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Web host Daily recovers after Tux-themed defacement

Stuart Morgan

@Jacqui - WRONG

Wow, totally uninformed post there. Apps in ANY language can be insecure, that doesn't make PHP insecure by extension. PHP does allow prepared statements and thus values to be bound in queries (and has done for years) so I've no idea what you are talking about (and neither have you).

Met steps up stop and search with mobile phone scanner

Stuart Morgan

Fans? What fans?

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Europe loves HD TVs - but not HD broadcasts

Stuart Morgan
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Sky HD is rubbish

I'm not even talking about the content, although that's rubbish too, but about the quality. Without exaggeration BBC One in SD broadcasts in better quality than Sky do with their HD channels, it's just not good enough that the high bitrate SD channels on an SD screen look better than their HD offering.

Freesat is definitely worth a look since BBC HD is beautiful and recognised worldwide as the gold standard in quality broadcast HD (bitrate & encoding are excellent). I don't really see the point for dramas and sports where you are too busy watching the action and/or following a plot to notice. Wildlife documentaries, travel, gardening programmes and the like are where HD really is worthwhile.

ITV HD is a bad joke, since it's not even a proper channel with listings but purely a 'Red button' option.

Judge muzzles Sequoia e-voting attack dogs

Stuart Morgan

What's wrong with paper ballots?

Pen and paper, a proven technology which is generally accepted to be accurate enough by most people. Why on earth do electoral officials think that there is a need for something new? Is it that hard to count pieces of paper?

Asus launches second-gen Eee PC

Stuart Morgan

£110 more than the 701?

Frankly I'd rather get the lesser model. The appeal of these devices are their price, they are almost disposable at £200 - but at £330 why would I bother? I'd rather get a higher spec'd 15.4in machine for £300 and lug that around just as I do with my existing notebook.

Without question the portability of the Eee is it's biggest feature, but it's size is also limiting and I'm never going to work for long periods on such a small device. Therefore it's price has to reflect the use I'd get from it and that means it has to be cheaper than a normal laptop/notebook.

I don't really need the larger drive, what would I put on it?! Asus should consider releasing an updated 701 model, same spec with the larger screen and at the same price.

Had I ever found somewhere with stock I would have bought the 701 already.


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