets new logo and website


RE: Top quality web devs

Funny, DROP seems to work fine ;)

Program Names govern admin rights in Vista


Better than nothing?

It was ever-so-slightly better than nothing until details were published on a high traffic internet news site.

Security through obscurity doesn't work.

Ubuntu launch marred by website woes



People should have downloaded the beta a couple of days ago like I did. (although I'm posting this from my windows box :o)

And just for the record, sod the new VM capabilities, shove your improved wireless support, it's got those wobbly windows... built in and only a checkbox away!

Government predicts one third of people will resist ID checks


Too right.

They'll not be getting my eyeball details, I tell ye.