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US noses past Western Europe in 3G stakes

Tammer Salem

The real numbers ...

These numbers mean very little. I happen to work for one of the largest multinational telcos and I know for a fact that average revenue per user in data usage in the european market is triple that of our american counterparts. Coverage is also sketchy in the US. Apart from a couple of major cities hsupa is not available let alone first gen 3G. In the UK we have approx. 88% 3G penetration for the big 4 telcos, and about 45% hsupa coverga across the country. Per head, that's a lot more covergae. Also having 3G is slightly pointless without enriched content services. The avergae american usage of 3G is limited to browsing and video calls, while in europe these services have been around for some time. We're now into music downloads, tv broadcast, and location based services.

Make no mistake, the US telcos will eventually realise that their businedd model is restrictive and will eventually follow the european model.

I still believe that the US will be playing catch-up with europe for at least a couple of years to come.

How do i know? Most of what we've implemented in europe across our natcos are being picked up by our US natco (about 2 years later). The european market is oversubscribed at around 120%! That indicates more sofisticated usage, while in the US they are still in acquisition mode. When they reach saturation, that's when things will pickup.

VIA heralds end of third-party PC chipset biz

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Like losing a friend

Wow, i'm going to miss these guys. Yeah their chipsets weren't the most stable, but once you got them running, most of their components would chug along for years. Also you can't argue they were probably the best bang for buck.

(I wonder if i'm going to lose driver support on my via motherboard, sound card, and graphics card i've been running for 5 years now)

Tux? Becuase I've built many low cost systems linux systems with this chipset

Man buys $1,000 worth of iPhone pixels by accident

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Only in the USA

Kinda reminds of the guy who microwaved his wet dog to dry it off, and ended up suing the company after his pooch got nuked!

This story does't quite rate that high on the stupid-o-meter ... But keep them coming! Certainly gives me a right old chuckle.

Google plugs YouTube into Playstation 3

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Stop the press?

When i first came across this article I thought "great"! Google has finally done a built in PS3 app to view you tube content. And wouldn't it be great if it had some kind of upscaling? Minutes later, I realise that they've added themselves to an already exhaustive list of upnp software. Hardly news shattering stuff.

btw TVersity is definitely the best windoze upnp software. My preference is media tomb on Ubuntu.

Google sneaks under standards radar

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Microsoft - defacto standard?

That's funny, I could have sworn there already was a standard in office documents ... That's right! ODF!

Open office and Google back this standard, and wouldn't you know it .... it works.

It's seems unfair to compare Google to Microsoft, becuase Google, as a previous user commented, is doing most of the work, whereas microsoft is trying to push a standard on top of a pre-existing one that is quite comprehensive.