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McKinnon supporters plan Home Office demo


I really dont get it

why people dont think he should be extradited.

He broke into military systems and now has to pay for the crime he committed.

So he committed the crime in the uk, but the crime was against the US and frankly NATO.

Also as far as I have understood, will he get a 3-4 years not some 20 years as some people seem to think



"what McKinnon is accused of doing was illegal in the US but not in the UK"

hold on here, arent we part of NATO? So him breaking into military computers of an ally (NATO country), downloading information, surely is regarded as espionage.

As far as I know is esponiage a crime in all countries.

Are you saying we shouldn't uphold our bargain with NATO, and just let any wanker download our national security information.

Yes he was only downloading military documents as he thought they contain information about UFO.

He probably got a contact in some Arab country interested in UFO's as well which he was intended to share his findings with.

Europe drafts law to disconnect suspected filesharers

Thumb Down

To me this is like the post office banned people from sending letters

It is the Police job to pursue criminals and whether I write something in a letter or I share CD I have bought, it should be the police that police this.

I think it is just fundamentally wrong that the a broadband provider gets involved with policing what people use their broadband connection for.

I don't have an issue with the police finding and prosecuting criminals (file sharing et al) but I do not want my post office to read my letters and then make a decision whether I should be allowed to send any further letters.

That is the police job

Can't decide how to vote? Publicwhip.org will tell you


Intersting idea

Interesting idea, and I actually really like the concept.

Though I think the topics could have covered more topics, but the principle is a good one

Pirate Bay to sue music industry



"The copyright system is a system to protect and encourage creators."

Hmmm, you see I dont think it has anything to do about encouring creativity, protecting yes.

I dont have an issue at all with people making money.

But as a business you have to be responsive to change, so when artist get a few pence per CD (I dont know the sum but it is less then 80p) Emi charges £9.

You are opening yourself up for competitiion.

Initially they said it was beause they were loosing money on the LPs, so when they moved to CDs they had to recoup that cost.. ok so how many years did they have to do that for? Then they moved online, still charged the same and the artist still get the same (less then 80 p for a £9-£10 CD)

So what is the cost for online distribution of a CD, for download?

Remember that the 80p included the full manufacturing cost of a CD (the actual CD, the printing, paying the artist etc)

So without knowing the exact details should they be able to get a very nice margin on download CD for £1-£2

If they sold it for that price the vast majority of people wouldnt bother about going to illegal side, getting dodgy quality etc.

So back to my original argument, it is the music industry themselved to blame for this. It has nothing to do with paying the artists. If the large music corporations had been quick enough to adopt to the changing circumstances.

They thought they could continue to get huge margins and try to crack down on file sharers by copyrights laws.

Rather than try to add value, decrease the price etc.

See on the games industry, they have had the same pressure on downloads but they have transformed, innovated so they are booming as an industry


The music industry's own doing

BKB, your argument is an old and boring one.

This is the music industry’s own doing for being too greedy and too slow to change.

I spent some time in the early 2000 working as a consultant at one of the large music companies here in the UK.

I was told that the actual production of a CD and that included the paying the artist/artists,their commission, printing etc was less than 80p

Obviously distribution costs and marketing is on top of that, but how they think they could get away with selling a CD for £10 is just ridiculous, and yes of course in the end they didn’t get away with it.

Now they are moaning about not being able to put 1000% margin on a CD. Yes I understand they take a risk of taking on new artists so that they need to recoup that cost on the profitable ones.

If they had reacted early, put up legal websites where you could have downloaded the music for a fair price they would never have got into this pickle in the first place.

I believe people are willing to pay a fair price but not to fund some fat cats.

Now I believe Apple is finally paving the way by planning to offer a fixed fee to get full access to their vast music library.


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