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Virgin Media mops up CEO's 'boll*cks' outburst

Rob Scott
IT Angle

When Will We Learn

As always, the average user loses out when believing words such as "unlimited" - there really is no such thing with most if not all of the main broadband providers.

If you do happen to have cable broadband, however, you're a lot better off than we in rural North Yorkshire who have to contend with 'slightly better than dial up' speed levels, and an intermittent broadband supply.

I actually found Australia offered better service to rural locations, where satellite broadband was a viable alternative to our overloaded and working above capacity ADSL lines.

Fasthosts' dedicated servers go titsup

Rob Scott

If you pay peanuts

We're with Fasthosts because they are cheap, and we needed a reasonably large server (their top size) to test our new domain - see if it was profitable - before investing in a more substantial and expensive server. Unfortunately, we would have got away with today's outage had it happened next month - we're all ready to move to a proper host now we're making sufficient revenue.

A shame then that this is losing us money hour after hour today.