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Apple leases space in new Silicon Valley data center


The Register are a bunch of idiots

"Cult sets up shop in someone else's server room" what the heck is this supposed to mean?

Really intelligent journalism - not.

No wonder Apple bans you from their news events. So I guess you have to be bottom feeders for any news - it shows.

Microsoft stalks, poaches Apple retail staff

Gates Horns

Par for the course for Microsoft

This is standard type of behaviour for Microsoft. I remember years ago when Borland (remember them) had a developers conference for dBase developers Microsoft organised a bus to go out to the front of the convention center to take the developers attending the Borland conference to a 'secret' Microsoft FoxBase session.

It's the sort of way they work and one of the reasons why people think they way they do about Microsoft... hint - not nicely.

The death of mobile innovation?

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Can we see less from this author...

"and Infineon is only a supplier to the impoverished and maverick Apple."

Don't know where she's been in the last two years, but if that is her 'analysis' of Apple then what does it say about the rest of the article. I would hardly call sitting on > 50 billion in cold hard cash "impoverished".

Can you guys put a virtual rubbish bin on the website for articles? > certain number they get flushed.

Google cedes Belgium to Germany


Proves what we already know....

Americans have no idea whatsoever regarding any geography outside America. In fact most of them don't even know about American geography!

The missing five-minute Linux manual for morons

Jobs Halo

Get the best of both, *nix with a decent front-end, get a Mac

People seem to forget that Mac OS X is actually Unix (BSD Unix) so has all the 'back-end' benefits of Linux/Unix but with a good UI that doesn't have all the confused and fragmented user interface disasters of the (many) Linux distros.

I've tried running Linux as a desktop, and got it working (with inevitable hassles) eventually but finally went straight to Mac OS X and have not looked back.