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Microsoft announces Zune HD

Gates Halo

Looks rather good

Nice bit of design, and with an OLED panel it should really shine!

Are those user accessible screws on the back?

I'd be tempted if they sold them in blightey.

Yes! It's the World of Warcraft house!

Dead Vulture

nothing new to see here, move along

reminds me of the internet 'cafe's you get in Japan

OCZ nips in to NetBook flash market


Still way slower...

Than one made by Runcore

Researchers dissect world's first Mac botnet


The mactards say

"Mac's dont get viruses and trojans. we are safe"

Well I hope words like these are being eaten, along with some slices of humble pie from the oven of shame set at gas mark egg-on-your-face.

There will be more malware like this coming to a mac near you soon, a lot more.

Crucial N125 64GB SSD



I agree with the first poster. I bought a RunCore pro card for my Eee 900 - its now a serious computer - I'm getting 120Mb read and 80Mb write speeds from it... OK, it was quite a bit more pricey than this crucial unit, but well worth the extra dosh.

'Transportable' raygun 'deploys' - across Albuquerque

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Big lorry in warzone =

large target for a roadside bomb or RPG.

Stop the fail truck, I want to get off ;)

Skinny, curvy Asus Eee inspired by MacBook Air



doesnt look like its removable = fail.

World's 'smallest, lightest' laptop launches

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looks great!

Wider screen to fill the bezel and a bigger keyboard and they would be on to a winner

Eircom to block Pirate Bay

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I wonder...

... how big the back-hander needed to be to allow the recording mafia the right to block any website they see fit.

Dell introduces 10in netbook



I'm actually tempted to buy a Dull

Speeding, driverless Nissan finally stopped by US bombers


a miss, but...

A 500 pound bomb at that kind of range would blow the car to bits!

Intel Atom heir in rumor mill upgrade

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Integrated memory controller and IGP?

good stuff... the new atom should be able to perform a lot better than the current one.

Seagate firmware fix bricks Barracudas


@Suburban Inmate

Samsung Spinpoint F1 is what you want - cheap, quiet and fast

Royal Navy warships lose email in virus infection



What a bungle... its a pity their 'pre-existing security measures' didnt stop the infection in the first place. This doesnt inspire confidence.

Toyota demos FT electric city car

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I'd have one... if they arent going to charge the earth for it.

Sony intros 8in notebook-not-netbook

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Sony have produced something I might actually consider buying at a great price for its spec =)

Mozilla Google relations strained by Chrome

Gates Horns

Why competition and better browser performance is good

Chrome leaves all the other browsers in the dust when browsing on my netbook and its lame processor, thanks to the good work the crhomium developers did on the javascript engine for it. I WANT to be able to browse faster - on any platform, thank you. And in a couple of years I want a full webbrowser on my phone.

Competition is a good thing!

Story withdrawn

Dead Vulture


Can't I select more than one!

World's first 'thought images' seen on screen

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need a photographic memory?

No problem, just put this chip in your head and it will record everything you see/hear ;)

yes please!

HP HDX16-1000 16in multimedia laptop


the hdd

Are there better options for the HDD? for £1000, i would expect something significantly better than a 5400 RPM HDD, which is woefully underpowered for this kind of rig, any probably why the reviewer said that vista didnt feel 'snappy'.

Ofcom claims UK leads on digital communications

Paris Hilton

Have you seen any Japanese TV?

Its not surprising they dont want DVR's - Japanese TV is, on the whole, utter trash - variety shows and such like. I'm sure if they had some compelling content like El Beeb occasionally puts out, the Japanese would be all over DVR tech.

Paris - because she needs a good DVR'ing

'Ruggedised, weaponised' raygun modules now on sale


not only...

...a huge diesel engine for powering the sucker, but judging from the size of those 'thermal interface' ports, you are going to need a HUGE watercooling system to lug about on your laser tank, with a nice big radiator... which would make compelling target for an RPG methinks.

Demand for consoles, add-ons skyrockets as PC games plunge



I've been buying my pc games recently from Steam, based in the US, and paying in USD. I'm not sure if these sales on steam get included in UK figures, but its far more convienient to download a game rather than going to a high street store. AND games coming from steam dont need to have a pesky DVD inserted before you can play.

Finally launched: Nokia's iPhone beater

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I want one

looks like a good upgrade to my N95.

I'm guessing the underlying OS is S60 with a swanky new skin on it.

want one!

Chrysler grows iPod Peapod

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I'll be pissed if I get stuck behind one of these on an A road

Nuke-nobbling US laser jumbo fires test beams


Just for its absurdity...

... you gotta love it.

These will easily be able to fly into enemy territory - the enemy wont want to shoot them down for fear of getting the toxic fuels all over their lands

Digital divide looms again over superfast broadband for all


1 Gig for what?

How about fully interactive 3D TV? That should eat bit of bandwith.

Mind you, rolling out FTTH will have to wait for the ISP's to upgrade their pathetic backhaul networks first. Why do you think they shape traffic today?

DARPA in Tom'n'Jerry robo-brain quest

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"Hence the quest for the artificial neuromorphic self-programming cat-bonce box. "

LOL. Funniest thing i've read all week, congratulations sir =)

AMD's 'Fusion' not a native CPU+GPU design


Aimed at latpots, betnooks, etc

Targeted at laptops and the like, this could be a killer. It will save the OEMS a lot of cash and should be quite power efficent too. I can imagine the GPU core using system memory, but sat next to the CPU there shouldnt be too much latency involved.

This certainly wont make any headway with the enthusiast crowd tho, who love their add-in graphics too much ;)

Black hats attack gaping DNS hole



which idiot's idea was it to post vulnerable DNS severs here?!?

you've just given the blackhats a nice list of targets!

Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda

Jobs Horns

Thank GOD...

...no mac zealots have waded in yet.

If Windows 7 is actually 6.1, then lets hope they have refined it and optimised it to death. I can see them doing this specifically to target the new 'netbook' market. Why peddle XP to this crowd when they can peddle W7 for a larger license fee?

Komplett closes retail ops across Europe


Too expensive

They were even more expensive than overclockers.co.uk, and couldnt touch dabs.com, so i would always shop elsewhere...

nice site mind.

Apple's Snow Leopard to cut the bloat from Mac OS X

Jobs Horns

I've heard this before...

...from Microsoft desperately trying to remove bloat from windows in time for the release of windows 7.

I can see both firms targeting the new netbook market with these OSs

US imposes 72 hour pre-reg for Visa waiver travellers


Good grief.

It may actually be easier to get into China or Russia.

Wonder where my tourist sterling will be spent.

Heathrow T5 security tackles Transformers t-shirt threat



I'm surprised they didnt arrest him right there and then, hold him in detention for 28 days, then deport him for having a foreign sounding name.

Asus offers Brits Eee PC 900 battery swap plan

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Nice one asus

I'm glad they have decided to do this - I was a bit cheesed that I could only get an hour and a half out of a full charge!

Asus speaks out on UK Eee PC 900 battery issue


Heres a threadfull...

... of ripped off UK Eee PC 900 Users;


check the thread for Asus UK phone numbers and addresses to send your complaints to.

Apple MacBook Air Early 2008

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An utter gimick

The macbook air is nothing but an utter gimmick - thrown together using the cheapest components, with a shiny case to cater for the 'design concious'... oh please

I cannot ignore the lack of ports, or non-replaceable battery... shameful apple, shameful.

Mines the one with Eee PC 900 written on it.