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Secret Service camera bought on eBay

C Blackmore

@ Sarah Bee

Sorry, it never occured to me that anyone would want a working Big Mouth Billy Bass...

C Blackmore
Dead Vulture

Online tat bazaar eBay?

Ah, the work of an online hack journo. Some of us are selling quality things on eBay, jerk.

HP's big splash on EDS all about shrinkage

C Blackmore

Business types just don't get IT.

I only know one person who works for EDS, and they are flogging their guts out because they have not been allowed to have the staff they actually need to do actual work that needs to be done.

This guy Hurd is in a penis-size contest with other businessmen, but knows nothing about actual projects. People like him are why EDS has such a bad record in the UK. But hey, he'll get his bonus, so it's all ok...

Jodrell Bank spared the chop

C Blackmore

Why did it take so long...

...to decide this? It only needed twenty minutes worth of the petrol tax.

Researcher: NebuAd forges Google data packets

C Blackmore


Thanks, I had forgotten about Rebol. I do so miss my Amigas, almost as much as my Nascom 2. Must get back into programming...

C Blackmore

We need a new browser...

...that carries out the packet sniffing, and can't run Javascript, for a start, then.

Then we need ISPs that just do internet with no trickery. I would buy shares in one like that!

Phorm failed to mention 'illegal' trials at Home Office meeting in 2007

C Blackmore

Now do you see what David Davis is on about?

It's blindingly obvious why the Home Office has been squirming away from demands to prosecute the Phorm spyware outfit. They had met Phorm and decided that spying on all emails, all web browsing, all electronic communication, everything, would be the best way to consolidate the ruling party's grip on power.

Do you see why Gordon doesn't denounce Mugabe?

It only remains to find a way to leave this country. If you can't beat them, and you are too intelligent to be asked to join them, get out while you can.

'Humvee of the Skies' robot air-car design unveiled

C Blackmore


Oh, those things Our Boys (TM) pull out of ditches in Afghanistan with Land Rover Defenders....

Anti-Spyware Coalition probes data pimping

C Blackmore

Two things.

Firstly, they keep on about how the data they have illegally intercepted is not identifiable with a person, but it's still illegally intercepted.

Secondly, I have decided they will not get to look at my web site, to protect my readers. So, I need to put a cookie on the browser that tries to look at my pages, then check to see if it has stayed the same, or been added to by Phorm. If it has, I don't serve the page, but a notice saying they are being spied on. Is that fairly easy in Javascript?

Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices

C Blackmore
Gates Horns

Our Vista machine will be on eBay soon.

I got tired of it refusing to network properly with the XP machines.

So we got a new Dell laptop with XP and it has SP3.


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