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Fitness freaks flummoxed as massive global Garmin outage leaves them high and dry for hours

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Re: Who Cares?

@Headley_Grange - Thats one of the things I like best about Garmin, how easy it is to get your data "out". Automatic sync of data from Garmin to other sites, strava and FetchEveryone in my case, means I very rarely actually look at the garmin connect website. My O/H has a suunto, and has had quite a few issues getting it to talk nicely to others.

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Re: Who Cares?

Oh do get over yourself...

I use a garmin, I use it to track my progress. I use it to navigate when I am on trails. Why is this an issue for you?

Thankfully, our AI savior is here to nail the COVID-19 pandemic: A neural network that can detect coughing

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Re: Fast turn round research

"We conducted an IRB-approved 7 month-long study from December 10, 2018 to July 12, 2019"

The data they collected and trained their model on has nothing to do with COVID-19...

The Unihertz Atom XL: An iPhone SE-sized rugged phone that's also a walkie-talkie

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I know a few trail runners that have the Atom, and must say I'm tempted by the Atom XL. Having a phone that I don't have to worry about, can use as a back-up GPS should my others fail, and is fairly cheap certainly appeals. The larger screen size, which whilst it comes with a physical size / weight cost, would make it easier to use, especially with cold tired hands.

Think your smartwatch is good for warning of a heart attack? Turns out it's surprisingly easy to fool its AI

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Re: What a suprise..

except at no point did the paper actually test any of the consumer products on the market. They took a 3 year old CNN from a conference challenge, and fed it noisy data that it had never been trained on, and say that is proof that consumer products probably can't handle the noisy data either...

Not just adhesive, but alcohol-resistant adhesive: Well done, Apple. Airpods Pro repairability is a zero

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Re: Removable stem seems like a reasonable suggestion...

BTE hearing aids do, CICs are Completely in Canal, and as the name suggests. have no external securing...

Hi! It looks like you're working on a marketing strategy for a product nowhere near release! Would you like help?

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For me it is in the gym / out running at lunch time that the solution comes to mind. The trick is still being able to remember it when you get back to your desk...

Techie in need of a doorstop picks up 'chunk of metal' – only to find out it's rather pricey

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Re: Have you ever heard a story about something you did told second-hand?

And many a pint i've been sunk in each of them, or rather more often in the Vaults bar. Though not for some time now i'm afraid.

Do you feel 'lucky', well, do you, punk? Google faces down magic button patent claim

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The classic line is "obvious to one skilled in the art" - Basically, can someone who knows about this field have made this same invention with little effort, not just obvious to the man on the street.

Early experiment in mass email ends with mad dash across office to unplug mail gateway

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Re: Reminds me of ...

Some years ago when I was applying for university places my 6th form had recently installed a new content filter, which would be fine if it didn't block the websites of universities such as Sussex, Essex, middlesex and the like.

Wearable hybrids prove the bloated smartwatch is one of Silly Valley's biggest mistakes

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Re: Er, seemsd to have missed....

I think the Fenix 5+ is aimed at a very different market than things like the ticwatch though. I have an older fenix3, and when it finally dies on me the 5+ will be the first choice I think (depending on what they have brought out by then, or if suunto ever make something decent)

Sysadmin cracked military PC’s security by reading the manual

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Re: Only cracking I have done is

If you want to fall down a youtube rabbit hole of lock picking I suggest checking out the channels of Bosnian Bill and the Lock Picking Lawyer.



Wearables are now a two-horse race and Google lost very badly

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Re: I can think of lots of uses for a smart watch...

I use a GPS tracker for a number of reasons - in training I use it to monitor my effort level (say some days I want to train at a specific level, esp forcing myself to run slower than I normally would), and also to quantify improvements over time, when I run the same route. But more importantly the main reason I bought the device I did was for navigation when out trail running, much easier having a device tell you which direction to run than having to read a map.

Seen as I have a "smart" device (and I'm not sure a garmin sportswatch really compares in functionality to something like an iDevice, but thats another matter), I use it. I bought it for running a few specific events, but why not use it for the rest of the runs?

Tell the public how much our tram tickets cost? Are you mad?

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Of course, it's why our train service here in the Netherlands is fast, on time, and (comparatively) cheap :D

What can you do with adult VR, some bronze gears and a robotic thumb? On a Friday?

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For those of interested in the Antikythera, or machining, or general geeky-ness, I suggest checking out Clicksping on you tube, who is making a replica in his home machine shop.


OK... Red wire or black... *Clickety* You've emailed the schematic? Yes, got it! It's opening. And... WHAT? NO!

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Re: Wi-Fi

I have 2 APs in the house, or rather one in the house that is also the modem / TV box, and one in the garage. Yet I still have to run a fixed cable to my OHs office on the 2nd floor because the signal is so poor through the precast concrete building. I can't get mobile phone signal in the house, I have to go outside if I want a reliable voice call...

Devonians try to drive Dartmoor whisky plan onto rocks

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Strictly speaking distilleries don't have pagodas, they have a "Doig's Ventilator", or a cupola.


IoT worm can hack Philips Hue lightbulbs, spread across cities

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Not just Philips...

Its worth noting the authors write in their conclusion that "The main problem is in

the insecure design of the ZLL [ZigBee Light Link] standard itself", yes the attack was possible due to a leaked key in the Philips implementation, but the underlying standard is poor to start with, and there are some 1000+ ZigBee certified devices on the market from various makers.

Sound-mufflers chuck acoustic sleep blanket at the noise-plagued

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This has nothing to do with noise cancellation as in Bose headphones - it merely adds more noise to mask out the background noise. In effect just giving a constant, but higher level sound environment. Constant noise is less disruptive for sleep.

LaCie flings out super-glam desktop Bolter drive

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Re: Curious...

ProRes 4444 XQ 4K runs at about 750GB per hour of footage (25fps)

Tesla driver dies after Model S hits tree

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A few points...

The car didn't catch fire, some batteries that had been ejected did.

The occupant was already deceased.

The issue was with how to remove the body from the car / the car from the road, whilst making sure there was no risk of electrocution to the fire brigade, can't say I blame the fire service for being cautious given the maount of damage and chance of other stuff shorting out...

Computer says: Stop using MacWrite II, human!

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Back around 2001/2002 I was a student in the 6th form trying to apply for universities... UCAS applications had to be done on the school computer system using some custom software, just a shame the network firewall as also set up to block any site with the word 'sex' in it... Want to study at middlesex university, sussex university, et al, tough, can't look at their websites. (not necessarily a bad thing mind ;) )

British car parks start reading number plates

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Another good reason for driving a classic...

One of my cars is old enough to run silver-on-black plates front and back... never had an ANPR system be able to read the plates yet. My other car has dutch plates on it, again, UK car parks get very confused by the dashes in it.

Boffin quests for, finds 'earphone Holy Grail'

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but on the other hand they will make you deaf...

Ambrose and colleagues presented a paper on these headphones at the AES 130th convention in London this weekend[1]. At the same conference they also gave a paper on the dangers of reproducing sound in a closed ear canal, and how it can cause serious damage, as well as causing timpanic membrane excursions in the order of 1000 times greater than would normally be seen[2]...

So yes, they have created a nice piece of tech that can easily block out back ground noises (and what isn't mentioned is that the greater the background noise, the greater the inflation of the envelope, so the greater the isolation), but at the same time they have also said that blocking the ear drum is bad....

@paul_murphy - the whole point being that you wont need noise cancellation if you can get a good enough seal in the ear canal so as to block out back ground noise... noise cancellation is for headphones or poorly isolating earphones... as to the cable, they could theoretically be wireless / bluetooth, but then you have to add in some bulky battery / processor unit as well as some form of interconnect between in-ear drivers and said unit... personally, that would annoy me more than having a cable (but not as much as having too short a cable that wont comfortably reach the device in my pocket....)

[1] Diaphonic Pump: A Sound-Activated Alternating to Static Pressure Converter - Stephen D. Ambrose, Robert Schulein, and Samuel Gido, presented at the 130th convention of the Audio Engineering Society, London, 13th-16th May 2011. (paper no 8361)

[2]Sound Reproduction within a Closed Ear Canal: Acoustical and Physiological Effects -

Samuel P. Gido, Robert B. Schulein, and Stephen D. Ambrose presented at the 130th convention of the Audio Engineering Society, London, 13th-16th May 2011. (paper no 8319)

Abstracts for both papers available at http://www.aes.org/events/130/papers/ - papers available with an AES subscription...

AudioEngine AW1 wireless music system

Sam Jelfs


I didn't realise sheetrock was a Victorian product... one would assume a victorian house to be built from fairly sturdy brick walls with no cavity and thick timber and joist floors... all the victorian places i've lived in around the UK have been built without a bit of dry wall / sheetrock anywhere.

Asus launches second-gen Eee PC

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Thumb Up

Date and place...

According to play.com, they are due for release in the UK on 11/05/08.

Currently available for preorder on Play.com, Clove.co.uk overclockers.co.uk and supertrader.co.uk as far as I'm aware.


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