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Samsung demands iPhone 4S ban in Japan and Oz

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iPad in Portrait and Tab in Landscape

In what possible manner did you determine that an iPad SHOULD be used in portrait? You seem to have never used one. They both work just fine in either orientation, so this argument is nonsense.

US Air Force in a seriously stealthless state


True enough...

It's not like they make chained cannon balls any more.

Lost 1967 spacecraft found crashed on the Moon


@Depends on what you mean by long term doesn't it?

I think our goal should be to survive long enough to experience heat death by entropy. That's the best finish line I can fathom, short of escaping this universe in favor of a younger one.

Multimillionaire's private space ship 'can land on Mars'



Big is easy if you go inflatable.

I think a good first step in the right direction would be to send an inflatable module prototype up to the ISS for some real world testing. Get all the kinks worked out.


Maybe he likes one and not the other?

He probably enjoys the rocket business more, at least presently. He may have been excited about electric cars when he first got into them, but is probably disenchanted by now considering the realities of the available technology.

Any job for which the proper tools exist would be easier than one without, therefore: building a space ship is easier than building a decent electric car.

I suspect that if battery technology does not suddenly improve we might be better off focusing on generating the needed power on demand, rather than trying to store it in massive quantity. Perhaps via some beefed up implementation of a hydrogen fuel cell, or better yet a micro IFC reactor!

Back to my dull reality I go.

Anonymous pwns security firm that probed its membership

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Re: Correction

"c) You don't have the £500 the process demands you to deposit before you can stand."

Wow, that's a bargain! It costs at least 1000 times that to get anywhere in a US election.

US Army: Judge Dredd smartgun in every squad from 2014

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Speaking of shaped charges...

If it were possible to design a round that always directed its blast toward the source of gravity, you could more reliably spare civilians unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity of the target.


Total Bullshit

And from your ass came numbers that more precisely describe your emotional state than they do reality.

Even if it were accurate, such a reprehensible ratio would only reinforce the need for more precise kill-zones. This weapon clearly delivers that compared to a hellfire missile. Though I cant expect much in the way of logic from a person inclined to side with the gunman firing from an apartment filled with human collateral. If he gets vaporized, he'll take our reputation with him in the form of the family huddled in the corner. Congratulations: Your attitude just validated his tactic.

Google speeds Chrome JavaScript engine with 'Crankshaft'

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@Bob 18

Micro who? Oh, those people with the dwindling customer base. You have fun writing code for that proprietary plugin with the illusion that you're presenting information for mass consumption.

I didn't realize there were still people in this world who misdefine the word computer to mean windows-compatible-device. The point of the web is to reach EVERYBODY. You should stick to writing your .NET apps; they will reach the same user base with better performance.

I thought Flash was wasted developer time, but Silverlight blows it completely out of the water in that regard.

White House forbids feds from reading WikiLeaked cables

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Wouldn't these cable leaks primarily harm the current left-wing administration?

Yes! It's the Reg Top 5 FUTURISTIC GUNS Thanksgiving Roundup!


Establish a procedure

In an eventuality where this is part of the standard equipment for US soldiers, it could only enhance their ability to safely clear a room containing hostages. The procedure need only include a simple recipe: 1 door breaching round followed by a succession of 3 to 4 time-staggered flash bangs to soften the bad guys for close range disposal by the team that enters immediately after.

Greater technology can only enhance one's ability to spare non-combatants.

However, I could envision an eventual proposal to replace that overly-complex and humanitarian procedure with the more affordable and less training intensive single-high-explosive-round-through-the-door solution as a cost cutting measure if the quelling of Russia becomes an unpopular place to spend money in the ramp-up to the 2048 election season.

Windows 7 'I'm a PC' man quits Microsoft


PCs sleep in the hallway...

While Macs conduct all-night anatomical study sessions with multiple partners in the dorm room.

DARPA, NASA team on '100-Year Starship' project

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not likely

I'm a bit skeptical that you've been a keen supporter of the space program if you can refer to this step too short as unjustified extravagance. I think it's far more likely that your first sentence was a lie included to provide contrast and greater impact to those that followed.


Re: Long Range Foundation

If the Masons want to be relevant again, maybe they could take up this task?

Steve Jobs chops student hack down to size


Wrong Major

She's apparently too lazy to make a good journalist if her plan is to just simply fail the assignment if Apple's PR department doesn't do it for her.

I do feel that Job's needs his public interface screened for the company's protection, but this girl's story failed to illicit my sympathy.

Google dismisses engineer who violated privacy policy


Note to self:

Never get fired by Google!

They will apparently douse you in gasoline and set you on fire in a public display. Sure it might be liable, but what are you going to do? Sue them for a lifetime's worth of lost income? That's an inconsequential sum to them.

Oz pedestrians fall to 'Death by iPod'


institute a fine

for dying while using an iDevice.

Greenland ice loss rates 'one-third' of what was thought

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Ironic of you to mention the dark ages.

Then we assumed that the sun and planets revolved around us, and now we assume the climate does.

Energy-saving LEDs 'will not save energy', say boffins


well then I guess...

we need Heat Emitting Diodes as well.



They will have to force that 0.72 % GPD by ratcheting up the only tool at their disposal.

Firefox market share drops as IE makes slender gain


This is fucking horrible!

What abysmal travesty of a situation would lead a person to migrate BACK to IE after leaving it?

I could really care less about who wins out between Firefox, Safari and Chrome. As long as IE dies in excruciating pain the result would be positive.

RIM answers Apple iPad with...The BlackPad*


pre-emptive copycattery

believe it or not, I purchased a personal assistant device a little less than a decade ago that was named the "iPaq".

Secret ancient code, basis of all modern civilisation, cracked


Re: No problems reconciling?

@Anonymous Coward:

What you refer to is the "young earth" subcategory of christian belief, to assume they represent the total wisdom that can be derived via religion is either willful ignorance to aid your point-making, or mere ignorant asininity.

I personally might find scientific conjecture much more relevant to my scope of interest than any religious equivalent I have been exposed to, but that does not mean that I deem the two to be inevitably conflicting.

This specific discovery, however, does nothing to bring the two closer together beyond informing us that Plato believed they could be.

Ballmer says Windows will shame iPad


somehow I doubt that

"If tablets are the future, somehow I doubt the future is Apple."

You make good points about tablet applications for industrial use, but it's just plain ignorant and short sighted to not admit that the iPad is soon to corner the _consumer_ tablet market (hell already has since it's pretty much reestablishing it), and that this is where the lion-share of tablet money will be made, therefore your undoubtably correct observations do not seem to support your conclusion.

Much as I hate to admit it... a consumer targeted Android tablet would stand little chance of ever breaking out of the "alternative to Apple" niche sector of that market, unless they plan to occupy the bargain bin.

I would still write consumer targeted apps for Android even if it remained a niche market, assuming that wouldn't get my apps banned by the Appleschtapo, as a smaller market can offer a greater share of attention for an app.

'Go veggie to save the planet' UN, EU plans debunked



I'm sure they could try to approximate physical activity with electrical current, like those free exercise belts for lazy people.



Well, eating a lot of veggies reduces CO2 uptake, so you should be shot too. (Assuming of course that the CO2 footprint of the firearm discharge doesn't displace the savings.)

'Stop NASA bombing the Moon!'


typical chicagoan scum

As an American, I find anti-colonial views from other American's preposterous. It seems equivalent to resenting the sweaty act of procreation that lead to your existence, and insisting that it be banned. How appropriate that these are people from Chicago, a place that could use a good orbital bombardment.

Palm slams Apple, hoodwinks iTunes

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poor strategy for the future

I get what they're trying to do, but Jesus.

It's not like the palm will outsell iPhones, or that any device in existence will displace iPods. Apple has little to fear by playing nice with other devices. They should WANT people to use iTunes (a major income pipeline for them, more users means more money) with anything and everything they want to play music on, thereby perpetually reaffirming its status as the default standard music player (and potential source of music) for everybody. Imagine if no other companies had to write their own music library software for their devices, and could instead just plug into iTunes for free, in time it would be as ubiquitous for music as bread is for sandwiches. If Apple thinks they've already achieved this level of success and are now becoming complacent, they should take a long hard look at the failures of that "evil empire" called Microsoft.

All in all I get it. It's just disappointing.

Apple says jailbroken iPhones endanger cell towers


Reverse psychology

This is merely an advertisement for the iPhone disguised as a warning against all of the super fun stuff that can be done with it after it has been jail-broken.

Apple shares MacBook break-in tips


I can fathom their angle

But they should at least market one machine in each category which is designed to be easily user serviceable, at least so they don't forget how. They'd likely charge extra for the feature, or better yet charge less for the lack of it.

Robot aircraft 'sense and avoid' gear in flight tests


@ Dave F

> I demand that all scientists start working on jetpack technology now.

Dude! Get the with the program:


Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana is selling one for a mere 250,000 USD (what is that now, like 30 pounds?)

They are also currently developing a bad ass personal helicopter backpack like the one from Beyond Dark Castle.

I don't know about you, but when I think personal aerospace products I think Mexican engineering.

Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?



> perhaps future generations will be able to reduce the alarming increase in the number of climate alarms.

Global warming paranoia is a way of life for people like DZ-Jay, Grahm Bartlett and many others. You can't just come in here and tell everybody that their faith is wrong! Who the hell do you think you are?! Infidel!!!

GTA IV PS3 fights off resolution woes in the UK


don't be tarded

The "fuzziness" was probably intentional. Smoothing edges for atmosphere. Don't mistake features for flaws.

Bias can be assumed on the part of the source of this information "xboxer".

Men could have kids with chimpanzees - gov must act

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@Anonymous Coward [that likes the flamer icon]

@Anonymous Coward Bigot

> it is not appropriate to hire someone who demonstrably has no skills in evidence analysis and critical thinking for a technical or scientific position. The simple fact they actually believed in creationism would mean they failed the test.

WOW! You're not a bigoted hypocrite at all.

Einstein was a total moron, yet somehow I suspect that he was substantially smarter and more pleasant to be around than you.


I will see you all in...

It's time to gather up all of the stupid religious heathens and burn them at the steak for their undarwinian blasphemy!


May they burn in.. er..um... may no other experience... unpleasant or otherwise... happen to them again.. ever.. for all eternity!



> I don't know who's worse. The fundamentalist religious mob or the fundamentalist atheist mob. Two sides of the same coin if you ask me: "Agree with me or you're a worthless shit".

Well said!


@Luis Aldamiz

@Luis Aldamiz

>If God would not like it, It (He? She?) would have made such hybridation impossible. After all God is supposed to be "amazingly" powerful, right?

Ever heard of free will? Without the freedom to make the right or wrong decisions there's not much point to morality, or the entire exercise of life itself. Without freedom of variation this would all be a pretty boring clock to watch for eons wouldn't it?

So no, just because your maker let's you commit mass murder, rape and beastiality, does not mean it/he/she wishes you to engage in it.

I'm not saying that there IS something there to fear post-life judgement from. I'm just saying that if you're going to reference it, at least show sufficient respect for the faculties it gave you by thinking first.


Re: YY

> What would a YY be like? (behavior, endochrin system)




> Why listen to a religious person at all? This is the 21st century.

Especially when they're trying to cram their "holier than thou", "don't screw monkeys" crap down your throat.

If I screwed monkeys as often as you, I'd be ignoring religious types too.

The terror dam of doom that looms over Boise, Idaho


missing the soviets?

@ Steve Evens

>> The most vulnerable city in the US, according to the study, is New Orleans

> Is there anything of New Orleans left to destroy? [blah blah] bugger all progress in clearing up the flood damage.

What the hell are you talking about? Bourbon Street is open, and Mardi Gras can resume. Mission accomplished!

@ StopthePropaganda

> Biased reporting and poor fact checking [...] live and well across the pond [...] Whatever happened to the pragmatic, cynical, thorough "stiff upper lip" people that we used to know?

The cold war provided resistance to complacency, which is a very valuable thing. The result of it's absence has been an atrophy of all those qualities you mention.

Did you ever think you'd miss the Soviets?

DARPA looking at 'Z-Wing' stratocruiser


I like the modular concept

If done right the modular nature of these craft could be quite advantageous. Imagine if they could link an indefinite number of these together, releasing units in need of service back to a landing zone, sending up new units to replace any which have failed or been shot down.

If these things could be produced more affordably than the missiles required to shoot them down you could make countering them a futile pursuit by cranking them out like sausages.

Such a numerical cost advantage could theoretically last until an affordable low-cost rail-gun platform is available, which isn't likely to happen any time soon.

You could go over-board and flood a territory's skies with billions of them, blocking out the sun and imposing a prolonged artificial night until they capitulate to whatever demands you impose.

(I might have gone a little far with that last part.)

Apple gets (slightly) less sneaky with Windows Safari play

Gates Horns


"I still believe that showing web sites correctly is more the job of the guy coding the browser than the job of the guy making the website. Maybe that's like believing in Santa Claus, though..."

That's the point of standards compliance. In a perfect world you can code a website for the standard and expect any browser to render it correctly.

At present this is a pipe-dream, but lately I've been able to get 99% consistency between Safari, Firefox and Opera. IE is the real pain in my ass at the moment.


What the hell is wrong with MS? They win the browser war and then go to sleep for a decade. Those complacent jackasses need replacement, which is why I'm not really bothered by Apple's tricking people into downloading Safari. Any displacement of IE is a good thing. It's not like Apple won't be fixing security holes, especially if people keep making a fuss about them.



@ all complainers

Yeah, it's annoying that the box is checked by default. Waaa!

Why haven't you ceased using all Apple software because of this? I stopped using all MS software long ago, which makes me a competently adaptable human being. What does that make you?

The checked-by-default practice is annoying, sneaky, even dastardly! Its also unlikely to change until Jobs has obtained his objective of sufficient IE displacement. In the meantime you have three options: 1. Uninstall all Apple software. 2. Just download the damn thing and never use it. 3. Do nothing and keep circle-jerking with your fellow compulsive complainers.

I think I can safely predict your choice, since who in their right mind would throw away a perfectly good excuse to circle jerk?

If you had any sense at all you wouldn't be in this position of trying to use your gaming machine for such inappropriate purposes as web browsing in the first place, so my expectations of you are quite low.

Nintendo Wii 'like a virus', games boss sniffs

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The main Wii advantage...

Girls like it, especially when drinking. It's an ideal platform for active drinking games. Play Wii Sports bowling: Take a drink for an open frame, give a drink for a strike.

If socialization with females is important to you, then the Wii will justify it's existence. Don't expect it to displace your 360 or PS3 for lonely solo game time, it was never intended to.

Oh yeah, and kids like it too. Sure beats couch potato time for the offspring which will inevitably result from the drunken Wii gaming.

Security gumshoes locate source of mystery web compromise

IT Angle

don't be lazy

The only reliable protection against SQL-injection is sever-side validation. Check the content and length of input strings before passing along to the database. Anything less is just lazy.

US war robots in Iraq 'turned guns' on fleshy comrades


re: BigDog

Wow, that thing is quite impressive, and a little creepy for some reason.

World Bank chief: Ethanol cars run on human misery


ethanol is stupid

It ends up being a worse polluter than conventional gasoline in terms of toxicity of output. So what if it outputs slightly less CO2? Last time I heard plants like CO2, and tree-huggers like plants, so therefore, why do tree-huggers hate CO2? WTF?

It has no benefit, will just end up killing roadside vegetation and joggers, and inflates the cost of my cheese! Stupid Bastards!

Lieberman's campaign to blame for website crash


honest mistake

"We were told by our website administrator that there was clear evidence of an outside effort to disrupt our site"

I can certainly understand mistaking interest in your website for a denial of service attack.

Lamont was a douche, so if this "honest mistake" had any effect in the outcome of the election, it was clearly a positive one.