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Hard 'core'? Birmingham City Council's net filtering

Daryl Caudill

What a stupid article

As the IT Director, I implemented a filtering firewall. It is our right to control our resource usage.

As an employee, you have the right to shut the hell up, and do as you are told.

If you don't like it, go work somewhere else.

Relay server attack tactic dupes auto-reporting

Daryl Caudill

Why leave the port open?

I never understood why people leave the ssh port open. Close it, and implement knock, or something stronger.

If you have NO ssh ports open, you will get NO brute force attacks.

I got tired of checking my logs for brute force attacks. Now they are zero. I can get in with a simple knock, and ssh into a non-standard port.

US FTC cracks open anti-trust investigation on Intel

Daryl Caudill

Intel is scum

It's about time!

Our corporate policy is never buy Intel again.

What did it for me, was when non-profit OLPC invited Intel to join them in the $100 laptop project. Intel pretended to go along with it, then they went behind OLPC's back, contacted heads of countries OLPC was negotiating with, and tried to sell the Intel Classmate laptop instead, saying it's better than the OLPC. Intel and Microsoft actively worked against OLPC to steal their customers! I was abhorred Intel would screw a non-profit organization, just for profit. I was so disgusted and angered by this, that I declared we will never buy Intel again.

I hope AMD lasts, and stays better than Intel. We only buy AMD from now on.

Concerns build over Debian delays

Daryl Caudill
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Debian quality in a production environment

We run Debian on all of our servers, and linux-based workstations. It is incredibly reliable, uses less memory and runs faster.

I'm not going to rag on other so-called "cutting edge" distro's. On the other hand, I would never rely on them with my business data in a production environment either.

@Steve McIntyre:

Good luck to you Steve. We are all looking forward to you addressing this and other issues.