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Gov approval given for Saudi Eurofighter sale

Phil B
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The usual Anti-British inaccurate crap from an ignorant no brainer with nothing better to do.

SMS used to land plane

Phil B

@ Anonymous Coward

"Why not use the phone to talk to each other? Wouldn't that be better and easier than texting?"

Why???? Because the mobile voice communication was intermittant Dick Head!!!! Try reading the article properly first before commenting, then you might understand it.

Sony promises 27in OLED screen

Phil B

Re - Display Quality

I'm still waiting for a HD ready TV that can display moving pictures in HD as well as stills. The only display technology capable of doing this at the moment is CRT, so why doesn't anybody produce a HD ready CRT TV!!! SED and OLED are both capable of matching the CRT in fast response time, but both seem to have unending development problems and are likely to be initially expensive, so let's go back to CRT until it's sorted please.

Tories would have to compensate ID vendors

Phil B

>one Parliament may not bind a subsequent one

What rubbish is this the Tories are talking? In the 60's, Labour couldn't cancel the Tory white elephant, Concorde, because of the amount of compensation they would have to pay the French in cancellation charges that the Tories signed up to when the project was first set up in a previous Parliament. Total hogwash.

Brits pine for old and analogue tech

Phil B

How about the good old CRT TV?

I pine for a HD ready, old display technology, CRT TV so that I can watch HD at its full capabilities. LCD and Plasma display technologies only allow you to watch stationary and slow moving images in High Definition because of the poor refresh rates (that's why HD is usually demonstrated on a LCD and Plasma display by showing fish swimming around). It is ironic that HD was introduced at the same time as the only display technology capable of reproducing it properly was being phased out. I am totally fed up with watching tennis on LCD when the ball looks more like Halleys' Comet than a tennis ball! Maybe OLED or SED will eventually reach a stage when they can take over from LCD and Plasma if current production problems can be ironed out. We may then, once again, have a display technology that can faithfully reproduce moving images (which, after all, is what TV is all about). Oh, by the way, CRT has another big advantage that is rarely championed, i.e. CRT TV's are so heavy that no thief is capable of stealing them!

Samsung to demo next-gen, 240Hz LCD TV tech

Phil B

CRT is the answer

What is all this nonsense about reducing motion blurring on LCD displays by playing about with the drive signal? LCD displays are simply incapable of displaying smooth motion video due to their rubbish refresh rates, irrespective of what drive you apply. A standard CRT TV displays sharper fast motion video than any current HD display LCD TV on the market. The answer is, therefore, that if you want to rid yourself of motion blurring, buy a CRT TV (you'll have to hurry though because there aren't many left). OLED displays might be the answer when they can make them last more than a couple of years.

London Olympics drives dash for terrestrial HDTV

Phil B

The HDTV Con

Why the headlong dash into HDTV when currently there is no HD TV in existence worthy of the name. Sure the current generation of Plasma and LCD TV's can produce a high definition stationary picture (OK for a test card and still photographs) but when anything moves (as TV pictures normally do) the definition is rubbish because of the motion blurring caused by poor refresh rates. When broadcasting sports events things tend to move very fast and motion blurring is at its worst (so why rush HDTV in for the 2010 World Cup and 2012 Olympics). The fact is that currently the only display technologies capable of displaying a true HD picture under all conditions are CRT and OLED. Unfortunately, however, there are no CRT HDTV sets in existence and OLED displays are not yet sufficiently developed. With very rapid action pictures though, a CRT TV displaying a Standard broadcast picture can produce a sharper image than any Plasma or LCD TV displaying a HD picture, so if we really do want higher definition pictures for the 2010 World Cup and the 2012 Olympics then all we have to do is to bring back CRT and stick with Standard Definition broadcasts.


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