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Honda Jazz Hybrid

Gary Holcombe


I can get 68mpg out of my 2007 Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI and it cost me £7k to buy and £30 a year to tax. Why Just as much space, leather seats etc. I really cant see the justification for these hybrid cars when they cost so much more to purchase, and there already diesel cars out there which have lower emissions and better economy but for half the price.

Go SMS Pro

Gary Holcombe

You can....

You can already do this in Chomp. The message appears on your standby screen amd you can reply to it there and then without having to go into the full app.... maybe its different on your X10i to HTC?

Gary Holcombe


Ive been using Chomp SMS now for over a year on Android and it already does most of these things, so whats the main functional differences between the two packages, apart from the little gimicks like the 73 Valentines Day poems???

Apple breaks location-storing silence

Gary Holcombe

Oh you gotta laugh

.... because the majority of people with Android or iPhone's will use Facebook, and what do a lot of people do when they go places, yeah, they "Check In" using Facebook places. So its not like your not already announcing to the world everytime you go to work, go for a dump, go to eat, go to bed now is it!

Personally however I think Steve Jobs is sat in some big volcano somewhere full of fancy toys and models of the world, in his black trademark collar less shirt, stroking a cat sat on his lap and planning world domination.

Whereas Google are like aliens, you never see them, but you just know they are there, somewhere, watching you.

They are both as bad as each other, and we are even worse to some extent with what we share with everyone else already!!!!

User data stolen in Sony PlayStation Network hack attack

Gary Holcombe


Who do I feel more angry towards. The little twats who have wrecked PSN for the rest of us and stolen my details, or Sony for letting them do it so easily.

I just cant believe Sony would store so much personal user information in this way with no encryption.

Sony unsure if PlayStation Network user data was stolen

Gary Holcombe


Just because I have a PS3 does that mean I never go out? Lets get something straight here, I havent turned on my PS3 for over 2 weeks, I only play it on the odd occasion, and most times I am out with friends. However, when I do turn it on, I expect to be able to use it for what I purchased it for, i.e. watching Blu Ray or playing games, in particular a bit of COD for an hour or so on the odd occasion.

I dont expect some little twats to come along and steal all my details, and prevent me, and thousands of others of enjoying a bit of online play now and then just because they cant run Linux on their PS3.

So stop categorising all PS3 owners as people who never go out. I think you will find its XBOX 360 owners who are the spotty faced under 15 year olds, whereas the PS3 owners are the more mature play once in a while brigade. (PS. Did you spot the generalisation there?)

Gary Holcombe


Yes sir, indeed you are and your even louder loud mouth posturing online is even more unimpressive lol.

Gary Holcombe


I'd love to meet the people who have hacked into PSN, and personally castrate them all. Do they think that by alienating the general public who want to use their PS3 to actually play LEGAL games, that they are going to get our support?

And please dont give me the "all this started because Sony removed Linux" crap. Its got nothing to do with that. When the PS3 was hacked what happened? Did we see thousands of people installing their own homebrew games or marvelling over the fact they could run Linux again? No, we saw thousands of people copying games to their HDD, and nearly every online game was full of people cheating making them unplayable.

If Holt wanted to prove the PS3 could be hacked just to show off how clever the little tosser is then fair enough, do it, announce it, but keep the key to yourself. Oh and Holt.... if my bank card details have been stolen, and money goes missing, I will be PERSONALLY coming to kick your ass.

Samsung threatens Apple in response to patent lawsuit

Gary Holcombe


Not being a fan of the iPhone, or Apple for that matter, I went around looking for an alternative smartphone and had a look at the Samsung. I didnt buy it because....... it was too much like an iPhone. I thought, if I dont want an iPhone then why would I want to buy something which is trying to be one. Between the looks of the thing, the icons and button at the bottom, the thing was just too similar.

I opted for a HTC Desire instead!

'Fierce competition' drives Apple's iPhone 6 changes

Gary Holcombe
Jobs Horns


Dont need to grow up, but thanks for your concern.

The difference is when Android releases a new version, there isnt this big fanfare, there arent hundreds of "sheep" queuing up outside shops just to have the new "iPhone" because its an "iPhone". How often for example do you see adverts on TV for HTC, or Android compared to the iPhone? Steve Jobs and his big claims of "this changes everything again". You comparing a software update to an actual physical product release, two entirely different things.

The point i'm making is that while they may be both satisfactory devices, you cant get away from the fact there are a lot of "sheep" out there who will go out and buy an overpriced phone, just to feel good about themselves and to show off to their friends that they have got an iPhone. Look at the iPad2, hardly any different from iPad1 but still morons queued up for 24 hours just to say they have got one and get their 3 seconds of fame as they walk out of the Apple store, no doubt too tired to even turn the thing on by the time they get home from their hours spent queuing.

My other complaint is with Apple themselves. I wouldnt own an Apple product just because I dont agree with their ethics. Who does Steve Jobs think he is? God? [oh he does?.......]

Gary Holcombe
Jobs Horns

Small changes

Sure, the iPhone5 may have minor changes, but you'll still have the Apple sheep queuing up all over the country waiting to walk out while being clapped by Apple staff to show all your friends your new iPhone5..... which will look just like an iPhone4.

Wonder what Job's tagline will be on this one.... "This changes everything, again, and again"

I'll stick with Android and HTC thanks.

Suit settled, PS3 hacker donates $10,000 to EFF

Gary Holcombe


Who the hell are these morons who think they have the right to hack into someone elses product. Lets get something straight here. When the PS3 got hacked, people started ripping games to the HDD, copying games, and it totally messed up online play, as anyone who tried to play COD will tell you. This Holt guy is just a complete prat and I hope this action Sony threatened him with will be a warning to others.

Just because you buy a product, it does not mean you have the express rights to start altering it in any way you feel fit. The company still owns the design and code.

As for donating money to a organisation against the Anti Piracy teams, well, that says it all really doesnt it.

Official: PS3 has more fanboys than the Xbox 360 does

Gary Holcombe

Failure Rate

Rubbish! Ive had my "fat" PS3 now since launch with no problems. I also have a PS2 which ive had since a year after it came out, again, with no problems. Many of my friends have had to send their XBOX's back 3 or 4 times due to problems and RROD.

Its a known fact that Microsoft will release a product to get a head start over a rival, even though its not finished, full of bugs and will require lots of updates. Just look at their software products.

As for failure rates, I believe from an article I read a while back, the XBOX was about 30%, the PS3 was around 7% and the WII even less at around 3-4%.

Sony threatens to ban PS3 jailbreakers from network

Gary Holcombe

Good, hurry up Sony!

Good! Ive not turned on my PS3 for a month now given the inability to play on-line games such as MW2 without cheaters and hackers affecting gameplay. Sony should adopt the same line as Microsoft and disconnect any hacked consoles immediately.

As for people saying go to hell Sony, and how much they disagree with Sony, the only reason you would disagree with what they are doing has got nothing to do with wanting to install Linux on the thing, its because you want to play pirated games on the console.

I see nothing wrong with Sony protecting not only its product but also the customers who bought the product, and rightly so, who want to have a honest online gaming experience.

O2 to raise broadband prices by up to 27%

Gary Holcombe

Still its not that expensive

Ive been an O2 phone customer for over 7 years now and have found their service to be excellent. Ive been an O2 broadband customer for 2 years and again, their customer service has been excellent. In fact, during my first year, they gave me an entire 12 months broadband with them for free.

£9.50 a month for decent broadband and more importantly, excellent UK based customer service in my opinion isnt that expensive, though granted, percentage wise its quite a large leap!

Sony expands legal offensive to more PS3 hackers

Gary Holcombe

Good on Sony!

Good! I hope Sony and the courts throw the book at these people. Lets get something straight here, these people who jailbreak things are NOT customers, they are just socially inadequate geeks who have nothing better to do with their time, apart from squeezing their spots.

At the moment, many of the online games now on the PS3 are unplayable because of morons hacking into the system. Ive also heard of people borrowing games from rental shops and illegally ripping the disks to their HDD's.

This hack has caused a HUGE amount of problems for genuine gamers across the world, and I really do hope Sony win this one.

Newest PS3 firmware hacked in less than 24 hours

Gary Holcombe

Sony needs to stop this

I hate these kids who hack into consoles and games, spoiling it for the rest of us. Sony developed the console, spent a fortune doing so, and regardless if you "own" it or not, you dont "own" the code or development or property rights that went into it.

I really do hope Sony come down hard on these people and can fix the issue. The jailbreak will only serve one purpose and thats so little kids can pirate each others games. I believe the hack also allows you to rip games to the HDD.

Was only last night I turned on my PS3 to have a game of MW2 to find the game had been hacked, couldnt even have a decent game, so I turned it back off after ten minutes, oh, and another ten minutes while I waited for the update to the console to install.

This idiots are spoiling it for the rest of us who want to use our PS3's legitimately. Hopefully Sony will catch them and lock them up in a room with some Lego for the rest of their miserable lives.

Microsoft readies official Kinect support for PCs

Gary Holcombe


Well, lets hope using it on a PC wont cause the pc to suddenly stop working!

Microsoft boots modders off Xbox Live

Gary Holcombe
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I'm glad they are taking a stand to be honest, if you copy or download games while the rest of us purchase them then they deserve to get banned!

Virgin cuts broadband to a fiver

Gary Holcombe

O2 are brilliant

I have to say Virgin (sorry I mean rebranded NTL) are a useless bag of spanners. O2 on the other hand have excellent customer service and deliver what they say they can offer. I have been a customer of O2 now for the past 4 years and haevnt got a bad word to say about them in all that time..... Virgin, sorry, NTL on the other hand... nightmare.

Pentax K200D digital SLR

Gary Holcombe

Sony/Konica Minolta

I have a Minolta Dynax 5D and the back of it is identical to this camera, even the image stabilisation button is identical and in the same place, I wonder if this camera has some doings with Sony, seeing as Sony took over from Minolta???

Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

Gary Holcombe

Its true

The article is true, the UK law states that you can only be fined by these cameras if they record your speed entering the zone and exiting the zone in the same lane. If you exit the zone in a different lane, legally they cannot fine you.

I hate these cameras with a passion, to the extent that I would happily go and cut the poles down if they become widespread. Not only that but havent we got enough cameras in the UK, do we really need MORE of these things hanging over the road.

Good news if you are drink driver though, again, less police on the road mean that as long as you are not speeding, you can get away with driving while drunk, as the cameras wont pick up bad driving.

I want a baby, coos broody Paris Hilton

Gary Holcombe

Needs one

She needs a kid, I mean, who is going to keep up with the sequels of her movies when the child is older and Paris is too old and fraile?

In-flight calling given lukewarm reception

Gary Holcombe

Petrol Stations

Using a mobile phone at a petrol station wont spark off petrol fumes, but, according to someone I spoke to working in a petrol station, I was told the risk is if the person drops the phone and the battery sparks, or blows up, or something. So if you use your phone while filling up, dont drop it ok.

PS3 owners game iPlayer

Gary Holcombe

BBC Has commented

Go to the BBC News homepage and there is alink to the story - the BBC has even suggested the PS3 IPlayer creater contact them for a job!!!