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Big Climate's strange 'science'

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New Mexico

John Atkinson, next time you're in New Mexico, let me buy ya a beer!

Program automating online jihad found in the wild

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Black Helicopters

@ dave

Yes, yes you are. Thanks for revealing your true identity.

How feasible is the personal communications hub?

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Home is WHERE the hub is.

Not "were", which would be used as in, "The editors were drinking too much on their long pub lunch." You want "where", as in "Where are the editors? Getting drunk at a long pub lunch?"

Reg lexicographical Shock Army liberates mobe

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Lester for King!

I hereby vote Lester Haines for King!

In unrelated news, who here wants to band together and turn this article into a live action film? With current Hollywood standards, I think it'll be the top grossing film of the year!

Gov egghead: Companies should have daily PT

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@ nickj

Are you still accepting applications for leader of the mob?

We'll beat Microsoft and Sun, says Adobe's chief software architect

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Oh, for the love of...

"Beyond that, Adobe is relying on brand trust and internet reputation to help users make safe choices."

Did no one there ever hear of social engineering? This is doomed to be yet another infection vector that will make lots of busy work for people who actually have to administer networks.

Japanese diggers unearth dino skull

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RE: Come on lads...

I'm the Anonymous Coward from Monday 15th October 2007 18:53 GMT, and I was being seriously congratulatory, your post made for a bunch of very entertaining reading in the follow ups.

AOL axes another 2,000 jobs

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If AOL can fall, Microsoft and Google can too. There's hope for us yet!

3,000 chickens paralyse central Scotland

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@ Specialist team?

"Is this team limited to Scotland, or do England and Wales have their own squads?"

Wales does. Only it's for sheep. Over there though, they aren't a "Specialist Team" they're called "citizens".

Left my coat in the car, no need to stop on the way out.

ElReg40™ seeks the world's worst web 2.0 ideas

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SneakerNET is the newest form of peer to peer file sharing mixed with a liberal dash of social networking! With it, you can use our innovative new file sharing protocol (cattle class) to find a file you want, physically transport yourself to the location of the hoster, and burn a CD of the file straight from his copy! (Airline tickets will not be provided, you must purchase them yourself.)

NEC fills PC with water for silent running

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"The Valuestar W range is only available in Japan at the moment, where the 19in model retails for about ¥210,00 (£903/€1388/$1819) and the 22in model for ¥340,000 (£1464/€2168/$946)."

Either you typoed, or no one in the US will buy the 19 inch model, because the 22 inch is half price?

Are you serious about security?

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Re: Connexion

Fair enough, I should check dictionary.com before flaming next time. But my first point still stands!

Jeremiah Steidl

Network breaches

I have a great tool for stopping my network from being breached. A fire axe just this side of the demarc point.

In other news, are we supposed to take them seriously when they don't know how to spell connection?

Universities warned of Storm Worm attacks

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Because any halfway decent hacker doesn't use his own machine to originate attacks, you'd be taking down innocents left and right. It's like gunning down a large group of protesters just because their leader (who's sitting at home watching TV) once threw a rock at you.

Programmer granted royalties from commissioned software

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@The Invading Martian.

An Officer, a Gentleman and a man from mars walk into a bar. The bartender calls INS on the illegal alien, and the Officer and Gentleman wake up passed out in the gutter the next morning.

Ok, ok, so I can't tell a good joke...

Yahoo! denies! China! claims!

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Chris Purcell is a n00b!

I play the Google card to prove it.


Vodafone pulls Facebook ads

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Re: Adverts

Yes it is, and its adverts that pay for the bandwidth of the sites you view, if everyone used adblock, I wonder how much smaller the internet would be.

Finally! Someone else with sense. I don't block ads specifically because I realize that without ads, the sites I'm viewing (which I obviously WANT to view) wouldn't exist, since I'm too cheap to pay them to see the content. Hell, occasionally I even find something useful in the ads.

Toshiba, Fujitsu, NEC want 32nm friendship

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Even when blown up, I still can't find the 32 nm part! If you look near the lower left corner though, you can see a slightly offcolor pixel where the unicorn's invisibility failed.

Breakfast with bin Laden

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Nay, it is I, the true anonymous! So, which button do I click to go anonymous?

Speedy evolution saves blue moon butterflies

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@ the author

You know, you're exhibiting a trait that will be selected against in journalism. Although the article was quite interesting, the comments are more interesting. You would have expended far less energy (and had more time at the pub) if you had just said "Evolution, debate." Watching fanatics debate (on both sides. Personally, I take a more apathetic stance. "It happened, who cares why? Where'd I leave that website I'm supposed to be designing...") is great Friday fun, thanks :).

JP Morgan's iPhone Nano report is rubbish

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iPhone comments

I agree with a few of the posters above. I just skip the iPhone articles themselves, and move straight into the comments. It's more fun than I used to have reading the flame wars in IRC channels.

Robot brains? Can't make 'em, can't sell 'em

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re: Bacteria can't see...

And you're right, they can't hoover a room, but they can clean up oil spills. But is it cheating if they just do it because they're hungry?

BOFH: Printer cartridge? What printer cartridge?

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missing episodes

See: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2001/01/22/register_tariff/

I wonder if authors get discounted rates?

Sony Ericsson shows shake-to-shuffle Walkman phone

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Go for a jog, it changes tracks with each step.

Trip while walking around the office, shuffle your carefully crafted playlist.

Thank you, but I already have enough trouble with my laptop (you know, the kind you turn upside down and shake to reboot).

London gains lead in transatlantic battle for Wi-Fi supremacy

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Tinfoil hats

You know what'd be really evil? Just publish a study showing that tinfoil hats cause cancer. I'd love to see them scurrying for a new radio wave blocker. Or better yet, just say that alien mind reading rays PREVENT cancer.

Jobs: one more thing... a browser war

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And... it cut off my comment. I was just saying i was using XP sp 1, it was ugly, but it worked. All the comment was in the text box, and i didn't click preview (idiot) just post. I guess I lied, it's ugly AND it DOESN'T work. $firefox++

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Ok, I tried it, Win XP

Paris Hilton goes down for 23 days

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IT connection

Simple, all her "fans" are actually just a giant botnet she hired to make her look popular.

Southern Ocean calls time on carbon sinking

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Re: John Bishop's comment

I'd like to nominate John's comment for the Best of Comments feature they've got now. In perpetuity. (John, that means forever.)

Terminator kill-bots to be run by system called 'Skynet'

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Ignorant brits!

I'm a yank and even *I* knew that Skynet 5 is just the next iteration of your current military communication system!


But, still, I welcome our new overlords!

Living optical fibres found in the eye

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Re: Clive

Am I the only one who thought that Clive's comment was intended to be funny?

Military thinktank sees dark future

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RE: Roy Etter

I figured it was an Elisa program myself...