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Gordon Brown's secret life as network admin

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Re: @Steve Williamson

Whoops I didn't actually put the apostrophe after the plural in my last example :(

Should be "5 years' time"


@Steve Williamson

<even bigger pedant> Actually there SHOULD be an apostrophe. Nick was correct, it is the "time of five years", hence the apostrophe after years. If you look at the phrase "a year's time", the 's' is clearly not indicating a plural (unless you believe that that "one years, two years" is correct), hence it must be possessive. Therefore when referring to multiple years, the apostrophe correctly moves after the plural - hence "5 year's time". </even bigger pedant>

Firefox 3: now available bug-free, say devs


Need the addons working first

There's no way they're going to achieve the massive downloads they expect until addons such as Google Toolbar and Google Browser Sync are ready to work in FF3. Having just done a reinstall I put FF3 on for a test, but had to revert back to FF2 within a day due to the lack of these 2 addons. I'm sure I;m not the only one!

Official: O2 and Carphone Warehouse to slash 8GB iPhone price


no CONTINUOUS streaming

Note that it says no CONTINUOUS video/audio streaming, not none whatsoever. They basically mean you can't use your iPhone as a TV or radio that is just constantly playing streaming audio/video. As far as I'm concerned that clause does not restrict the likes of YouTube.