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Sun's MySQL fork survival theory ripped

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Mueller knows nothing about the Oracle market

The comments about customers switching from Oracle to MySQL speak of a complete lack of data and/or knowledge of the market. My old company surveyed a large number of people switching from Oracle a couple of years ago, and, if they were switching, it was to Postgres, not MySQL. In fact, we found more people switching from MySQL to Oracle than any other movement between proprietary and open source.

Mueller may have been an 'adviser' to MySQL, but I've done open source strategy for a huge number of companies in the last eight years, from startups to Global 50's. None of them have ever been interested in moving from Oracle to MySQL. Oracle to Postgres, maybe, esp. with EnterpriseDB's Oracle emulation, but even that was a stretch. Most people will not switch from Oracle because the risk is too high and there is not enough MySQL talent available to mitigate that risk or maintain production systems.

MySQL.com sites go dark


The Oracle deal has closed...

... welcome to your new world. Support will only be available on a per hour billable basis.

Iomega opens sub-$2k box of storage tricks

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Plenty of NAS boxes support iSCSI for well under $1500

You can get a Thecus 5200 with iSCSI and 5Tb+ for around $1200.... And I am sure they there are plenty of others, so this is competitive how? Even Qnap and Synology machines are cheaper (and more capable) than this....

Drobo doubles up storage robot capacity

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They have been known to loose all your data...

... happened to a friend who bought a Thecus instead....

CERN Proton-smashers: We are economically valuable

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In 1995, before the LHC

...my wife wrote a huge article for a major Dutch publication about how the LHC was an incredible waste of money. Even the physicists at CERN admitted that the LHC was not powerful enough to test their theories and that it was basically a funding project for the scientific community. Despite all of this, it had zero impact on budgetary allocations by the Dutch to the LHC. Basically, for the scientific community, the LHC represents 'full employement' and they will do/say whatever it takes to make sure budgets are not cut.

Hands on with Sony's Vaio P netbook


What about written reviews?

I know you all like these video reviews because the are easy to do, but I much rather read a written review, even if it's just a bunch of photos with captions....

Yahoo! to! name! former! Autodesk! chief! as! new! CEO!

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AutoDesk is HATED

In the CAD industry, AutoDesk is THE most hated company. It's basically Oracle and Microsoft combined, with super aggressive sales people, massive vendor locking, outrageously expensive and insane software licenses for what is essentially outdated software.

Most AutoCad users are either completely locked in or eager for any viable alternative.

Basically, Yahoo is f'd., Selling my shares in the morning.

Net-stock fraudster Moller offers flying saucer on eBay


This is a bit unfair...

I've known Moller for some time and he's not a fraudster, more like an over-optimistic engineer. But, unlike most, he has consistently put his money where is mouth is. He's built and sold business worth hundreds of millions of dollars (SuperTrapp and RotaPower) and poured that money into the singular pursuit of a flying car. He's done that for over thirty years, with mixed success.

I don't think I know of anyone else who has sunk so much time and energy into trying to achieve something and never quite made it. And, yet, he still manages to carry on. The stock thing was an unfortunate occurrence, but I don't believe it was malicious, just naive. He's over 70 now, so who knows whether he'll be able to complete his vision.

Inside the tent, the best bioterrorist money could buy?

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Re: Bentonite

I believe it is also used in a lot of pool filters....

North Americans just don't steal handsets, apparently...

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@W Re: Scandinavians

'quality of life' = highest suicide rate in Europe

Japanese geeks offered smaller-than-Eee little laptop


Looks like my wifes Fujitsu U810....

... which has been out for at least 6 months.