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Asus launches second-gen Eee PC

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The OS isn't a problem, nor is space

We've got a couple of 701's with 4 GB native storage, plus a 4 GB SD Card and a RAM upgrade to 2 GB, and have managed to install XP Pro and Office 2007, attach them to our domain and have them running quite happily. It took a few hours, but for anyone who wants to do a decent sized deployment of these, I doubt that'll be a problem. Further, we've been able to image them and restore the image successfully. The only real barrier for us buying four dozen was the screen size. As that seems to be sorted, we'll be getting these, though availability will probably mean we need to get them imported.

The only disappointment is Asus going back to a power brick. The adapter on the 701 was far more portable than a power brick is likely to be. Plus I'm concerned about the battery life, which wasn't great with the smaller screen and slower processor...


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