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IBM strides along the storage edge

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IBM SVC does not perform deduplication

It is the IBM ProtecTIER products that perform deduplication. But the SVC can perform replication.

Virtualisation and packaged applications

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We virtualized our Unix environment

We completely virtualized our Unix systems and storage environment a few years ago, including 50+ SAP servers and 20+ non-SAP servers, including all of our Oracle databases. All servers, including production, are using POWER5 and POWER6 micropartitions on redundant VIO servers using virtualized storage presented through SAN Volume Controllers, and all of these virtual servers are movable among these four physical systems with no more than 5 minutes of downtime. Virtualizing the entire landscape and eliminating the system and storage silos has definitely helped us to quickly respond to the needs of the business. And we now provision new systems in about an hour instead of days or weeks, and new storage, memory, and processors are now provisioned in just a couple minutes.

IBM smells Sun red ink

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Oracle savings on POWER

A couple years ago my management decided to switch from Solaris 8/9 and HP-UX 11i v1/2 servers to AIX 5.3 LPARs to save on Oracle licensing. Replaced 20 Sun and HP servers for SAP and Oracle with two 8-way IBM POWER5+ boxed running everything through VIOS and uncapped micropartitions, and still had plenty of CPU processing power. Now have 80 AIX 5.3/6.1 LPARs across two 8-way POWER5+ servers and two 8-way POWER6 servers for SAP, Oracle, UniData, and ESRI--everything using VIOS and uncapped micropartitions. (Also now have SAN volume controllers, and they are very slick, too.) I can't imagine how much we would have spent in Oracle licensing if we didn't do this.

And after using Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX for years, AIX took some time getting used to, but now I prefer to use it over any other UNIX. It is really a sysadmin's operating system.

Microsoft slackens VM licensing rules

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Advanced POWER Virtualization / PowerVM

We now run all our SAP, Oracle, and other Unix apps on completely virtualized AIX LPARs, including using micro partitioning and VIOS for every LPAR (even prod). We went from 6 racks of Sun and HP servers to just 2 half-empty racks of IBM servers. Advanced POWER Virtualization / PowerVM is great. We are now going to migrate our mainframe to just one more rack of POWER6 servers.

IBM wants to get youngsters hooked on Power

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@ Simon

I am 34, and three years ago I started using AIX on POWER5 after I had been using Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris for years, and before this I had never dealt with IBM before. I can tell you that these POWER boxes are slick, and AIX and VIOS are even slicker. Combine that with the AIX account advocate program, where you get a very technical person/team at IBM to answer all your support questions, and I am now sold on using IBM for years. And soon I will be running RHEL on POWER LPARs on the same hardware as AIX, enabling us to use a common hardware platform for all AIX and Linux.