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Microsoft: YES Windows 8.1 is finished, but NO you can't have it

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Easy to fix...

Start8 from Stardock. I have a Win8 machine that works 99% like Win7. I tried 8 out of curiosity, and found that - after installing Start8 to circumvent all that Metro tabletty touch crap - I quite liked it and have stuck with it.

ModernMix from Stardock forces Metro apps to run in a window.

I agree 100% that MS' insistence on a single OS for touch and desktop is simply incomprehensible and, imho, an unbelievably stupid mistake.

Furious Stephen Fry blasts 'evil' Reg and 'TW*T' Orlowski

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Would it be unkind to suggest Mr Fry...

..."man up" and deal with it?


UN: Greenhouse gas emissions gap is out of control

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Re: Sorry, third world, you need to STAY POOR

"FACT: There is not enough resources to go round!"

A fact - really? Says who? Or are you just parroting some green eco-balls you heard?

Here's a real fact: forecasts of peak oil, peak this or that have all proved wrong, time and again. Peak bullshit certainly has, although the rate at which greenpeace and the other acolytes of the CO2 cargo cult spew forth the essence of the farmyard, you wonder...

Something we might actually run out of is neodymium. You know, the magnet stuff used in those "sustainable" windmills that don't work. "Rare earth" - clue's in the name.

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Re: An anagram of Lewis Page...

An anagram of "global warming": bullshit.

October global temps above average for 332nd straight month

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Are you hard of understanding?

"There has been a general increase in summer temperatures averaged over the country as a result of human influence on climate..."

Bullshit. There's no evidence for that assertion and you know it. When someone proves a detectable human signature in the climate it'll be the science discovery of all time. Hasn't happened yet.

"Further, "For the A1B emissions scenario the UK is projected to experience..."

"Scenario". "Projected". In other words, more computer modelling fantasy nonsense, not actual real science.

Do you not understand that computer models of barely understood chaotic systems that require thousands of initial condition parameters, many of which are simply guessed at, are nothing more than expensive digital masturbation? When someone creates a model that can hindcast, then I might not immediately dismiss computer modelling of the climate out-of-hand as bullshit.

Warming since 1960? By what - a fraction of a degree? Big deal, let's run for the hills. I take it you're one of these cretins that denies the medieval warm period and all the other times in Earth's history when it was significantly warmer than today?

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News just in...

"Tuesday was the wettest day last week", say scientists.

I don't get this at all. We have the met office publishing data that shows no warming for 17 years, and this lot saying all the polar bears are on fire.

Is it any wonder climate "science" is widely viewed as a joke, a refuge for the 2nd and 3rd raters who couldn't get a job in a real science like reflexology or aromatherapy?

I'm putting together a clubbing holiday - a seal clubbing holiday. With hockey sticks. Any takers?

SECRET 28 'scientific experts' who Greened the BBC - Revealed!

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Re: Without knowing the ins and outs of this..

Simple - they're all rent-seeking vested interests that stand to lose out if CAGW is exposed for what it is, ie., a fraudulent scam.

Google "BBC pension fund climate". Then research how much money greenpeace makes. Then research how much taxpayers' money is wasted on grants to the ecotards for the purposes of lobbying etc. Then look at how much money is stolen from everyone who pays an energy bill by types of power generation that don't work and wouldn't exist without subsidies.

This is a big deal because it betrays the BBC for what it really is: a nasty bunch of lefties, in bed with other nests of nasty lefties, all conspiring to lie to everyone about the climate and using taxpayers' money to do it.

The lot of them should be marched outside, put against the nearest wall and shot.

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Re: Impartiality about what?

"All of human research, then and now, points...Human-Engendered Climate Change being real."

Please supply a link to a peer-reviewed paper, published in a mainstream science journal, that demonstrates, unequivocally and beyond a shadow of a doubt, a real, attributable, detectable human signature in the Earth's climate. I'm sure you can find one - after, we have "all of human research" to pick from.

The only "flat earthers" I can see are those people who treat CAGW as an article of religious faith, and don't bother to ask for - or simply don't require - the actual evidence that such a thing exists.

17 years and counting of no warming...

Dinosaurs were DRAINED of blood by GIGANTIC HORROR FLEAS

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Re: That looks like a picture of a lawyer.

Tom Watson?

Educating Rory: Are BBC reporters unteachable?

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Humanities Graduates...

Rory Cellan-Jones is supposedly a "Technology Correspondent" for Al-Jebeeba. Wikipedo says he has a BA and a MA, so he's an Eloi, not a Morlock, hence the standard of tech reporting with regard to coding.

A humanities graduate pointing at an airliner and saying "magic silver bird!" - who'da thought it?

At least he's not an "environment" correspondent - they truly are the stupidest people in the world. Richard Black, Louise Gray...

Shale gas fracking ruled safe, but must stop at drop of a hat

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Blackpool in danger? Oh dear...

Be honest, who the fuck would care if Blackpool slid down an enormous fracking hole and plummeted at high speed towards the Earth's molten core?

If we could throw in the resulting hole all the global warming bedwetters and the other assorted commies, even better.

Greenpeace calls out cloud names on green claims

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Re: Blimey

@Elmer Phud:

Greenpeace opposes, at every turn, economic progress. Without exception, wealthy countries are cleaner and exhibit far greater awareness of the environment, lower pollution levels etc.

If you oppose economic growth, you therefore oppose improvements to the environment. Ergo, Greenpeace are environmental criminals who, by opposing growth and wealth creation, actually retard the cause of a cleaner environment.

Simple economics, oh and a little thing called the truth, something you will not find in anything published or broadcast by the left/green f*ckwits.

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...don't you just hate them?

Greenpeace was an environmental movement for about 5 minutes in the 1970s, now they, and the rest of the crooked "green" bastards, are nothing more than front organisations for the hard left.

You don't need to read very hard between the lines of anything the "greens" say to discern their real agenda: the destruction of democracy and the free market. What the commies failed to achieve with tanks, they now want to achieve using lies about any and all aspect of the natural world.

Nuke them from orbit - it's the only way to be sure.

Minister blows away plans for more turbines

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"The arguments against nuclear power plants (terrorism etc.) can be levelled at dams as well.."

Dam failures have killed *a lot* of people throughout history, so no wonder envirofreakazoids like them. No carbon (or even CO2) and they reduce overpopulation.

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Re: Here's a thought

@Silent but Deadly:

"Wind farms are best placed..."

...back in the pages of history to which they were consigned by the steam engine ~200 years ago.

Powering anything other than a yacht with the wind is utter stupidity. Trying to power a G7 economy from something that works maybe 20% of the time is total insanity, and proof - as if it were needed - that all politicians are utter f*ckwits.

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Re: reverse nimby...

"so we can only have nuclear powerplants if we agree to have them built in our own back yard?"

Having a nuke plant built in your backyard does not worry James Lovelock, environmentalist and inventor of the "Gaia" theory. Nor would it worry me: I've worked in them.

I wouldn't want to live near a coal plant (far too much radiation) or near windmills, as they are very noisy and prone to exploding in fireballs.

Suggest people check WHO stats on deaths in energy. Wind power has killed many more people in the last 30 years than nuclear :-)

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Re: Laugh? I nearly cried.


"I want to see the reactor design of a real reactor which can passively dissipate heat immediately after SCRAM."

Thorium-fuelled molten salt reactors can do this.

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Re: Laugh? I nearly cried.

"Fukushima has shown PWR's to be faulty by design "

No it hasn't.

"(containment vessel unable to withstand the pressure of hydrogen buildup)"

Hmm, not sure that's right.

"We need less power, and less consumption,"

Why don't you and all the other communists bugger off and live your eco utopia in a mud hut by candle light, and leave the rest of us normal people to INCREASE our consumption and live in a progressive technological society where living standards, life expectancy and quality of life all increase as a direct benefit if access to cheap power?

You don't need to be tory to downvote this garbage. Possession of common sense is more than enough.

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Re: Workable form of mass electricity storage

"It has been invented – the electric car and smart meter."

Electric cars are utter crap and smart meters are solely about allowing the power companies to remotely disconnect people to control demand - useful when your network has a lot of rubbish windmills.

Amount of ice in Bering Sea reaches all-time record

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Re: I love satire truthiness


"doing anything except going straight for smearing actual science and nature organisations"

Oh really? This would be the same "science and nature organisation" that had its charitable status in New Zealand revoked on the grounds that it's now nothing more than a political activist marxist/communist front organisation clothing itself in green?

US ecosystems basically unaffected by global warming, studies show

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Re: Selectively picking through the data to create "evidence"

"Denialists". Another drone from the hive mind collective helpfully marks their post with "DO NOT BOTHER READING".

Ice age end was accelerated by CO2

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Re: Stop reading at "denier"...

@Some Beggar.

1. The so-called "consensus" doesn't exist now, and never did exist, except in the minds of politicians and the gullible/stupid.

2. People who cite "consensus" when discussing science know nothing about science or the scientific method.

3. Geniuses - they work in Apple stores, right?

4. Describing the word "denier" as innocuous betrays you as someone fundamentally ignorant of the history of the global warming hysteria.

5. Your post suggests your are an expert tosser, so I'll leave the coin thing to you. Heads it warms up, tails it cools down. Even you could be a climate scientist!

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Re: Stop reading at "denier"...

The idea I would take offence if a moron calls me names is ridiculous.

You miss entirely the point of my comment. If you want to debate the (non) issue of global warming on the facts and the science, fine - let's do that. If, however, you begin your argument by declaring to the world that you are a f*ckwit by using the divisive term "denier" then you give up the right to ask people to take you, or what you have to say, seriously.

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Re: Stop reading at "denier"...

:-) you can afford to run a V8?

Lazy Gun

Stop reading at "denier"...

I stopped reading at "deniers". Anything you ever read on the global warming religion that uses the word "denier" is guaranteed to be the foam-flecked rantings of a fully brainwashed, fully indoctrinated acolyte activist of the church of global warming, and therefore certain to be factually incorrect in every way possible.

Check out Wattsupwitthat.com for a breakdown of all the errors in this alleged piece of climate "science":


I had considered the Reg to be one of the few places on the web you could come for a grown up's perspective on the global warming hysteria. I do hope they don't plan on giving airtime to this kind of drivel on a regular basis.

Counter-Strike sequel aims for 2012 target

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All well and good, but...

...what about the cheating?

Unless Valve do something about the cheating scum that have ruined CS/CSS, a new CS is frankly irrelevant.

UK electricity crisis over - for now

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Nuclear Waste - some myths exploded

No less a person than Prof James Lovelock, the "father" of the modern green movement, has called for the building of new Nuclear power plants. According to Prof Lovelock, the entire amount of high level radioactive waste we have in the UK is equivalent in size to a small car. Most of it emits Alpha radiation. Alpha particles have a range of a few cm in air, and are stopped dead by a sheet of paper.

The solution to radioactive waste disposal is/was "vitrification", a process pioneered by BNFL whereby waste was mixed with, and thus sealed inside, molten glass. These could be dropped into a deep ocean trench, beyond the reach of pretty much anyone.

Consider also that if coal-fired stations had to operate under the same rules and license as a Nuke station, they'd be closed immediately. Burning coal releases significant amounts of naturally occurring radio-isotopes. Consider also that everything you eat, drink and touch, the air you breath and the sea you swim in is radio-active.

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Tinfoil hat time

No one's remarked on the fact that all these "coincidental" shutdowns have ramped the wholesale price of power up 35%. Very profitable, I'm sure.

I worked on Sizewell B back in the early 90s. It was a huge, and hugely prestigious, civil engineering project. The people who built it felt, and feel today, very proud to be able to say they worked on it.

The tragedy we face now is that if we wanted to build anymore PWRs like Sizewell B, they'd have to be built by foreign companies and foreign engineers. I suppose there'd be one or two jobs for the natives, as they'd need people serving in the canteen and the toilets would need cleaning.

UK to outlaw cartoons of child sexual abuse

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Time to leave I think...

C'mon ffs - "Broon" didn't pop his cherry 'til his late forties, and then only for political expediency as it didn't look right him not having a wife and kids. Are we really to take our moral lead from a bloke who has had sex twice in his life? Are we seriously to believe that our "leaders" entertain no sexual fantasy darker than "lights out, missionary position " and then only on St Andrew's Day? I think not.

Perhaps, instead of dreaming up more ways of controlling what we think with censorship that will actually increase the number of dirty paedos, that useless shower of wankers in govt might like to do something useful for a change. Like resign.

With the lights going out as our antique power stations trip offline with increasing regularity, we won't be able to read anything considered morally outrageous by that bunch of self-righteous Scottish puritan prudes running the show, except by candlelight.

I wouldn't park there, mate - Honda adds sat nav warnings

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@ Ralph B

Honda makes a very good car. Obviously, if you're the kind of insecure, shallow individual who is more worried about the badge than the engineering, then buy some of that German rubbish. That way, when you're talking about how much negative equity you have, you can throw in how much your car has depreciated for a bit of light relief, or remark on how many times it's broken down.

Monroe BJ film goes for $1.5m

Lazy Gun

So, Norma Jean...

...played the skin flute for Jack? Who'd have thought it?

Billy Bragg: Why should songwriters starve so others get rich?

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