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Halo 3 packaging in disk-scratch rumpus



Halos AI isn't overly brilliant, sure, the enemies hide when you shoot at them, but that's pretty standard nowadays, there's no sense of the enemies working tactically against you.

For some excellent AI check out Brothers in arms and F.E.A.R. In both games the enemies will actively attempt to flank you, and recognise when you are doing it to them, and react accordingly. There's been so many times in those games that I've moved to attack an enemy on his flank only to get filled with lead from behind. In F.E.A.R moreso, I often find myself having to fall back through the level as the enemies attack you aggresively, but not stupidly, they move in pairs so you can't just pick them off, and always laydown cover fire for each other.

F.E.A.R also has a much better atmosphere than Halo, it is a genuinely scary game!

Chuck Norris to do battle in El Reg Arena of Death



Chuck Vs the BOFH?

Place your bets now....

Ramones sticksman sues Apple and Wal-Mart



Why are artists so keen to keep their songs secret? What's the point in writing music if you aren't going to share?

Unless of course you leak it to them by "accident", and then sue the arse off them a few years later to make some easy money?


Chuck Norris has two speeds: Walk and Kill


Congrats el reg...

Rank 2 on Google for "chuck norris" on a UK search. Sneaky indeed!

Unsung software developers behind rise in online fraud



"Meanwhile, vulnerabilities in Apple's Safari browser sky-rocketed to 25"

Does this further ram home the point that Apple software is only secure because it is not popular, and now it's getting popular, people are attacking it?

*grabs asbestos coat*

Be kind to your stomach: eat chilies


Feature request...

Can we get a feature added whereby the country you are from is posted with your post? Could help cut down on the confusion!!

Aussie gov anti-porn filter 'useless', says teen


@Bert Ragnarok

"at least not until they're adults."

They won't become adults unless they can see these things, and learn from other peoples mistakes as well as their own.

All of world's biggest firms hit by typosquatting


Unlucky el reg


Email has workers tearing their hair out


You know..

You can configure your mail client to automatically send/recieve mail every X minutes, did they take configurations like this into account?

eBay seller nabs $1500 for Jesus-like garage stain


Ahh religion...

Another excellent business oppurtunity....

And jesus is chinese anyway. His last name's "Yun", says he he has no idea where pepole are getting christ from. - Stewie Giriffin

ATI driver flaw exposes Vista kernel



I don't get why people bash MS so much, windows work, it does what it needs to do and was designed to do. If people start attacking it, there's not much MS can do about it but wait until the hole is found, then fix it.

You don't go round round saying the police are crap because they don't catch criminals before they commit a crime, they have to catch them after the crime.

Hacker cracks Netflix copy restrictions


When will people realise...

That if someone has built something, then someone will also be able to "unbuild" it, that's kind of how everything works.

The only thing you cannot "unbuild" would be an atom, as it is not really built from anything (I'm sure someone has a smart arse answer to that).

Broadband claims mislead on speed


The problem...

Is not with the lines, it will be your ISPs centrals being overloaded, and they can't afford new ones as BT charge so goddamn much

For example, when I was on Pipex, I struggled to get over 3mbps in the evening, switched to ADSL24, same PC, router, and cables, and I get 6mbps almost constantly, and usually a lot higher.

BT have always made it clear that the service is "upto", so we can't blame BT for that. We can, however, blame BT for charging so much for a BT central that ISPs cannot afford to buy new ones when their current centrals are full. Or maybe we should blame the general public for demanding lower and lower prices, thus meaning that ISPs do not make enough money to be able to afford to buy new centrals?

Either way, the ADSL MAX technology is great, as long as your ISP has enough bandwidth on the backend to support the faster speeds.

Kylie comforts the Time Lord



I usually really like the random articles, and often have a laugh at those complaining about the lack of an IT angle, but seriously, this is taking it too far. This is pure gossip!

Your only source is the Sun? You should be ashamed at quoting the Sun. 'nuff said

Cool trailer though

And here's the titanic 2 trailer;



Europe's floods and fires snapped from space



To sum up all of the above posts (and in fact, 99% of posts on this site);

People are retarted.

Scientists uncover lefty gene



Yes, they did, but they gave them up when they became lefties :)

Breakfast with bin Laden


Screw it all!

Just spark a fatty and get on with your life, I'm bored to death with all this terrorist nonsense.

What we should do is unleash the IRA on al-Qaeda, and see how well al-Qaeda deal with that, F%c&ing amatuers.

Jesus Phone needs an exorcist


To any one who says that apple macs are 100% secure....

Just shut up now

The Beeb cuts off premium rate phone-in lines


Another great reason....

To simply not own a TV!

Speedy evolution saves blue moon butterflies


Could swing either way....

People please, have a pint and/or a joint , and chill out.

The question should not be, "why are we here?", it should be "how can we make sure that we get to stay here?"

What's al-Qaeda's take on the iPhone?


Wonderful article!

Hehe, gave me a chuckle, defiantely what you need after a morning of speaking to 'tarded customers, and an afternoon of submitting their 'tarded sites to search engines to look forward to


Geek Squader gets fruity with customer porn



You take your pc to a shop to be repaired, and you don't expect the person to go looking at your files?

Well how the hell are they going to fix your problem if they can't look through your files??

Ebuyer.com runs on a Commodore 64


We run....

6 servers with 600 shops on each, each has 2 X core 2 duo 1.9Ghz, and 4GB RAM.

With 600 shops on that, I don't see how running one shop on that lot should be too hard :)

Enraged reader savages iPhone fanboys


Andrew Thomas...

..How long have you been suckling on Jobs deamonic teat then?

Downing Street dodges 'unlimited' broadband debate



"Maybe someone should start a petition requesting the petition system be taken down because it is thoroughly useless and therefore a waste of money."

Done, let's just hope they accept it!

Paris Hilton says jail term has changed her



"But, not wanting to let the side down, we at El Reg will continue with all the Paris coverage you could possibly need."

Please don't....

Manhunt 2 banned



I take it that someone from the BBFC went crazy after playing the game and started murdering hundreds of people?

Yeah, thought not....

Washington backing for Brit arms biz coming unstuck



Surely just another example of america thinking they are policing the world?

"Also the British should nail American firms to wall with prison terms not just fines!"

You really reckon America would allow that?

If america can nail BAE to the wall, then that's one less arms dealer out there, and so more people have to start buying from America.

100Gbps Internet2 link spans US



"As an ISP our average utilisation is around 1% of the total connectivity we sell and peak usage is around 5%, so putting that in context for every100mbit/s we sell to end users leads to a backhaul usage of just 5mbit/s."

Where do you work??? The last ISP I worked at was at 100% utilisation of it's centrals for 7/8 hours a day!!!

Computer crash causes bad attitude on ISS


Crack the sledges out...

We all know that all hardware faults are solved with a bit of brute force

Substitute teacher's conviction for porn popups set aside


One person to blame?

Why must there always be some"one" to blame? Why can't people just accept that a number of different factors led to the porn images being shown, the main people to blame being all the people who malicously attack Windows to install the spyware that brought the pop ups?

If you buy a car, and someone pries the bonnet open and tinkers with the engine so that it blows up, then you don't blame the car manufacturer for making the product insecure, you blame the bastard who went out his to way to break into the car and do the damage.

The flaws in the control order 'fantasy prison' mind game



"No more control freaks, no more lies, no more illegal behaviour from Parlliament and perhaps we can regain some of the freedoms we used to have before throwing sweet papers away was made arrestable."

And what have you been smoking exactly? lol

Ok, so we have 2000 people being watched, and none of them have commited any terrorist acts thus far.

So, how exactly can we prove that if this system is working or not? Do you want to take them off the system, "just to see" if they really are terrorist? Oooh, great idea! How are we going to know it was them if we weren't watching them? We'll be getting back to the old barn and horse scenario again.

Once again, we're in a lose-lose situation for the government. If we don't watch them and they do commit a terrorist act, why didn't the government stop them? And if we do watch them, we're invading their privacy and screwing them over.

But, to be fair, why would these people be being watched if they weren't seen doing something suspicous? 2000 out of a population of over 60 million, I'd have to say that that is a pretty select group of people. I can't really imagine the police going out into the street, and just selecting 2000 people to watch "just in case", there must be some genuine suspicions.

Mercury astronauts join al-Qaeda?



"who ever said that you belong to al-Qaeda if you dress that way???"

All in the name of comedy, stop being so goddamn politically correct

Your space, MySpace, everybody's space



About time we had governing bodies to govern the governing bodies maybe?

It's quite clear that the AG (once again) isn't exactly sure about what it wants people to do, is it really any suprise that myspace maybe freaked and froze up a bit?

Surely it would be a better solution for the AG to give Myspace the list of offenders, and then Myspace can check all new registrations against this list. If anything suspicous is noticed, the account is put into a state of limbo until an administrator checks it out?

French politicians vote non to voting machines


Simple solution?

How about using standalone (with the ethernet port ripped off) windows/linux/unix machine, locked in a safe, and a simple HTML form linked to a database taking the votes? Multiple choice, you can only choose option, so no one can mess it up. Then when the votes are in, you get a brand new formatted pen drive, take the database to another standalone windows/linux/unix machine, merge the databases, and voila!

Or am I really missing something here?

Teachers demand Wi-Fi health investigation


Ah brilliant....

Another excuse to get out of doing your homework.

Hi hon, I'm on d plane


Chav class?

"the carriers I've read that will be trialling it are chav class, don't think I need to paint a picture of what the conversations will be like onboard those planes."

"Yeeeeah man, it's buzzzzzing!!! This plane is Wicked!!!!"

Might be the right time to take up terrorism....

ISP ejects whistle-blowing student


Not bothered?

My experience working in ISPs has brought about the idea that they have the impression of "of course we're going to get hacked and attacked, we're a public network", and as such are very reluctant to take a proper look at problems.

Definately time to change this attitude given the amount of script kiddies running about these days.

Neighbours from hell will be sent to boot camp



"People should get a life and learn how to interact, not just be a pain to everyone else and get everything free"

Or maybe the government shouldn't be so soft?

It's because the government's so soft and nicey nicey that they give so much away for free, and people will take advantage of it. I'm sure a lot of people know people who have been on the dole (sorry, jobseekers allowance) for years, I do. How about the government just cuts the dole of after so long, so people can learn the hard way. That's how I was brought up, learning the hard way. Last time I was sacked, I got a new job in 2 weeks!

"Blair, meanwhile, was promising to get tough on gangs."

That'll be a sight, Tony and his boys squaring up to some yobs, telling them to calm down, or he'll knock their lights out.