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Microsoft hires former Hillary Clinton adviser as top strategist

Scott Simpson

"Lodestone around Microsoft's neck"?

Surely, "millstone" ... unless MS is somehow negatively affected by a necklace of natural magnets?

Did the width move for you, darling?

Scott Simpson

Redesign? I like it. Good show.

Change in anything familiar makes most folks, me included, itchy. When I first beheld the "new" Reg, I thought all the normal, knee-jerk thoughts: "Type's too small!" "Fixed width?! How quaint." "More ads? Eeeek!" etc.

However, being a designer myself, I took a second look and realized that most all the changes were definite improvements. It was also refreshing to note that El Reg listens to its readers and actually pulled the plug on a few of the more irksome re-design "features" that had attracted the most ardent flamethrowers among the readership (perhaps that should be "scannership" or "superficial-glance-then-off-to-the-comment-boxership").

I say, "Bravo! Well done." I, for one, like the new look, and remain,

Loyally yours,

Scott Simpson

'Legit' website compromises reach epidemic proportions

Scott Simpson

Don't lose your library card ...

This is hideous! It's like walking into your local bank branch, only to discover that all the tellers have been replaced with members of the Dillinger Gang.

Since there appears to be no way to stop this (apparently, all the best and brightest have gone over to the dark side), so we may as well disconnect and go back to snail mail, reading books, newspapers and magazines (remember those?), and looking stuff up in our local libraries.

Disgustedly yours,


Predator kill-machine pilots suffering 'chronic burnout'

Scott Simpson

No Go-juice?

Just guessing, but I suspect the real flyboys enjoy a much higher adrenaline level than do their ground-bound counterparts. The possibility of imminent death tends to keep one's interest up.