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Microsoft Mojave 'outs' secret Vista lovers

Gary Smith


I bought a laptop last year - 1GB memory Celeron-M 1.6Ghz processor, Intel integrated graphics. It came with Vista Home Basic on it. Which equated to practically no eye candy, low performance when more than a couple of apps open and very poor performance when accessing external USB2 hard drive. I used it for a while out of curiosity then installed my usual Slackware Linux on it.

Result - now running a full whizz bang eye-candy Compiz-fusion on top of KDE and can have Firefox, Open Office and numerous other apps. open and usable whilst compiling in a terminal window with a Video Running in Xine for good measure without any apparent slowdown, disk transfers are faster and wireless network is more reliable. All the while all the whizz bang of the eye-candy is working away nicely.

My own personal opinion - for the good and bad of vista, I'm not buying a more powerful laptop just to run an operating system that adds no apparent value for me.

BSA: Software piracy's 'tragic' impact on US society

Gary Smith

All the money in the universe

"The Business Software Alliance claimed yesterday that software piracy in the US is costing the industry $11.4bn and local government $1.7bn in lost taxes."

Who is to say that people would buy the software if they had to get a legitimate copy ? Therefore no loss.

I read somewhere before that someone took all the figures about supposed losses from all these "studies" that keep appearing, be it about software piracy or the amount of money lost to business due to traffic jams.

The supposed sum of all these lost billions to the economy was impossible to achieve in reality.

O2: We didn't know we were capping 3G data speeds

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Like treacle trying to climb a wall of flypaper

Over here in Ireland I am on the Three 3G network. The speeds are absolutely pathetic - more akin to dial-up the vast majority of the time regardless of whether I am in a city or a village - something is seriously amiss with these mobile "broadband"

3G systems/offers - the greatest con/rip off ever perhaps!!!????


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