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Judge shoots down challenge to Craigslist erotic services

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Do you think he may be biased?

"Dart sought a court order requiring the site to close the section and to pay the costs his department incurred in cracking down on hookers and JOHNS!!!! who used the it.

The ruling by US District Judge JOHN!!!! F. Grady is good news"

Red Devil assaults Burnley FC's stadium roof




I'll tell you now and I'll tell you firmly

I don't never want to go to Burnley

What they do there don't concern me

Why would anybody make the journey?

I'll tell you know and I'll tell you flatly

I don't never want to go to Gatley

I don't even want to go to Batley

Where is that place exactly

Do I wanna to go to Redditch?

I wouldn't visit in a souped-up sheddish

what am I some kind of Nebbish?

No I don't want to go to Reddish

I'll tell you now and I'll tell you briefley

I don't never want to go to Keighley

I'll tell you now, just like I told Elsa Lanchester...

I don't ever want to go to... Cumbernauld


Wireless links to be trialled in Gulfstream flight controls

Black Helicopters

war flying?

All your planes are belong to us!

Set-top box modders sent to prison


is it worth the effort?

Wow, I can think of much more worthwhile things to go to prison for, rather than going to prison for a load of repeated films and documentaries that are just collections of the same clips in a different order like "police camera stop police action best worst chases stop police action camera".

my coats the one with the handcuffs in the pocket

eBay Australia faces competition probe

Paris Hilton

Watch this space

Maybe its time I set up an alternative to ebay? what are the legal requirements to run an auction site?

Paris because she doesnt charge to F**K you!

CPW broadband targets feel the crunch


CPW ok by me

If you can put up with the completely non-technical first line "technical support" in india then CPW are pretty good, I had problems for a month but gave them a chance to sort it and they did, it's now rock solid and very reliable.

CPW also listened to their customers regarding Phorm and there was quite a debate in the forum, our feedback was fed back and not just ignored which I believe was instrumental in CPW's decision on the phorm issue, it looks they really do listen to their customers.

They just need to sort out those ridiculous indian call centres that really havent got a clue.

The tux penguin because CPW "only support windows"


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