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Who cares what Apple's about to announce? It owes us a macOS x86 virtual appliance for non-Mac computers

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Re: Protection Quality

In addition to my previous response. A £50 SSD drive formatted will give your 2012 MacBook Pro a complete new lease of life and it still looks good. Show me a 8 year old Lenovo or Asus doing that.

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Re: Protection Quality

Well Mr User of expletive four letter word.

You completely missed the point here about your hard drive! Apple don't make hard drives. They buy them in from the same people that make windows PC's because it's more cost effective for them to do so.

So the poorest quality item in the build failed and you blame Apple?

Hmmmm. Wonder if this is the same reason Apple are moving to processors they design, build and make themselves cos they are fed up with the crap Intel puts out?

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Protection Quality

Why do people buy Rolls Royce motor cars? Because the build quality is beyond question, they don't go wrong that often, when they do Rolls Royse looks after you with quality spares that matches the original quality or better than the original. Oh and they offer a classic design that is timeless.

Hang on. Isn't that what Apple offers?

Now watch for the abuse that will follow from the cheapskates. You know them. They buy the cheapest car and complain when in less than 2 years it keeps breaking down when they need it most and grumble even more when the 50 year old Rolls silently drives buy.

Brit MPs to Apple CEO: Please stop ignoring our questions about repairability and the environment

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Do these people ever actually look at the products and evaluate them properly?

Windows and Zoom users the lot of them.

Since when did you see as 12 year old PC Laptop still running on it's own battery: and still looking good because the design is so great. iMacs manufactured in 2006 still working fine even if the OS is a little out dated but still more secure than anything Microsoft have introduced with Windows. And of course still using Microsoft Office.

Accountants consistently tell us that the most cost effective computer is Mac.

As usual MP's talking out of their anal cavities. Just like they're doing with Brexit and Covid.

Ohm my God: If you let anyone other than Apple replace your recent iPhone's battery, expect to be nagged by iOS

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Re: You were lucky.....

Android Phone?

Doesn't it tell you something when the manufacturer of a Operating System, includes an anti-virus application as standard, that their idea of keeping their users data secure is questionable?

No brainer for me. I'll stick with the company that has my best interests at heart and I DONT MIND PAYING FOR THAT SECURITY EITHER.

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Quality Control

You have purchased a premium product manufactured by a premium product manufacturer. You wouldn't take a 10 year old Rolls Royce the a back street mechanic. Why take a 2 year old iPhone to back street repair shop?

Printer manufacturers and the ink cartridges have been doing this for years. There's a healthy business manufacturing 'bust my ink cartridge chip here' products.

Bit lest not forget. It's a message in the settings. Nothing more!

Brit Police Federation cops to ransomware attack on HQ systems

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Security Experts take NOTE

Should've used Apple. I don't know of any MacOS computer that has been affected.

Apple: You can't sue us for slowing down your iPhones because you, er, invited us into, uh, your home... we can explain

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Yah, Yah, Yah.

All you Android fans. There wouldn't be Android if Apple hadn't invented the smartphone.

Apple are one of the few companied who do ALL the research and Development. Hardware and Software. Microsoft just do software until recently and then look at the quality of their products by comparison. Android. So full of holes they include a virus scanner as part of the system

Buy cheap and nasty get a cheap and nasty experience. Your data and photo's splashed everywhere.

A battery is a consumable no matter what you are using. Use a phone a lot for facebook, link in, twitter etcetera and you are going to use a lot of battery.

Choose a service provider that's cheap and low signal strength in your area. The phone is going to work hard trying to contact the network - err, using battery.

Forever sending sms all day (instead of working), use a lot of battery while the phone talks to the network.

turn off fetch on emails. Only fetch when you access your email client instead go saying sorry when you hear the ping because the advert email is more important than the person you are having a conversation with.

Choice of a slower phone and longer battery life? Every time. I want to make telephone calls.

UK.gov cuts deal with Microsoft to avoid £15m post-Brexit price hike

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PC's ££££££££££££££££ year on year cost a fortune to live with. Subscriptions to anti virus. malware and spyware.

Macs? Hmmmm. Don't need to subscribe to anything for protection unless you're a paranoid PC nerd who thinks they know better.

Tell me. Why do Windows luvvies hate Apple when it was the Mac interface Bill Gates fell in love with, had to have whatever the cost, and so Windows arrived how many years after the Mac OS GUI was launched? And lets not forget. Word and Excel were on Mac in a GUI LONG before the Windows versions.

Martin Pittaway

Know it all Microsoft luvvies costing the British tax payers a fortune

Lobby your MP.

Swap to Apple and don't pay a penny in on-going licence fees! No OS upgrade fees. No BIG server license fees.

Totally compatible. Apple's own Office suite will read and write to Office 365 documents.

Infinitely expandable (XSAN) plug n play.

More secure.

Just who is that keeps complaining that Apple product is expensive?

Microsoft Surface laptop: Is this your MacBook Air replacement?

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Anti-virus, spyware, malware er isn't this Windows?

Why would this Windows product be compared to a Mac? Mac's are far more secure so you get ALL the processing power running the apps. Not something in the background because up front is all the protection software dominating the Operating System.

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why buy 2nd best

It never ceases to amaze me that the IT industry let Apple do all the research and development, and then copy them, to the detriment of Apple's income. GIU was developed by Apple and the John Sculley gave gates permission to create Windows. And then look what happened. Apple developed the iPhone smart phone. And now look where Samsung are. Apple announced a Smart Watch..... Need I go on. What really pee's me off is that Microsoft advertise their goods as faithful replacements to Apple product. Would somebody tell me what planet they are on? My Mac is throttled by anti virus, spy and malware product before I get started.

Why on earth anyone uses Windows is beyond me!

Apple’s facial recognition: Well, it is more secure for the, er, sleeping user

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You should go watch the video before commenting.

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Petty jealousy

Oh my the silliness of it all. Apple are the , most moral, operator. They deliberately go out of their way to protect everything we do with the products they create, and because, they, Apple, thought of it first, all the silly people can do criticise.


Huawei Honor 8 Pro: Makes iPhone 7 Plus look a bit crap

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The problem, is Android

Why do people buy Apple? It's not just the brand name, it's the fact that Apple are the most moral corporate company on the planet with a built in principle to secure their IOS: and more to the point, their users security too. Android security....... come on. Windows mobile security... guffaw guffaw.

LiveDrive drive by: Backup biz's price hikes will kill us, say resellers

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So you're wanting peace of mind at a reasonable cost

Apple iCloud. 1Tb of storage just £6.99p per month. Microsoft iDrive is around the same price. And with the bank balances these 2 have I doubt they will be raising the price any time soon.

HTC 10: Is this the Droid you're looking for?

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Erstwhile market leader Samsung

Hmmm.Samsung's Galaxy brand has sold more units, but it's not as simple as it may otherwise appear. Taken form this link


I agree with a lot of the other comments. You should re-do your homework before writing.

No Apple fanbois here: Man United BANS iPads from Old Trafford

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Re: Security has poor memory...

You have all missed the real point, MU don't want action recorded so that they can make yet more money out of selling the footage to those who didn't get enough of it live that they have to download it and post mortem every single minute, forever more.

The Fans think it's all over. Thanks to MU, it is now!

Thought PCs were in the toilet? They're STILL eating Apple's lunch

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Apple's lunchbox is a feast in comparison. Nothing being flushed away here.

Where else you can buy a 2nd hand, 7 year old machine, for under £250, that will run the very latest version of the OS, and all the latest applications, without having to spend a fortune on any upgrades: that will also operate concurrently as a PC running WindowsXP or 7 or even 8!

And you don't have to be a techy nerd to get it working either.

eBay right now! iMac 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo, 20" Screen, 500Gb HD, Dual Layer DVD Drive, 4Gb RAM, wireless keyboard and mouse in a single box with no spaghetti that still looks cool! eBay Buy now £250.00

New versions of the Mac OS for FREE!

Popular applications that are all compatible with their PC counterparts, FREE!

Synchronisation with Non Apple devices, FREE!

Word and Excel were on Mac long before PC!

Why oh why do so many Windows users think Apple are the pits? Is it because in truth they regret their original decision?

John Sculley (Mr Pepsi Cola) gave Microsoft written permission to copy the Mac GUI. If it wasn't for Mr Sculley there wouldn't be Windows.

Does Lenovo, or HP, or DELL, or any other PC hardware manufacturer make a box that will run the competitors OS and Windows on the same box?

SO you want cool longevity yet still need to run PC software. What's the problem?

Adobe kills Creative Suite – all future features online only

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BroadBand Streaming = Income Streaming = Business Opportunity!

I am a UK Mac Technician with just over 100 active accounts that I look after, and of that 100, there are over half that are still coping with a broadband speed of less than 1 MBps. Some of my BT customers in villages such as Catworth, Cambridgeshire, don't even get a broadband signal part of the day. I have a customer who has just gone off to the desert of Chile for a year on a research trip. How does Adobe expect to service these customers who rely on CS for their work if when the Cloud version calls for authentication there's no internet connection to authenticate by?

And then of course you've got to pay by the month for your license!

Remember FreeHand and PageMaker. Perhaps there's a business opportunity here.

Apple's marketing honcho Schiller attacks Android, Samsung

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UK or US?

British buy on Price. Americans buy on the best tool for the job and then the price. it's a significant difference that means that all these surveys that compare the Brits to the Yanks are lopsided and don't give a true reflection. Prime Example: Blair sent troops to Afghanistan licking up to Bush. How wrong was that?

Former CEO John Sculley: Apple must adapt or die

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Sculley the Bully

He should go back to Pepsi. Look at how well CokaCola did under his reign. What he knows about business strategy where Apple is concerned is why Jobs was returned to the fold.

Daily Telegraph hit by SQL hack attack

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Decision Making Process

Will I ever understand why intelligent people persist in using an operating system that is so wide open to abuse. Microsoft will never adopt the same operating ethos as Apple so why not buy the Apple in the first place rather than wish you had?

Intel says 'no' to Windows Vista

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IT Angle

Vista. Isn't that a brand of Pasta?

Over cooked Pasta. A stodgy gooey mess. Over cooked Vista. Installed on a minimum spec PC, purchased for pennies, that then can't cope with the Anti this that and the other requirements as well as running the operating system. God forbid you should want to word process or work a spreadsheet. You got it, another stodgy gooey mess.

Brits confused by digital TV switchover, report claims

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Average Joe

Your average Joe Brit has been hammered over the years by successive Labour governments, the people's government. They have ripped into the pockets of their supporters each time they have come to power. In 1997 Gordon Brown's first stealth tax was putting the cost of petrol up to fund his future spending and now look at the price today. And the results are that Average Joe has little money to spend on consumer goods this far in advance. And it's not just in the home. Many business people buy on price rather then whether the product being purchased can actually perform the task purchased for. With a mentally such as this, forced on by frivolous spending, it is ever likely we are behind. The only rich people these days are politicians.

BSA dubs Manchester second worst for piracy

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Black Helicopters


Software development is costly; that's fact. Someone has to pay the nerd to write the code.

Three issues here.

First. Developers issue software code that's still in development stage (beta testing).

Second. They charge we users for the privilege.

Third. They then expect us users to pay for an upgrade to the version that we have paid to test on their behalf.

This is profiteering on a grand scale. and then the software authors accuse the users of 'stealing'. Isn't this more a case of taking some reward for the hassle of testing?

Japanese geeks offered smaller-than-Eee little laptop

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Gates Horns

Ahead of the competition.

I recall Apple produced a eMate 300 similar to this. Moral of the story, buy an Apple and stay years ahead of your competition.